Walking football is still alive and kicking

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Well done, Max Rushden (You don’t know what you’ve got as a sports fan till it’s gone, Sport, 20 March). Not sure whether Walking Football, which comprises a bunch of argumentative over-50s, qualifies as live sport, but we’re thinking of asking Sainsbury’s to allow us to have a kick about in the car park during pensioners’ shopping hour, and there’s no danger of us getting close enough to anyone to jeopardise social distancing.
Graham Kelly
Former chief executive, Football Association; stalwart, Lytham Town Walking Football Club

• It’s interesting how many of those “unskilled workers” earning less than £25,000 under Priti Patel’s immigration proposals have become “key workers” (Key worker: official list of UK personnel who can still send children to school, 20 March). Where would we be without them?
John Williams
New Cross, Aberystwyth

• One of the lessons we learned following the financial crash of 2007-8 is that we failed to learn the right lessons. Once this global health crisis is over, might we perhaps learn from not having learned the right lessons?
Robin Lustig

• Surely Dyson would be better fitted to move to ventilator production (Coronavirus: UK manufacturers urged to consider switching to making ventilators, 15 March)? But JCB might be persuaded to do the bulk deliveries?
Andrew Nelson
Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire

• In more normal times, when you switched on BBC1 at 5.15pm, you got Pointless. Now you get Boris Johnson.
Stanley Slaughter
Fulham, London


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