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I strongly endorse Robin Hargreaves’s letter (A dignified end for beloved pets, 3 June). When I took my beloved elderly and frail dog to be euthanised, she (unusually) showed no reluctance to enter the vet’s surgery, and died peacefully while I stroked her and talked to her. I only hope that when my time comes, the government will have finally bowed to overwhelming public opinion and decided to legalise assisted death for people too.
Dr Brigid Purcell

• You seem to carry a lot of Royal Opera House ballet pictures these days (Light-footed, 5 June). Could you perhaps venture out into the regions a bit more? I understand that the repertory season at a beautiful theatre in the Lake District has just started and continues until November. They must have some fine pictures.
David Ward
Programmes editor, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, Cumbria

• In the USA, not renowned for its green initiatives, stores such as Whole Foods and Publix have been using food dispensers successfully for years (Could Waitrose trial herald new era for shopping, 4 June).
Jennifer Henley

• An attempt to cheer up Jane Marsh, who shares Nigel Farage’s birthday (Letters, 5 June): 3 April is also the birthday of the wonderful guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson and the late Tony Benn. I know because it is also my birthday.
Michael Cunningham

• Surprised there was no mention of Peter May’s excellent Lewis Trilogy in your piece about the Lewis chessman to be sold at auction (4 June).
Patrick Russell
Ealing, London

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