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I would like to challenge Laura Barton’s assertion that the death of RP is a good thing (G2, 23 May). Not for the partially deaf it isn’t. My relief when listening to someone like Joan Bakewell or Jon Snow is enormous. The stress of trying, and largely failing, to understand someone with a pronounced foreign or regional accent is overwhelming. Surely the purpose of RP is clarity for as many listeners as possible?
Jennifer Mackenzie

• So the government finally comes up with £400m to replace combustible cladding and it comes from the affordable housing budget (Report, 16 May), pitting tenants in death traps against people who are homeless or impoverished through lack of affordable housing. What a caring government we have.
Jean Betteridge

The Q&A asks women “What do you most dislike about your appearance?” I cheered for Julie Hesmondhalgh: “Oh, I’m long past all that bollocks.” I sympathised with Camilla Batmanghelidjh – “Must I?” But the classiest answer comes from Isabelle Huppert (26 May): “Nothing.”
Rose Meade
Faversham, Kent

• In Bristol (Letters, 26 May), the correct thanks when getting off the bus is, “Cheers, droive!”, though non-natives usually just say, “Thanks!”
Neville Goodman

• When I lived in Spain I always said “Por favor” and “Gracias” before and after transactions, until a local pointed out the first was the equivalent of “Snap to it!” So I stopped. I wonder if waiters etc found me very rude?
Geraldine Blake
Worthing, West Sussex

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