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Most YouTube climate change videos 'oppose the consensus view'
Scientist behind study urges online platform to change algorithms to ‘prioritise factual information’

Gregory Robinson

25, Jul, 2019 @4:01 AM

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Ineffective, insecure, overdue: the ‘porn block’ gets everything wrong | Arwa Mahdawi
Everyone wants to protect children from online pornography. But the British government’s approach is likely to do more harm than good

Arwa Mahdawi

02, Apr, 2019 @11:33 AM

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The dilemma of the dark web: protecting neo-Nazis and dissidents alike
Anonymity network Tor has become a safe-space for white supremacists and paedophiles. Yet in nations where access to the net is curtailed, it’s a lifeline

Alex Hern

23, Aug, 2017 @6:00 AM

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Daily Stormer jumps to dark web while Reddit and Facebook ban hate groups
Action by technology companies and hacking group Anonymous removes neo-Nazi site from open web, while social media steps up anti-hate actions

Samuel Gibbs

16, Aug, 2017 @9:55 AM

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Dark web marketplaces AlphaBay and Hansa shut down
Two of the biggest Tor-based marketplaces for guns, drugs and other illicit goods shut down as US decries dark web as ‘no place to hide’

Samuel Gibbs and Lois Beckett

20, Jul, 2017 @3:31 PM

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Contact the Guardian securely
How to tip us off about a story, confidentially

Luke Hoyland

17, Mar, 2017 @2:49 PM

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Computer security tips for whistleblowers and sources
If you want to contact the Guardian electronically about a confidential matter, you may not wish your employer or others to know about it. Make sure your computer doesn’t help them do so

15, Mar, 2017 @5:30 PM

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Power, secrecy and cypherpunks: how Jacob Appelbaum ripped Tor apart
Once part of Julian Assange’s inner circle, the prominent tech activist is facing a slew of troubling allegations that has left the Tor community divided

Anna Catherin Loll in Berlin

11, Oct, 2016 @8:00 AM

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Digital privacy activist Jacob Appelbaum denies colleagues' assault allegations
Prominent figure in online privacy circles resigns from post at Tor after a series of anonymous accusations of repeated sexual and emotional abuse

Danny Yadron in San Francisco

06, Jun, 2016 @7:59 PM

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The terror of swatting: how the law is tracking down high-tech prank callers
Complex anonymity tools mean it can cost $100,000 to identify just one hoax caller. But how long will it be before swatting costs someone their life?

Dan Tynan in San Francisco

15, Apr, 2016 @11:00 AM

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US defence department funded Carnegie Mellon research to break Tor
Court documents show that the government funded apparently successful study into revealing identity of anonymity service users

Alex Hern

25, Feb, 2016 @1:41 PM

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