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Poodle: introducing another web bug that makes browsing less safe
SSL bug allows attackers to decrypt and steal users’ data through sites that haven’t updated their security, Google researchers warn. By Samuel Gibbs

Samuel Gibbs

15, Oct, 2014 @10:51 AM

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What is the Shellshock bug? Is it worse than Heartbleed?
Security experts have warned that a serious flaw could be about to affect many of the world’s web users. Here’s what you should do. By Tom Fox-Brewster

Tom Fox-Brewster

25, Sep, 2014 @12:09 PM

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Police helicopter encounters incandescent proposal
Met helicopter crew capture on film man surrounded by candlelit message: 'Will you marry me?'

Press Association

24, Aug, 2014 @5:42 PM

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So the internet's winners are finally chipping in? About time…

The generosity of Silicon Valley giants in the wake of the Heartbleed bug only highlights the degree to which they are willing to shirk their responsibilities, writes John Naughton

John Naughton

16, Aug, 2014 @8:04 PM

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More than 300k systems 'still vulnerable' to Heartbleed attacks
Security experts say people are running vulnerable systems owing to 'simple ignorance'. By Tom Brewster

Tom Brewster

23, Jun, 2014 @12:37 PM

Viral Video Chart: Jennifer Lopez, Snoop Dogg and Benedict Cumberbatch
Watch dogs playing on a beach set to Pharrell's Happy, Psy's latest Hangover cure, and J-Lo's Tight Pants. By Janette Owen

Janette Owen

13, Jun, 2014 @6:19 AM

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Latest OpenSSL bug ‘may be more dangerous than Heartbleed’
Researcher claims that newly uncovered weakness could be used to directly spy on people's communications. By Tom Brewster

Tom Brewster

06, Jun, 2014 @9:17 AM

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Ebay hack Q&A: should I change my password? What could happen?
Your questions answered on what to do following the hacking attack on eBay's database. By Charles Arthur

Charles Arthur

21, May, 2014 @4:36 PM

Chinese military officials charged with stealing US data as tensions escalate
Eric Holder says the case 'demands an aggressive response' but Beijing calls allegations 'extremely ridiculous'

Spencer Ackerman in New York and Jonathan Kaiman in Beijing

20, May, 2014 @7:58 AM

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Why will my iPhone not stay silent? Your tech questions answered
Because you have to turn down the volume as well as putting it on mute – plus why the way computers count restricts how much space there is on an external hard drive and dealing with the menace of the Heartbleed bug

Daniel Tomlinson

11, May, 2014 @5:00 AM

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The cyber risks facing UK retailers – lessons from the US

Technology has changed the way we shop, but it also means retailers face serious cyber security issues

Seth Berman

30, Apr, 2014 @3:45 PM

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Heartbleed: why did a computer bug have a name and a logo?
David Chartier, CEO of the firm that discovered Heartbleed, explains why it was given a name and a logo. By Alex Hern

Alex Hern

24, Apr, 2014 @6:30 AM

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