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When hackers can take your nether regions hostage, something has gone very wrong | Arwa Mahdawi
What on earth did users of the chastity cage Cellmate think might happen when they allowed their bits to be locked up in an internet-connected smart device, asks Guardian columnist Arwa Mahdawi

Arwa Mahdawi

13, Jan, 2021 @7:00 AM

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DoJ confirms email accounts breached by SolarWinds hackers
Department declines to say how many mailboxes targeted but says hackers ‘likely Russian in origin’

Kari Paul and agencies

06, Jan, 2021 @8:58 PM

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Dozens sue Amazon's Ring after camera hack leads to threats and racial slurs
Class action claims weak security allowed hackers to take over the smart cameras used on doorbells and in homes

Kari Paul in San Francisco

23, Dec, 2020 @9:40 PM

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The US has suffered a massive cyberbreach. It's hard to overstate how bad it is | Bruce Schneier
This is a security failure of enormous proportions – and a wake-up call. The US must rethink its cybersecurity protocols

Bruce Schneier

23, Dec, 2020 @11:45 AM

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NSO Group spyware 'dangerous', say tech firms in legal filing
Israeli company should be held liable to American anti-hacking laws, Google, Microsoft and others argue

Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington

22, Dec, 2020 @4:25 PM

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Revealed: how abusive texts led to discovery of hacking of Al Jazeera
Threatening messages led to monitoring of phone that unearthed evidence of cyber-attack against Qatar-based network

Michael Safi and Jassar Al-Tahat

22, Dec, 2020 @12:34 PM

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Dozens of Al Jazeera journalists allegedly hacked using Israeli firm's spyware
Citizen Lab researchers say cyber-attack using NSO Group software likely ordered by Saudia Arabia and UAE

Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Michael Safi

20, Dec, 2020 @8:05 PM

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iPhones vulnerable to hacking tool for months, researchers say
NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware could allegedly track locations and access passwords

Alex Hern

20, Dec, 2020 @8:05 PM

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What we know – and still don’t – about the worst-ever US government cyber-attack
Nearly a week after federal agencies were targeted, investigators are still unclear on what information may have been stolen

Kari Paul and Lois Beckett

19, Dec, 2020 @7:57 PM

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Trump downplays government hack after Pompeo blames it on Russia
Secretary of state is first in administration to point to Russia but Trump attacks media over reports

Martin Pengelly in New York and agencies

19, Dec, 2020 @6:35 PM

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Microsoft seeks Biden's support in case against Israeli spyware firm
Microsoft’s president says NSO Group enables more nation-states to deploy cyber-attacks, including against journalists and activists

Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington

18, Dec, 2020 @7:44 PM

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US scrambles to understand fallout of suspected Russia hack
At least six government departments breached in likely Russian intelligence operation thought to have begun in March

David Smith in Washington

18, Dec, 2020 @6:23 PM

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