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Microsoft blocks Bing from showing image results for Tiananmen ‘tank man’
Company blames ‘human error’ after users in US, Germany, Singapore and France reported no results shown on the crackdown’s anniversary

Julia Carrie Wong and Reuters

05, Jun, 2021 @3:00 AM

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Microsoft says it would willingly participate in Australia's media code with Bing search engine
The tech company is the first major platform not subject to the code to express public support for it

Josh Taylor

03, Feb, 2021 @3:42 AM

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Microsoft's Bing ready to step in if Google pulls search from Australia, minister says
Paul Fletcher plays down Google threat and says government will not back down on news media code

Amanda Meade

01, Feb, 2021 @8:13 AM

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Microsoft apologises after Bing translates ‘Daesh’ into ‘Saudi Arabia’
The text translator’s blunder put down to crowdsourced suggestions after anger from Saudi officials and social media called for countrywide boycott

Samuel Gibbs

30, Aug, 2016 @10:20 AM

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Is it cancer? Diagnosing yourself online is about to get easier
People often search for their symptoms, but the right diagnosis can be hard to find. Google and Microsoft are working on ways to improve things

Kevin McCarthy in San Francisco

14, Jul, 2016 @11:00 AM

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How to use search like a pro: 10 tips and tricks for Google and beyond
Searching with regular sentences will only get you so far – if you need to find something a bit tricky turn to these advanced yet simple methods

Samuel Gibbs

15, Jan, 2016 @9:23 AM

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Can you identify these world cities from their street plans alone?
We’ve stripped out the street names and lost the labels – but can you still recognise the cities from their aerial views?

Nick Van Mead

30, Sep, 2015 @6:30 AM

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Windows 10 sends identifiable data to Microsoft despite privacy settings
Operating system contacts OneDrive, MSN and other services even if a user has activated privacy-protecting options, report discovers

Samuel Gibbs

13, Aug, 2015 @10:48 AM

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Cracks in the digital map: what the 'geoweb' gets wrong about real streets
Road maps, restaurant guides, the Yellow Pages ... the ‘geoweb’ has supplanted them all. But whether you use Google Maps or Yelp to find what you need, a closer look reveals that our digital urban mirror is full of chinks and distortions

Henry Grabar

08, Jan, 2015 @1:00 PM

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Clip Art is dead: five things we miss from 90s tech
With the demise of Clip Art, what other staples of 90s technology do we miss so much we want to use the cry-face emoji?

Hannah Jane Parkinson

05, Dec, 2014 @11:02 AM

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Dead, naked and famous – what the ‘most searched for celebrities’ list says about us | Stuart Heritage
Stuart Heritage: Exposed body parts, female pop stars, dead people – the Microsoft search engine Bing has produced a disturbing reflection of what people are curious about

Stuart Heritage

01, Dec, 2014 @8:00 PM

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Microsoft and Yahoo responding to 'right to be forgotten' requests
Bing and Yahoo join Google in acting on requests from people on the visibility of results in their search engines

Stuart Dredge

01, Dec, 2014 @9:04 AM

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