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From menopause to anxiety: the new tech tackling women’s health problems
Apps tracking hormones and a gadget combatting menopausal hot flushes are some of the latest innovations in the femtech market, which is predicted to be worth $60bn by 2027

Helena Pozniak

21, May, 2021 @5:58 AM

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Companies are now writing reports tailored for AI readers – and it should worry us
A recent study suggests lengthy, complex corporate filings are increasingly read by, and written for, machines

John Naughton

05, Dec, 2020 @4:00 PM

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Jill Lepore: 'When did we hand Google, Twitter and Facebook the reins?'
The historian talks big data, social media and the US election

Tim Adams

04, Oct, 2020 @8:30 AM

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If the Labour conference were on now, would I be knocked over by a rush of ideas? | Will Hutton
Health, the workplace, our place in the world... is the party thinking big thoughts?

Will Hutton

20, Sep, 2020 @7:00 AM

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Recession in real time: how big data can track the Covid slump
Official economic data for June will be out this week. But unconventional indicators can help gauge conditions right now

Richard Partington

08, Aug, 2020 @3:00 PM

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Downing Street seeks data expert to set up 'skunkworks' in No 10
Advert for head of analytical unit is latest sign of Dominic Cummings’ Whitehall shake-up

Heather Stewart Political correspondent

10, Jul, 2020 @5:42 PM

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Yahoo deleted all my emails – and there's nothing I can do about it | Arwa Mahdawi
Many of the digital things we think we own are merely being rented. It is time to accept that we don’t have a master key to the big filing cabinet in the sky, writes Arwa Mahdawi

Arwa Mahdawi

10, Mar, 2020 @1:00 PM

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Americans need a 'digital bill of rights'. Here's why | Ramesh Srinivasan
Tech companies’ entire business model depends on our data. We have the right to some measure of control

Ramesh Srinivasan

28, Jan, 2020 @10:40 AM

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How the wheels came off Facebook's Libra project
Support for Mark Zuckerberg’s mission to reshape global finance is slipping away slowly but surely

Richard Partington Economics correspondent

18, Oct, 2019 @1:42 PM

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Tech giants despise politics? Hardly – they are in the thick of it and being called out | John Naughton
Silicon Valley’s countercultural aura is gone

John Naughton

18, Aug, 2019 @6:00 AM

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Like fossil fuel in the ground, customer data may soon be a liability, not an asset | John Naughton
The massive fines imposed on companies such as BA and the Marriott group are a warning to big data hoarders

John Naughton

14, Jul, 2019 @6:00 AM

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Ruha Benjamin: ‘We definitely can’t wait for Silicon Valley to become more diverse’
The sociologist on how discrimination is embedded in technology – and how we go about building a fairer world

Sanjana Varghese

29, Jun, 2019 @2:00 PM

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