3D printing

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Meta banned firearms sales. Why are they still available on Facebook and Instagram?
A tech watchdog group reveals users can buy materials to build high-powered, automatic weapons in a few clicks

Kari Paul

15, Jun, 2022 @6:08 PM

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Woman’s ear rebuilt with 3D-printed living tissue implant
Procedure carried out in US on woman with microtia born with small and misshapen right ear

Nicola Davis

02, Jun, 2022 @4:02 PM

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From fly oil to 3D-printed biscuits: the women reimagining the food of the future
With the urgent need to switch to a more sustainable diet, meet the food technologists coming up with some edible solutions

Georgina Fuller

15, Jun, 2021 @6:34 AM

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All that glisters: flood of fake ancient jewellery dupes buyers
The 3D printer is enabling ever more sophisticated forgeries to be sold as Greek or Roman collectibles

Dalya Alberge

16, May, 2021 @9:00 AM

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Dutch couple become Europe’s first inhabitants of a 3D-printed house
New home in shape of boulder is first legally habitable property with load-bearing walls made using 3D-printing technology

Daniel Boffey in Eindhoven

30, Apr, 2021 @4:00 AM

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'The future of housing': California desert to get America's first 3D-printed neighborhood
Rise in 3D-printed homes comes as California’s housing crisis continues to rage, with 1.8m to 3.5m new units needed by 2025

Kari Paul

19, Mar, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Not to be sneezed at: how 3D printing is supersizing the tiny world of pollen
Project allows students, scientists and even fashion designers to create giant models of pollen grains from around the world

Alex Morss

07, Dec, 2020 @6:30 AM

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One Caravaggio coming right up! Adam Lowe, the art world's master faker
From the tomb of Tutankhamun to Raphael’s Sistine masterpieces, Adam Lowe makes perfect copies for governments and galleries the world over. But he’s not a forger – he’s a liberator

Jonathan Jones

19, Nov, 2020 @6:00 AM

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The Guardian view on good style: it makes life better | Editorial
Editorial: Design is all around us – let it be beautiful and feed our soul


20, Sep, 2020 @5:25 PM

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Hong Kong's terracotta tile army marches to the rescue for coral
Scientists are using 3D-printed hexagons to create artificial reefs after a super-typhoon brought devastation

Matthew Keegan in Hong Kong

26, Aug, 2020 @6:15 AM

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Scientists create 3D-printed buildings from soil
Eco-friendly technology could potentially replace concrete and revolutionise sector

Alex Mistlin

21, Aug, 2020 @8:20 AM

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The best advice I ever heard
This week, the Upside goes into the holiday season with appeals for morsels of wisdom – pithy or otherwise

Mark Rice-Oxley

07, Aug, 2020 @9:56 AM

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