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Google doodle marks Earth Day 2022 with stark images of climate crisis
Time-lapse satellite images show glacial retreat at Mount Kilimanjaro, Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching, deforestation in Germany and Greenland glacial melt

Royce Kurmelovs

22, Apr, 2022 @3:29 AM

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More choice on privacy just means more chances to do what’s best for big tech | John Naughton
A study of how Facebook, Google and Microsoft have applied the EU’s new GDPR rules shows users are being manipulated

John Naughton

08, Jul, 2018 @6:00 AM

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How well do you know Samuel Johnson's dictionary? – quiz
As a popular search engine marks the great lexicographer’s birthday, it’s a good time for some defining questions. Can you get them right without Googling?

Alison Flood

18, Sep, 2017 @10:26 AM

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What has Esther Afua Ocloo done for women? Google knows
Google’s ‘doodle’ today celebrates the achievements of an entrepreneur from Ghana who helped to empower millions of women through business

Hannah Summers

18, Apr, 2017 @12:14 PM

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Lotte Reiniger: animated film pioneer and standard-bearer for women
The story of the groundbreaking director behind today’s Google doodle and how her fairytale-inspired work made her one of the most important early women in the film industry

Pamela Hutchinson

02, Jun, 2016 @8:33 AM

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Hertha Marks Ayrton: Guardian obituary of pioneering scientist, published 1923
28 August 1923: Ayrton, celebrated in a Google doodle, was the first woman to receive the Hughes Medal from the Royal Society and an active suffragette

28, Apr, 2016 @12:03 PM

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First modern Olympic Games marked by Google Doodle
Google has marked the 120th anniversary of the first modern Olympic Games with its latest sporting doodle

Guardian sport

06, Apr, 2016 @12:13 PM

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Spring Equinox Google Doodle: When does the season of rebirth really start?
Google’s celebrated the astronomical start of the season – the spring equinox – but in reality spring has been arriving weeks early for years

Adam Vaughan

20, Mar, 2016 @8:59 AM

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Caroline Herschel: Google pays tribute to German cataloguer of stars
Today’s Google doodle is dedicated to Caroline Herschel, a German astronomer who would have been 266 today

Stuart Clark

16, Mar, 2016 @1:34 PM

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Comet-bagger Caroline Herschel and an extraordinary ride to Greenwich | Rebekah Higgitt
In August 1797 Caroline Herschel was about to announce her eighth comet. The way in which she did tells us much about her character, and the lot of an 18th-century female astronomer

Rebekah Higgitt

16, Mar, 2016 @11:16 AM

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Sophie Taeuber-Arp: it's about time the radical dada star got a Google doodle
Today’s Google doodle celebrates the birthday of the radical artist who brought joy to dada, when Switzerland was a revolutionary hotbed of culture

Jonathan Jones

19, Jan, 2016 @2:10 PM

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Charles Perrault: the modern fairytale's fairy godfather
Artist Sophie Diao has imagined scenes from three stories by the French author who collected fairytales such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

Alison Flood

12, Jan, 2016 @4:59 PM

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