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Behind Theresa May and her cabinet in your photo (Cabinet crisis, 10 July) is a big painting of Countess Ada Lovelace, mathematical genius and probable inventor of the computer. Good to see Lovelace hung in the Cabinet Office and a sign that she is at last being given the recognition that she and other hitherto forgotten women of science deserve.
Deborah van der Beek
Lacock, Wiltshire

• We bought our Morris Minor (Letters, 14 July) in 1970 when we lived in London. It had been repainted in silver Hammerite and then left out in the rain, resulting in what could only be described as an interesting paint finish. It was affectionately known as The Silver Blister.
Alun and Clare Owen
Holme Pierrepont, Nottinghamshire

• This may be a silly question, but if Lancashire schools are unhappy about halal slaughter (Lancashire bans unstunned halal meat for schools despite protests, 13 July), why don’t they serve vegetarian food?
Christina Baron
Wells, Somerset

• I am sorry to disappoint David Johnston (Letters, 14 July), but my “Gordon Bennett” is not grey, nor particularly elegant – nor, it would appear, originally named.
Ian Grieve
“Gordon Bennett”, Llangollen canal

• Five days in succession (10-14 July)! Is that terrific, dignified dark-blue masthead really here to stay? 
Stephen Friar
Painswick, Gloucestershire

• Your photograph of angry seabirds (12 July) gave me quite a nasty tern.
Ken Kaiser

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