Rush Limbaugh claims high-tech bloggers 'hate' Apple

Right-wing radio host says Apple are the Republican party of the tech world, while Google and Samsung are the Democratic party

Motormouth right-wing talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has deigned to comment on the world of technology blogging, pronouncing that the media is biased against Apple in the same way that mainstream media is biased against the Republicans.

Limbaugh told listeners on Friday's show that reading high-tech and gadget blogs is a hobby of his, but like mainstream media, alternative media lacks conservative voices.

"I would venture to say that nine out of 10 bloggers writing high-tech hate Apple," said Limbaugh. "Apple is the equivalent of the Republicans on these blogs, and Google, Android, and Samsung are the equivalent of the Democrats – they're perfect, they can't do anything wrong, they're ideal, and everybody hates Apple."

Limbaugh referred to recent stories measuring performance of Android to iOS devices.

"Pro-Apple bloggers are looking at the way the pro-Samsung, Google, and Android bloggers write, and they're now starting to write about the media bias … they're chronicling how these pro-Samsung and Google, Android guys are faking data, faking news to make it look bad for Apple when it really isn't."

Limbaugh acknowledged that most of this generation would probably vote Democrat, and think Republicans are "aliens from Mars, racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes". And he claimed biased reporting in the tech sector reflected anti-Republican bias in America's mainstream media.

"I would love to just be able to get to one of these guys say, 'Now, I want you to do something. The way you see these guys propping up Samsung and Google and Android and the way these guys are ripping Apple to shreds, would you try to see that in the mainstream media?

"Would you open your eyes and see what's going on in the mainstream media? Would you try to open your eyes and see that in the mainstream media, the Republican party is Apple, and the Democrat party is Samsung, Google, and Android."

When asked to name the biased liberal blogs, Limbaugh refused. "If I call 'em out, all they're gonna do is get happy that I'm giving them attention and elevating attention … And put these little chumps on the map and they'd never be bigger, but it wouldn't change, just make 'em snarkier and ruder. Just the way things work."

Limbaugh's interpretation of America's technology scene will be received with amusement by the largely Democrat tech community.

Obama's election campaigns in 2008 and 2012 famously employed a string of A-list developer talent from firms including Google, Facebook and Twitter, and even opened an office in Silicon Valley for volunteer engineers.

More recently, an internal Republican committee criticised shortfalls in the digital side of the 2012 Mitt Romney campaign. Republicans are now setting up a multi-million dollar project to gather information on voters and raise funds, to include an office and team based in Silicon Valley.


Jemima Kiss

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