On the road: Soulwax salute their nude support act

Soulwax salute their nude support act

His name is John. He gets naked. And at every festival we play this summer, we'll be looking out for him.

The first time was in Bristol, after we had played as Soulwax [David and Stephen Dewaele play as Soulwax and produce as 2manydjs]. We love to DJ on stage, but also find it strange. There is nothing to see except two guys pushing buttons on a stage the size of a football pitch. Security at our gigs is always very tight, as if people who come to see us are out to 'get us'. They're only doing their job, but it seems as if their mission is to prevent the biggest crime known to security people: dancing onstage with 2manydjs.

Which brings us back to Bristol in 2005. Various 'offenders' had been caught, but then we suddenly saw this naked guy being chased! Due to his speed – and the shock, no doubt, of him being naked – all four security men were needed to be bring him down, which left the stage open. By the time security
made it back to the stage, it was swamped! The rest of the night was
drenched in chaos and exuberance.

Sadly, Naked Guy had been taken out the back and was left without any clothes. He said it was all part of the game. Our crew gave him a T-shirt and some socks and pants. Then we made a deal with him – he will always be on our guest list as John the Naked Guy, but he isn't allowed to let us know when he is coming to a gig and has to try to make his way on stage without
anyone's help.

That was three years ago. John has since managed to invade the stage on many occasions. At Leeds in 2006, he stood on the DJ booth with his arms raised and covered in chocolate and strawberry sauce, like a statue of anarchy. He has lost his shoes, pants and phone but never his pride – and never our respect since he agreed to feature in our documentary. Thanks John, you're a hero.

· Soulwax's documentary, 'Part of the Weekend Never Dies' is released on 8 September on Pias.

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