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The truth about being a community organiser

They need trust, status and money, says community organiser Marie Osborne

Marie Osborne

06, Jun, 2022 @3:09 PM

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China’s emissions trading scheme puts Australian companies on notice
The launch of China’s national carbon market could also harm the competitiveness of Australian products

Bianca Nogrady

03, Oct, 2017 @5:00 PM

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'Don't just rely on NGOs': finding solutions to deforestation
How can food companies stop contributing to deforestation? A panel of experts discussed solutions at a roundtable in New York

Anna Leach

29, Sep, 2017 @9:28 AM

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Companies' ‘zero deforestation’ pledges: everything you need to know
Corporations globally have made hundreds of commitments on deforestation. But what do these pledges really mean and why do scandals keep happening?

Tess Riley

29, Sep, 2017 @8:41 AM

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From algae to yeast: the quest to find an alternative to palm oil
The race is on to develop an eco-friendly substitute for palm oil but, as Ecover discovered, the path can be bumpy

Laura Paddison

29, Sep, 2017 @6:00 AM

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'The last place on Earth': how Sumatra's rainforest is being cleared for palm oil
Sumatra’s Leuser ecosystem is the only place where orangutans, rhinos, tigers and elephants coexist. But palm oil companies continue to clear it, claims NGO

Naomi Larsson

28, Sep, 2017 @8:47 AM

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When fines fail, how can companies be made to pay for deforestation?
Indonesian companies fined for deforestation have not been required to pay up thanks to lengthy court appeals. Campaigners push for tougher action

Oliver Balch

27, Sep, 2017 @8:15 AM

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70% of brands in Malaysia and Singapore don't disclose palm oil use
WWF rated 47 regional companies and found the majority have no public policies or commitments on sustainable palm oil sourcing

Laura Paddison

20, Sep, 2017 @11:01 PM

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Demand for biofuels is increasing global food prices, says study
Using crops for fuel is putting pressure on food prices says a new analysis, which calls for an end to food-based biofuels

Tom Levitt

20, Sep, 2017 @8:52 AM

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The eco-warrior taking a chainsaw to Indonesia's illegal palm oil plantations
Biologist Rudi Putra is leading a movement to restore the region’s tropical rainforests, which are home to many endangered species

Laura Villadiego in Aceh Tamiang, Indonesia

15, Sep, 2017 @6:00 AM

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California’s big battery experiment: a turning point for energy storage?
The world’s largest lithium-ion battery installed after a gas blowout has become a test case for the grid storage industry

Julian Spector

15, Sep, 2017 @6:00 AM

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The entrepreneurs turning carbon dioxide into fuels
The race is on to prove that CO2 can be taken from the air and recycled into profitable, carbon neutral fuels. But cost and investment obstacles remain

Mark Harris

14, Sep, 2017 @10:13 AM

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