Wallace Shawn

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Wallace Shawn calls backlash against Woody Allen ‘a miscarriage of justice’
‘I didn’t care for the fact that so many of my fellow actors just assumed he was guilty,’ said The Princess Bride actor

Catherine Shoard

02, Feb, 2022 @1:32 PM

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Rifkin's Festival review – Woody Allen's latest is a cinephile's dream (but only literally)
A neurotic writer unravels in a European hotspot as the director treads familiar ground to salute Bergman, Buñuel … and himself

Jonathan Romney

18, Sep, 2020 @1:40 PM

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Evening at the Talk House review – Wallace Shawn's dark comedy plays it safe
Despite a strong performance from a perfectly cast Matthew Broderick, this play about a play doesn’t cut as deep as it should

Alexis Soloski

17, Feb, 2017 @3:00 AM

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Evening at the Talk House review – Wallace Shawn says the unsayable
A theatrical reunion lurches into a bad-dream debate about targeted bombings

Kate Kellaway

29, Nov, 2015 @8:00 AM

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Evening at the Talk House review – Wallace Shawn throws a hell of a party
In his blunt new play, set in a genteel private club, Shawn tackles political barbarism via showbiz bitchery

Michael Billington

25, Nov, 2015 @12:39 PM

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Wallace Shawn: ‘I don’t know what I am. A highbrow wannabe?’
While cagey about his new play at the National, the actor and writer is happy to to ponder the clash between his intellectual tendencies and more populist stints

Liz Hoggard

22, Nov, 2015 @9:45 AM

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All the world's a stage: how theatre fell in love with itself
From Gypsy to Harlequinade and The Moderate Soprano, London’s theatres are awash with shows about showbiz. Are they a valid celebration of the power of art, or self-indulgent luvvieness?

Mark Lawson

12, Nov, 2015 @12:02 PM

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On my radar: Richard Ayoade’s cultural highlights
The actor and film-maker on Björk’s powerful brilliance, the gritty films of Mike Nichols and the perfect sound of TS Eliot’s poetry

Interview by Priya Elan

28, Jun, 2015 @6:59 AM

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The Fever review – an evening of wine, chocolates and guilt
Wallace Shawn’s denunciation of capitalism hits home – up to a point, writes Susannah Clapp

Susannah Clapp

25, Jan, 2015 @8:00 AM

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Wallace Shawn: ‘I live off doing animal voices in cartoons’
You may know him as the teacher in Clueless, the dinosaur in Toy Story, and the baddie in The Princess Bride. But Wallace Shawn wants to open your eyes to sweatshops, starvation and torture. He talks to Liese Spencer in Manhattan

Liese Spencer

19, Jan, 2015 @5:31 PM

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The Fever review – grappling with privilege and guilt in a Mayfair hotel
Game of Thrones’ Tobias Menzies artfully walks the line between self-disgust and rage in Wallace Shawn’s still-timely monologue, writes Lyn Gardner

Lyn Gardner

18, Jan, 2015 @11:59 PM

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Mayfair hotel stages The Fever, a play scrutinising affluence, starring Tobias Menzies
Wallace Shawn’s hard-hitting monologue exploring decadence is performed before tiny audience in plush suite

Hannah Ellis-Petersen

08, Jan, 2015 @8:55 PM

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