John Galsworthy

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Six of the best plays about confinement | Michael Billington
Dramatists have long focused on the agonies and irritations of self-imposed or enforced isolation

Michael Billington

03, Apr, 2020 @5:00 AM

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Top 10 tales about the rich | Sarah Blake
From Scott Fitzgerald’s glamour to Edith Wharton’s high-society intrigue, the best of these seductive stories reveal uncomfortable secrets

Sarah Blake

05, Feb, 2020 @1:08 PM

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Windows review – Galsworthy's warring family put woolly liberalism to the sword
Geoffrey Beevers’ production of little-known play about the moral fissures within an upper middle-class family is a razor-sharp take on a quietly subversive work

Michael Billington

28, Aug, 2017 @2:49 PM

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Theresa May’s ‘strong and stable’ soundbite is from The Forsyte Saga | Letters
Letters: The phrase seems to be derived from the world of corruption and privilege portrayed by John Galsworthy, writes Dr David Blazey


05, Jun, 2017 @5:57 PM

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Strife review – strikingly modern Galsworthy
John Galsworthy’s 1909 drama of industrial woes still resonates in a fine revival by debut director Bertie Carvel

Clare Brennan

21, Aug, 2016 @6:50 AM

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Strife review – striking drama that rages against the iniquities of capital
John Galsworthy’s play about industrial action at a Welsh tinplating firm, directed by Bertie Carvel in his debut, is more than a century old, and as relevant and vivid as anything we have today

Michael Billington

19, Aug, 2016 @11:55 AM

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Queen Mary's book for war charity, 1915
Notable writers and artists contribute to an anthology sold in aid of Queen Mary’s convalescent hospitals

Katy Stoddard

08, Dec, 2015 @10:25 AM

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Jeffrey Archer's top 10 romans-fleuves

Jeffrey Archer: From Hornblower to the Smiley books to the Forsyte Saga, here are 10 examples of good old-fashioned multi-volume storytelling

Jeffrey Archer

14, Mar, 2012 @11:32 AM

Writing home: Properties with literary connections

Fancy a house with a literary past? Huma Qureshi opens the book on some inspiring properties

Huma Qureshi

24, Jul, 2009 @8:30 AM

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Theatre review: The Skin Game / Orange Tree, London

Michael Billington on an unsparing portrait of the English class system at its most destructive.

Michael Billington

27, Mar, 2007 @2:03 PM

Theatre: Our Miss Gibbs, Loyalties and Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson

Theatre: Our Miss Gibbs | Loyalties | Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson

Susannah Clapp

06, May, 2006 @11:29 PM

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Loyalties, Finborough, London

Finborough, London

Michael Billington

03, May, 2006 @9:15 AM

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