A non-binary Joan of Arc? Great. Now theatre should take the next step | Letter

Louise Branch calls for playwrights to portray male historical figures such as Henry V as non-binary or trans

Re the interview with Charlie Josephine, whose depiction of a non-binary Joan of Arc is causing controversy (‘I forgot I was blaspheming a saint!’ – Charlie Josephine on writing a non-binary Joan of Arc, 29 August), I think that the play sounds like an intriguing discourse on gender and agree that it isn’t taking anything away from anyone. However, can I suggest a much more innovative and unexpected challenge to the gender narrative? How about a play about a male historical figure who is portrayed as non-binary or trans? How exciting it would be to see Richard the Lionheart or Henry V as strong, ruthless, flawed and non-binary, or trans individuals who reject male stereotyping and feel most female when at their most powerful.

How about it, playwrights? Let’s challenge that gender narrative.
Louise Branch
Clevedon, Somerset

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