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Toby Wood is quite right to describe Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone as the song that changed the course of popular music in the 1960s (Letters, 28 May). It influenced a generation of musicians and is regularly voted the greatest song of all time. All the more remarkable, therefore, that it did not reach No 1 in the UK charts and was kept off the top spot in September 1965 by the equally revolutionary Tears by Ken Dodd.
Mike Pender

• It is not a legal requirement in France to carry identity documents at all times (Letters, 21 May). The possession of an ID card is a convenience, and purely voluntary.
Bernard Besserglik
Pantin, France

• On Saturday, you published a photo of the UK prime minister above the headline “A dangerous cult now runs Britain” (28 May). I was pleased to see that, despite the constant turmoil of the modern world, some things, such as the Guardian’s famed penchant for typos, never change.
Tony Mabbott
Rotherham, South Yorkshire

• So, with his latest marriage, is Boris Johnson’s model no longer Winston Churchill, but Henry VIII?
Joy Everington
Marshwood, Dorset

• I also have for years wondered by what criteria a “dental surgeon and trumpeter” managed to make your birthdays list (Letters, 27 May). As I am 80 next 1 January, would you be able to include me as “physiotherapist, maritime historian and mycologist”? It would make my day!
Alison Leighton
Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire

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