Simon Amstell and my Twitter mission

When I first met comedian Simon Amstell, I found it ridiculous and upsetting that he was not on Twitter. Or YouTube. And so began my project to get him connected

I met Simon Amstell in 2011 when I was cast in series two of his sitcom, Grandma's House. I liked him. I discovered that he was not on Twitter. Or YouTube. This seemed ridiculous and upsetting.

I feel social networking has improved my life in ways I could never have imagined and so began Project Amstell. I have been following Simon around with a camera to his warm-up gigs as he prepares for his new stand-up tour Numb and despite his deep reluctance, I have been doing my very best to get him fully involved in Twitter.

This first video is a short introduction to a whole series of forthcoming clips.


• Grandma's House series two will be on BBC2 this Spring.

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