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John McEnroe slammed for comments over Emma Raducanu withdrawal
Former Wimbledon champion John McEnroe was criticised for speculating that pressure was behind Emma Raducanu’s medical retirement from her last-16 match against Ajla Tomljanovic

Sean Ingle

05, Jul, 2021 @10:39 PM

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Badly served: should tennis be celebrating Margaret Court?
The Australian is a legend for her record on the court, but condemned by many – including Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe – for her views on LGBTQ+ rights

Stephen Moss

29, Jan, 2020 @4:24 PM

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Unlike McEnroe, Nick Kyrgios lacks the trophies to validate his attitude | Kevin Mitchell
Nick Kyrgios’s talent is as outrageous as his behaviour, as was the case with John McEnroe, but the Australian’s end product is nowhere near as impressive as the American’s

Kevin Mitchell

05, Jul, 2019 @4:28 PM

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John McEnroe: Still Rockin’ at 60 review – everybody loves him these days. Well, almost everybody
A white-haired McEnroe looks back on his volatile early days – but it’s difficult to pinpoint the moment a reviled brat became a national treasure

Tim Dowling

30, Jun, 2019 @10:30 PM

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TV tonight: how John McEnroe went from 'superbrat' to people's champ
The tennis star’s storied career is celebrated in a fond profile, while the heels and bikinis are out on Love Island. Here’s the evening’s must-watch TV

Paul Howlett, Mike Bradley, Ellen E Jones, Hannah Verdier and Paul Howlett

30, Jun, 2019 @5:00 AM

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Boris Becker: we should question the quality and attitude of the under-28 men
Boris Becker was 17 when he lit up and won Wimbledon for the first time, 34 years ago, and he cannot wait for a teenager to win the men’s title again

Kevin Mitchell

10, Jun, 2019 @10:13 PM

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John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection review – Superbrat court in the act
The tempestuous tennis star wages war against the world in documentary-maker Julien Faraut’s philosophical portrait

Mike McCahill

24, May, 2019 @5:00 AM

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John McEnroe in his prime and at his most irascible makes fascinating viewing | Tim Lewis
In the Realm of Perfection uses archive footage no one knew existed to chart Superbrat’s failure to win the French Open

Tim Lewis

19, May, 2019 @7:29 AM

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Breaking point: how John McEnroe's biggest meltdown was turned into a movie
Newly uncovered courtside footage of the tennis star’s 1984 French Open final defeat has been turned into a documentary about sport, film and the nature of genius

Xan Brooks

16, May, 2019 @3:55 PM

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Serena Williams’s US meltdown was handled badly all round, says McEnroe
John McEnroe believes both Serena Williams and umpire Carlos Ramos were to blame for what happened in the controversial US Open final

Kevin Mitchell

06, Dec, 2018 @5:22 PM

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John McEnroe blunt but still feels Andy Murray is a threat at US Open
John McEnroe was to the point but not dismissive of Andy Murray’s prospects at the US Open in which he ‘could do some damage’

Kevin Mitchell at Flushing Meadows

25, Aug, 2018 @4:18 PM

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John McEnroe: ‘I’ve definitely mellowed. I don’t have that killer instinct’ | Sean Ingle
John McEnroe admits his old attitude was too much for him, and maybe for others, and also tells Sean Ingle how much he missed Bjorn Borg when the Swede retired at 25

Sean Ingle

08, Jul, 2018 @3:58 PM

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