France 55-0 Scotland: Women’s Six Nations – as it happened

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A strong second half sees France rip apart Scotland after a stoic performance in the first 40 from the visitors

Thank you for joining me for this match! It was a closer battle than the scoreline suggests, particularly in the first half and Scotland’s scrum was impressive. However, France were utterly dominant in the second half, scoring seven tries in the second 40 to solidify the win. France aid their title chances but Scotland are left looking for their first win of the tournament. Have a great evening all!

All the stats from that game:

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After that match France are second, leapfrogging Wales and just a point behind England. Scotland remain in fifth with only Ireland below them.

There was almost another try from France at the end of the game but Scotland did well to defend.

Full-time! France 55-0 Scotland

After what was a promising first half from Scotland, France ome away with a dominant win. In the second 40 the hosts just streamed away and there was no way back for Scotland. There were great moments from Scotland, particularly their scrum, but they will have to be more clinical to secure wins in future.

80 min: The French defence remains impenetrable as Scotland struggle to exit their own 22. They kick away and France have it once more.

79 min: France come away with it from the line-out and they are hunting for try number 10 I believe, it could be more, there have been so many! Possession exchanges hands as the game continues to be scrappy.

77 min: We are back underway with a Scotland penalty and they kick upfield.

77 min: Orr is being stretchered off after the tackle on Vernier. Wish her well, that did not look good and hopefully she is okay. The crowd applaud her as she is taken off.

77 min: The France team are running around while Orr still receives treatment.

77 min: I think it’s Emma Orr who is down, she has tackled a player who fell onto Orr’s head.

77 min: This does not look good, the player (who still isn’t clear) looks as though they will be stretchered off. The crowd applaud, she is still receiving treatment.

77 min: France come away with it at the scrum, Vernier is good again with the offload. Scotland manage to win it back on the floor and then they win a breakdown penalty! Time is now off for an injury, unclear which Scotland player is down. It’s a head injury.

76 min: Bartlett is off for Young for Scotland. The restart for Scotland is bad, it doesn’t reach 10m and France opt for a scrum. Llorens has been named Player of the Match.

CONVERTED TRY! France 55-0 Scotland (Filopon, 73')

Phase after phase and the wing is in! It was good hands from Filopon as the pass from Vernier wasn’t clean but she collected and crashed over. Arbez has her first kick of the game and slots it!


73 min: France win the ball and they are off. M Menager is lightning in her break but she’s hauled to the floor. They keep coming though.

72 min: Scotland were in a good position there but the line-out is stolen, the story of the team’s afternoon really. All the hard work to get in the position but can’t convert it. France then knock on, scrappiness across the board.

71 min: Scotland get another scrum penalty and they take it quickly. They whip it to Rollie who fends but is tackled into touch. But France cough up the ball with a penalty. Also just to mention, earlier the try given after a knock on was awarded to Llorens, not Boulard. My mistake!

69 min: Scotland come away with it but there is a loose pass, Thomson does well to recover it. Possession is exchanged and France knock on, there is another scrum. This game has been quite scrappy.

68 min: Scotland win a breakdown penalty and Scotland relieve some pressure. The visitors make another change before the line-out with Nelson off for Smith.

67 min: France knock on! That saves Scotland from another try. France make more changes with Riffonneau and Annery on.

66 min: France have a loose pass but Scotland can’t quite get to it to capitalise on the mistake. Possession is back and forth ending with another turn over by Hermet! Llorens has a good break and here they come!

Caity Mattinson of Scotland in action.
Caity Mattinson of Scotland in action. Photograph: Manuel Blondeau/INPHO/Shutterstock


64 min: Vernier puts in a good kick which is returned by Thomson and it’s out for a line-out. Scotland make a change with Skeldon off for Rettie.

64 min: France make two more changes with Filopon and Arbez on for Boujard and Tremouliere.

TRY! France 48-0 Scotland (R Menager, 62')

France get it through the hands and M Menager assists her twin! Tremouliere misses the kick. I can’t see France letting up here, it’s going to be a huge score.


62 min: Tremouliere’s grubbers have been deadly this afternoon but this one is handled by Nelson. Possession exchanges hands and it ends with Tremouliere catching her own kick, what a player she is!

61 min: Scotland win the scrum penalty with France pushing early. They opt to take it quickly with a lot of work to do to get to the line. Thomson has the ball ripped from her on the floor, Boujard kicks away and Scotland just about recover it.

59 min: What is painful for Scotland is they will look at the clock and realise they have to weather 20 more minutes. Scotland win a penalty at the breakdown, a reprieve they needed! McDonald and Clarke are on for Scotland.

CONVERTED TRY! France 41-0 Scotland (Boulard, 57')

France smell blood and I can hardly keep up! Hermet makes the initial break and the whole French team comes to life, offloads come thick and fast and Boulard is in for a hat-trick. Tremouliere adds another.


56 min: France make another change with Bourdon off for Chambon and Bernadou is on. Scotland also make a change with O’Donnell is off for Donaldson.

TRY! France 36-0 Scotland (Vernier, 55')

France gather the dropout well and they are on the hunt once more. They are patient on the ball but Vernier snipes and crashes over. The centre has been one of the stars of the tournament. Tremouliere adds another kick.


53 min: Nelson had to be clever there as she wanted to shepherd the ball dead but France’s chasers were on her so she dots it down. A goal-line dropout to come.

52 min: Scotland do everything right but they just can’t get the effort over the line. France have made a change with Forlani off for R Menager.

CONVERTED TRY! France 29-0 Scotland (Hermet, 50')

Oh my, the counter attack is sublime! Llorens puts in a fabulous break with Rollie putting in a great tackle but she offloads to Hermet who scores.


50 min: France are doing well on the counter-ruck as well as the huge hits. Scotland have been pushed back to halfway and Mattinson puts the box kick in with Boulard coming away with it.

Gaelle Hermet wins a lineout ball for the home side.
Gaelle Hermet wins a lineout ball for the home side. Photograph: Manuel Blondeau/INPHO/Shutterstock


49 min: Scotland win the kicking battle with a France boot out on the full! Scotland are on the attack now, they need points here.

48 min: Konkel-Roberts is off with McLachlan on! The kicking game back in play now.

TRY! France 22-0 Scotland (Boulard, 46')

France get the advantage from the driving maul and the hosts go through the hands. Vernier puts in a slick offload and Boulard is over.

45 min: It was a strong Scotland scrum but France come away with it. Tremouliere puts in a phenomenal kick with Musgrove touching it before it went out, a France line-out in a great position!

44 min: The line-out is good from France and they are on the hunt for the bonus-point but Gallagher wins a breakdown penalty! Scotland’s line-out isn’t straight and France opt for the scrum, all the hard work done by Scotland lost to an error.

42 min: Bourdon puts a huge kick in which Thomson returns and it’s into touch. This game’s pace hasn’t faded!

Back underway! France 17-0 Scotland

It is a huge mountain to climb but Scotland aren’t out of this yet! Huge second half to come.

I can’t find a clip to show you the Llorens try that was given which I think is a knock on. Boulard has separation between herself and the ball before Llorens grounds it, I don’t think it should have been given! Anyone out there who has seen it have any thoughts? Let me know via Twitter or email.


Such a physical game!

Charlotte Escudero 💥

📺 @francetvsport#TikTokW6N #OurCharge #FRASCO

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Half-time! France 17-0 Scotland

France win it back and Bourdon kicks off! The scoreline is as expected but the performance on the pitch is much more close than the points suggest. The visitors have applied a lot of pressure but they have not been clinical which is the main difference. France have been clinical whenever they have been in the 22, apart from the opening try which was ruled out. Huge second 40 to come.

42 min: Scotland are still hitting the line here, they are desperate to get some points before half-time! They are going metre by metre.

40 min: Tremouliere puts in a fabulous kick to gain a lot of territory, it’s not quite a 50:22 and so it’s a Scotland line-out. It was intercepted but it’s knocked on! Almost the bonus-point!

39 min: Scotland must be frustrated, they have put so much pressure on the French and have come up with nothing. France have a few chances and convert them.

CONVERTED TRY! France 17-0 Scotland (Boulard, 37')

There’s the maul but Scotland bring it down quickly. France are running it through the hands and Boulard is on the wing to crash over. Tremoulieregets the kick!


36 min: This time France win the penalty at the scrum! This game is back and forth, Tremouliere kicks to the corner and a driving maul is surely coming.

35 min: There was a break in play with the teams taking on some water. We are back with a scrum.

35 min: Gallagher looks to puncture the French defence but her offload is intercepted and now France are looking for their third score. Another handling error from the hosts though with a forward pass, some uncharacteristic errors from France this afternoon.

33 min: Scotland’s line-out is good but in the resulting attack Konkel-Roberts is tackled well by Picut. Possession exchanges hands and Tremouliere kicks away with it out on the full! A few wry kicks from the French 10 today.

32 min: Scotland win the scrum penalty! The visitors have done well at the set piece today, a great effort after it was destroyed by England in the first round.

Coreen Grant in action for Scotland.
Coreen Grant in action for Scotland. Photograph: Manuel Blondeau/INPHO/Shutterstock


30 min: Bourdon received some treatment but she is staying on. The referee has warned France to speed things up at the line-out, they are taking their time to form the set piece. They get the ball away quickly but Llorens puts in a forward pass, Scotland with the scrum again.

29 min: Phases and phases from Scotland, they need a reward for their work but Escudero puts in a great tackle to push Scotland back at least five metres. They continue to chip away but Boujard wins a breakdown penalty! The French defence is immense.

28 min: Scotland do really well to defend a maul and they win a penalty. The scrum is once again good from Scotland after a reset and the visitors are off on the attack.

26 min: There was also a dangerous looking tackle from France in the build-up to that contentious try, if I’m Scotland I’m feeling very aggrieved right now! We are back in action and France have the ball once more.

TRY! France 10-0 Scotland (Llorens, 24')

That is contentious, I would disagree with that call! The TMO has judged there to be a grounding so we stick with the onfield decision. Tremouliere misses the kick.


24 min: That looks like a clear knock on from Boulard, surely this isn’t going to be a try?

24 min: Boulard kicks through but she doesn’t quite get to it with Musgrove disrupting her, the referee is going to TMO for grounding. Could this be a try?

23 min: The maul is eventually brought down and France go through the hands. This is great defence from Scotland, repelling France five metres out. Tremouliere thought she was over but the referee says she is short!

22 min: Belisle is okay to continue and Scotland lose out at the line-out. France have formed a maul

22 min: This game is ferocious and time is off again for more treatment, this time for Belisle.

22 min: Apologies, it was a line-out not a scrum. The set piece was loose but Scotland come away with it and are plucking through the phases again. Scotland needed points from that but France have turned it over! So frustrating for the visitors. Boujard almost gets away but a great tackle sees her out of touch.

20 min: Scotland have been pushed backwards and Nelson puts in the kick, Tremouliere collects and kicks away but it is straight out! We come back for another Scotland scrum, the visitors need to maintain this pressure.

19 min: The Scotland scrum is good enough for them to come away with it. Rollie looked as though she knocked on but Scotland are still with the ball.

18 min: France are loose with it but they do come away with the ball. The French eventually opt to kick away and the kicking game is back – it’s been a key part of this game. Scotland win the battle this time, forcing France into a knock on.

16 min: Everyone is okay to continue and we get back underway with a clean French line-out. They form a maul but Scotland defend it well, forcing Tremouliere to kick it away. Rollie kicks away and again we have a French line-out.

15 min: Nelson kicks through and the kicking exchanges are here again. Nelson finds touch and we have a French line-out. There is a slight break in play ahead of the set piece with multiple players needing treatment

14 min: Scotland need to make sure this opening score doesn’t shake them. They looked dangerous for a good period there, they need to maintain that.

TRY! France 5-0 Scotland (Bourdon, 12')

Menager kicked away and Scotland are on the attack again. Nelson pops a kick in but France collect, they run it through the hands and Bourdon races to the line. What a counter! Tremouliere misses the kick.

Pauline Bourdon of France scores the opening try
Pauline Bourdon of France scores the opening try Photograph: Sandra Ruhaut/Getty Images


12 min: The driving maul is good but is going sideways instead of forwards, France do well to bring it down and turn it over. She clears their lines and Rollie comes through as Scotland attack again. A crossfield kick comes in and they try to find Grant but Menager collects.


10 min: Scotland kicked to the corner and they have a driving maul, they almost get over but it’s not quite there. We come back for another penalty and Scotland for the corner again!

9 min: France’s set piece is good and Bourdon is charged down! But France gather and attempt to get out of their own half but Scotland win a penalty for a tackle off the ball. McGhie is off and has been replaced by Grant, the wing is crying in the stands.

8 min: Wow, McGhie finds some space but the French defence is so good! They tackle and win the breakdown penalty! McGhie looks like she took a knock from that, she is receiving treatment for an ankle. They are playing on at the moment though with McGhie off to the side, strange.

7 min: Scotland eventually run it and they go through the phases. This France defence is hard to penetrate, they have 90% tackle success in the tournament, but Orr finds a few metres. They are hitting them hard here.

6 min: Scotland have the scrum from the forward pass and it is another strong set piece by the visitors. The kicking game comes into play once more.

NO TRY! France 0-0 Scotland

Oh my word, they have overturned their decision! The crowd are booing, they judge Bourdon had a forward pass to Escudero.

5 min: Hang on though! They are checking for a forward pass!

TRY! France 5-0 Scotland (Escudero, 4')

There is the opener! Tremouliere chips over the top and catches her own kick, France go through the hands and Escudero had Scotland players hanging off of her as she crashes over.


4 min: After a reset Scotland’s scrum is clean and they run it from deep. McGhie makes a great break but Scotland then kick away. The kicking game comes into play with France winning it, they are heading to the line!

2 min: Oh my word France are almost away! Mattinson sends a box kick high and Boulard gets a break, she kicks through but it goes out before she can reach it. Scotland’s line-out sees France knock on and Scotland have the first scrum.

Kick-off! France 0-0 Scotland

Here we go! Will Scotland pull off a shock? Or will France be able to continue their perfect run this tournament? Slight delay to the kick-off as iPlayer lags!

The players are out and the anthems will shortly be in full flow, France have a big crowd and they are up for this! What a thrilling match we have coming up.

The players will be out soon! How do you see this shaking out? I am predicting a France win today.

There have already been two games this weekend with England defeating a valiant Wales 59-3 and Italy pulling off 24-7 win over Ireland in a gritty game. You can catch up with the action in the England match, which puts them clear five points clear at the top of the table as things stand, in our match report:

Scotland head coach Bryan Easson has said ahead of the match: “Following the first two rounds, we’ve seen two or three things that we need to fix, including continuing working on our speed of play and also being more clinical inside the gold zone area. It’s always a tough challenge going to France but it is also an exciting opportunity which everyone is relishing, especially as we are expecting a huge crowd and a great atmosphere on Sunday.”

Scotland prop Anne Young has spoken about the team’s belief ahead of this clash. She said: “It’s game management, being clinical. We’ve come close to France, we drew with them a few years ago, it’s not undoable for us, and it’s a game we are targeting. We talk about belief all the time and it’s important to us going into a new week. Every game is a fresh opportunity for us to show what we can do.”

France men’s team manager Raphael Ibanez attended the women’s team’s shirt presentation yesterday ahead of their clash with Scotland. Ibaenz described it as an “honour”.

Bon match aux Bleues contre l’Ecosse demain 🇫🇷
C’est un véritable honneur d’avoir pu vous remettre les maillots ce soir.

— Raphaël Ibañez (@Ibanez_Raphael) April 15, 2023

I absolutely love fun facts so if you have any let me know. It doesn’t have to be about rugby, just any you have! Let me know via email or Twitter.

The last time France lost at home to Scotland in a Test match was in 2003. It isn’t impossible for Scotland to win but it will be a tough ask.

The match officials for the game are: referee Lauren Jenner (FIR), touch judges Clara Munarini (FIR) and Katherine Ritchie (RFU) and the TMO is Leo Colgan.

Lisa Thomson is back in the Scotland squad after helping Great Britain win bronze in the sevens game in Hong Kong. She starts and will win her 50th cap for her country when she runs out. Scotland head coach Bryan Easson said: “It’s brilliant to see Lisa get her 50th cap this Sunday as she’s been a stalwart for Scotland Women for a long time now.”

Lisa Thomson in training

France have made seven changes to their starting XV with Emilie Boulard back at 15, Melissande Llorens starts on the wing and Jessy Tremouliere is at fly-half. In the forwards, there are two new props with Assia Khalfaoui and Yllana Brosseau coming in. And the final two changes sees Gaelle Hermet and Maelle Picut start.

France: Boulard; Boujard, M Menager, Vernier, Llorens; Trémoulière, Bourdon; Brosseau, Sochat, Khalfaoui, Picut, Forlani (C), Berthoumieu, Hermet, Escudero

Replacements: Riffonneau, Mwayembe, Bernadou, R Menager, Annery, Chambon, Arbez, Filopon.

Jade Konkel-Roberts

Scotland, meanwhile, have made four changes to their starting line-up. Jade Konkel-Roberts returns from injury to start at No 8 and there is another change to the back row with Evie Gallagher in for Rachel McLachlan. In the backs, Lisa Thomson returns and Liz Musgrove gets her first start of the tournament.

Scotland: Rollie; Musgrove, Orr, Thomson, McGhie; Nelson, Mattinson; Bartlett, Skeldon, Belisle, O’Donnell, McMillan, Malcolm (C), Gallagher, Konkel-Roberts

Replacements: Rettie, Young, Clarke, Donaldson, McLachlan, McDonald, Smith, Grant

Hello and welcome to the last game of round three of the Women’s Six Nations! France take on Scotland in what should be a good battle on the pitch.

So far France have beaten Italy and defeated Ireland with a bonus-point win and sit in third. They have put in impressive performances, especially after going down to 14 following Annaelle Deshayes red card against Ireland. However, France have more gears to go through and the team will be ready to prove what they can do this afternoon.

Scotland, meanwhile, are fifth after losing to England and Wales. Captain Rachel Malcolm said ahead of the tournament the team are looking to adapt their attack and fans have seen what they are capable of, particularly against Wales. They will want more of that to come through to down favourites France.

The team news is in and I’ll bring that to you shortly. Stay tuned ahead of kick-off at 3.15pm BST.


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