Super Bowl LVI: Cincinnati Bengals 20-23 Los Angeles Rams – as it happened

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Oh and one last thing, check out Tom Lutz’s game report live from SoFi Stadium, linked below!

Final thoughts

Okay, NBC is about to switch out to coverage of the Winter Olympics, so that means that it’s about time for us to shut down this live blog. Thanks to everybody who contributed their emails and tweets, sorry that I couldn’t fit them all during this action-packed Super Bowl. As promised, we had a tight game that wasn’t decided until the literal last minute. You can’t ask for a better end of the NFL season than that.

Do stick around for further coverage from the Guardian as we will break down the Los Angeles Rams’ impressive Super Bowl victory over the coming days.


To nobody’s surprise, Cooper Kupp, who caught two touchdown passes, is named Super Bowl MVP.

“I don’t feel deserving of this,” he says. That’s absolutely not true, he ended up having to be the majority of the Rams’ offense after Beckham went down.

Time for the presentation of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Did Roger Goodell not get loudly booed? That’s a black mark on this Super Bowl crowd.

When Aaron Donald is inducted into the Pro Footbal Hall of Fame, this is going to be the image that everybody remembers:


— NFL (@NFL) February 14, 2022

Some words for the Cincinnati Bengals, who nobody had thought would be going this far and were one or two plays away from coming out this game with one of the most improbable championships in NFL history: they have something special here with Joe Burrow and I would be surprised not to see them here again if they can keep him and keep him healthy.


This is the first Super Bowl win for the Rams since 1999, when they were in St Louis!

As per usual, we’ll keep this live blog going until the trophy presentation.

Such a bad play call. Shotgun? 4th and season? Gotta be under center and create some mystery. Terrible. @HunterFelt

— David Lengel (@LengelDavid) February 14, 2022

It was almost set up for Aaron Donald to make the game-clinching defensive play.

Rams win! (Rams 23-20 Bengals)

Rams 23-20 Bengals, FINAL

The Bengals just let the clock run down as Stafford kneels down to end the game. The Rams have won Super Bowl LVI!

Rams 23-20 Bengals, .39, fourth quarter

After another touchback, the Bengals will start on their own 25. Burrow finds Chase for a 17-yard gain that will take them to their own 42-yard line. That’s a quick start. On the next play, Burrow finds Boyd for a nine-yard gain that takes them nearly to midfield.

Second and one, Burrow throws one long and wide.

Third and one, with the clock ticking. Perine doesn’t pick up the yards. The Bengals take a timeout.

After the timeout, Aaron Donald takes down Burrow on fourth down! That’s almost certainly going to do it!


Touchdown! Rams! (Rams 23-20 Bengals)

Rams 23-20 Bengals, 1.25, fourth quarter

First and goal, there’s a pass interference call on the defense. That means it’s first and goal at the one-yard line. A lot has gone on here, without anything happening. Stafford takes it himself but doesn’t get close to the touchdown. The Bengals take a timeout.

Second and goal, Stafford FINALLY hits that touchdown to, you guessed it, Cooper Kupp! The extra point is good, and now the Bengals have just 1.25 to try to tie this one up ... or more.

Can they do it again?


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 1.44, fourth quarter

Stafford’s third pass is incomplete to Kupp but there’s a holding call on the Bengals defense. It feels iffy given the circumstances, but so it goes. So it’s first and goal at the Bengals four here. On the next play, Stafford seems to throw a touchdown pass to Kupp but there’s a flag.

There’s holding on the offense and unnecessary roughness on the defense, so that means offsetting penalties. So we’re replaying first down now.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 1.47, fourth quarter

Stafford’s second pass just hits the ground. Third down and goal.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 1.51, fourth quarter

What the Bengals need here, badly, is an interception or a fumble recovery.

Stafford’s first-down pass? Too high.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 1.55, fourth quarter

First and then, Stafford finds Akers for three yards. Second and seven, Stafford throws to Kupp for a 22-yard gain! They’re at the Bengals’ 24-yard line and things are getting dicey for Cincinnati here!

First and 10, of course Stafford is going to find Kupp again. This completion is worth eight yards and it takes them to the Bengals 16. Akers, neutralized this entire game, goes off for an eight-yard gain!

At the two-minute warning, the Rams are eight yards away from their opponents’ end zone with a new set of downs.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 4.06, fourth quarter

The Rams are at their own 37. Stafford tries to find Akers, but he can’t. He then goes with Kupp again for an eight-yard gain. On third and two, Stafford hits Hopkins for a six-yard gain that gets them into Bengals territory.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 5.00, fourth quarter

Yes, I wrote “putting unit” a few updates ago and not “punting unit.” Sometimes spell-check isn’t sufficient.

Meanwhile, Stafford finds Hopkins for a nine-yard gain on first down. Smart move not brining Michel back out there. On second and one, Stafford’s pass is incomplete. Third and one, they opt to rush and Akers can’t quite get there.

Big fourth down decision. You have to think they go for it here at their own 30. They do! Kupp takes the ball ad runs! He picks up seven yards for a first down! That might have saved the Rams’ season!


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 6.20, fourth quarter

First and 10, Burrow finds Mixon for a three-yard loss. He’s looking a little more comfortable now. It’s second and 13 now, Mixon picks up four yards. A massive third and nine situation here and Burrow finds Boyd with a perfect pass that the usually sure-handed Boyd somehow just drops.

Huber’s punt will put the Rams at their own 21. Let’s see if they can make the Bengals pay for what looks like a massive missed opportunity with that dropped first-down pass.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 8.01, fourth quarter

Meanwhile, the Bengals are doing good running on first down, which is important because Burrow is out there but it doesn’t look like he’s fully right. Mixon picks up 12 yards on first down for, well, another first down. At the Bengals’ own 28, Mixon picks up eight yards. Second and two, Mixon gets stuffed for no gain.

Then we have Burrow’s first throw, a three-yard pass to Evans for a first down. The Bengals are at their own 39.


I strongly suggest that the Rams start passing on first down from here on out.

Rams rushing game....

18 attempts
29 yards
0 1st downs#SuperBowl

— Dan Roche (@RochieWBZ) February 14, 2022

Rams 16-20 Bengals, 9.58, fourth quarter

Sony Michel gets the ball on second and third and gets pushed back. On third down, Stafford throws short and that’s one of the briefest possessions you will see without a turnover. Here comes the punting unit. Hekker pins the Bengals to their own 16.

Let’s see if Burrow is coming out and, if so, how healthy he looks.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 11.29, fourth quarter

Joe Burrow’s injury, it looks to be his right knee, has cast a pall over this game. Hopefully, he can return like Stafford did.

Speaking of Stafford, he finds Jefferson for a seven-yard gain to their own 42-yard line.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 11.38, fourth quarter

Burrow throws incomplete to Higgins on second and nine. On third down, the Rams defense blitzes Burrow, who looks shaken in the aftermath. He limps off and he’s holding his leg in pain and this looks worse than Stafford’s foot injury.

There was a flag for unnecessary roughness after the end of the play, on Isaiah Prince. There’s a 14-yard penalty on the Bengals before they punt. At their own 14, Huber’s 54-yard punt is returned by the Rams to their own 35.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 12.38, fourth quarter

The ever-present Mixon picks up a yard on first down. On second down, Burrow absolutely nails Boyd with a perfect pass for 16 yards. The Bengals are at their own 33. Mixon, once again, gets the ball on first down and gives them a single yard.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 14.11, fourth quarter

On second and five, Akers gets pushed back to the Bengals 49. It’s third and seven now, Stafford throws very, very deep to Jefferson, but he’s utterly swamped by defenders. The Rams punt and pin the Bengals to their own 16.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, end of the third quarter

As expected, Stafford is back out there. Akers picks up five yards on first down, getting the Rams to the Bengals’ 47-yard line and that ends up being the final play of the third quarter. Only 15 minutes left in regulation everybody!


Rams 16-20 Bengals, .43, third quarter

Stafford is walking around, but man it looks like he hurt his ankle pretty bad on that sack. I would imagine if there’s any way he can stay on the field, we will see him on the next Rams offensive possession.

It is Burrow’s time to get sacked here, a two-yard loss courtesy of A’Shawn Robinson. On the next player, it’s Von Miller who gets to Burrow, pushing Burrow back 10 yards. The Bengals now have a third and 22 at their own four-yard line. Not ideal. Burrow finds Mike Thomas for a 17-yard gain. All that will do is giving more space for the punter, the announcers point out correctly.

Huber’s punt will put the Rams at their own 48-yard line.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 2.55, third quarter

Stafford connects with Jefferson for a loss of a single-yard and we get a timeout for an injured player. It looks to be Awuzie for the Bengals defense.

It’s second and 11 at the Rams 46. Stafford passes to Akers who picks up four yards. The next play could be very significant: DJ Reader sacks Stafford for a six-yard loss that forces the Rams to punt. More than that, Stafford limps out of the field and immediately gets examined.

The punt will put the Bengals at their own 16.


A health update for the Rams and it’s a very bad one.

#Rams WR Odell Beckham Jr. has been downgraded to out. He didn't come out of the locker room at halftime.

— Doug Kyed (@DougKyed) February 14, 2022

Rams 16-20 Bengals, 4.30, third quarter

Rams defense steps up huge here. Ernest Jones sacks Burrow for seven yards and his third-down pass to Chase is incomplete, somewhat shockingly. Here comes the punting team.

Powell takes Huber’s punt to the Los Angeles 47. Solid starting position for the Rams on the other side of a commercial break.


Rams 16-20 Bengals, 5:38, third quarter

Gay’s kick goes into the end zone for a touchback. I really should just set up a keyboard shortcut for that phrase, it would save me precious seconds.

The Bengals start at their own 25 where Mixon picks up four yards on first down.

Field goal! Rams! (Rams 16-20 Bengals)

Rams 16-20 Bengals, 5.58, third quarter

Stafford finds Skowronek for a seven-yard gain. On second and three, however, Akers goes backwards two yards. That puts the Rams back at the Cincinnati 23.

On third and five, they try a trick play of their own, but Cooper Kupp is no Joe Mixon and he can’t find a wide open Stafford for a first down. It’s fourth down and here comes the field goal unit.

Gay’s field goal attempt is good.


Rams 13-20 Bengals, 8.06, third quarter

Henderson picks up a single yard on first down. It’s second and nine at their own 43. Stafford finds Kupp for a 13-yard gain to the Bengals 44.

Stafford goes to Hopkins for a 16-yard gain and they’re already at the Cincinnati 28. He looks determined to tie this back up right here.


Rams 13-20 Bengals, 9.48, third quarter

McPherson’s kick hits the end zone for another touchback. Let’s see if this offensive possession goes better for the Rams. Akers runs for … a two-yard gain to the LA 27. On second and 10, Stafford throws incomplete. It’s third and eight now and it would be deflating for this drive to die here.

It doesn’t! Stafford finds Henderson who picks up 15 yards and takes them to their own 42.


Well that was quite an interesting 22 seconds, wouldn’t you say @HunterFelt?

— David Lengel (@LengelDavid) February 14, 2022

The Bengals now have a touchdown lead and if they can hold on, and there is a lot of time still to go, that period will be remembered as the turning point.

The Rams, however, have something to say about that.

Field goal! Bengals! (Rams 13-20 Bengals)

Rams 13-20 Bengals, 10.19, third quarter

Mixon picks up two yards to the Los Angeles 16. On second and eight, Burrow finds Uzomah for another five yards. On third and three, Aaron Donald does what Aaron Donald does: he sacks Burrow for a nine-yard loss that is going to force a field goal here. That’s probably LA’s best case scenario here.

McPherson doesn’t miss field goals in the postseason so the kick is good and the Bengals tack onto their lead.


Rams 13-17 Bengals, 13.09, third quarter

Burrow passes to Mixon for no gain and then is sacked for a one-yard loss on the next play. It is third and 11 on the Rams 32. The Rams’ defense is coming up big right when they desperately need it to. Burrow finds Chase for a 10-yard gain.

So, it’s fourth-and-one and the Bengals have a decision to make here. And they go for it! Burrow doesn’t just quarterback sneak, he picks up four yards to the Rams’ 18-yard line.


Rams 13-17 Bengals, 14.38, third quarter

What is going on here? The Rams take McPherson’s kickoff to their own 17-yard line. On their very first offensive play of the second half, Stafford throws an interception right to Chidobe Awuzie! The Bengals get the ball again and will start at the LA 31. This game has turned almost instantly!


Touchdown! Bengals! (Rams 13-17 Begals)

Rams 13-17 Bengals, 14.48, third quarter

Oh wow, that’s super-fast! Burrow finds Higgins for a 75-yard touchdown pass. Jalen Ramsey wanted a face mask call there, but he didn’t get one. After a successful extra-point attempt, Cincinnati takes a four-point lead!


Start of the second half!

Rams 13-10 Bengals, 14.51, third quarter

Bengals get the ball to start the second half. After a touchback, the Bengals start on their own 25. Burrow finds Boyd for 11 yards, that takes them to their own 36.


Alright we’re headed back to real football here now that they’ve cleaned up after the halftime show.

That was an extremely good musical half-time show. Also, you should not forget about the NFL’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick or this:


And Eminem actually does kneel on-stage despite the NFL telling him not to.

Is that Anderson.Paak on drums?

And here comes Eminem, singing the chorus of Forgot About Dre before going into Lose Yourself because it is the only Eminem hit that’s remotely Super Bowl-appropriate.


Mary J Blige is out next, wearing a somewhat Beyoncé-esque outfit but wielding her own distinctive voice.

Then, Kendrick Lamar comes out to perform Alright. This is certainly star-studded.


And we have 50 Cent. In Da Club which will be 20 years old next year. Just in case you wanted to be reminded of your mortality for some reason.


Snoop Dogg comes out first, with Dr Dre emerging to do a brief version of California Love that just makes me miss 2Pac.


And here we have the NFL’s ridiculously calculated all-hip-hop half-time show. I can already tell I’m going to enjoy this musically and loathe the cynical reasons that the NFL selected Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and company to perform today.


An email from Graham Searles entitled “Mixon MVP”:

Its on! Let’s go Joe!

Hope the live blog’s going well Hunter

Thanks, it’s ... uh, going. If the Bengals make a comeback, I will say that Mixon might just earn the hardware for that TD alone.


Email from Ben Bronx:

This Cincinnati Bengals team reminds me of the New York Giants that won Super Bowl XLII. Constantly defying the odds each week in the playoffs and starting the Super Bowl as massive underdogs.

They started off a bit rusty here, but I guess they get better as the game goes on.

Again: Burrow has yet to throw a touchdown pass and this is still just a three-point deficit. They’ll take that.

Halftime thoughts

The Rams looked in-control early, but the Bengals punched back with a nifty trick play. Meanwhile, the Beckham injury looms very, very large here. He was making an early case for game MVP before getting hurt. A three-point game at halftime is essentially a tie in the NFL.


End of the first half! (Rams 13-10 Bengals)

Rams 13-10 Bengals, end of the first half

Stafford throws incomplete on first down and then finds Kupp for a nine-yard gain that takes them to midfield. LA take a timeout here before this third and one situation. Stafford tries a deep throw that’s incomplete. On fourth and one, the Rams go conservative and bring out the punting unit.

Hekker’s punt goes into the end zone. It’s a touchback but it doesn’t matter because there’s only a few seconds left and there’s no reason for the Bengals to risk anything here.


Rams 13-10 Bengals, .42, second quarter

After the timeout, Brandon Powell takes Huber’s punt nine yards to the Rams 41-yard line. That’s decent opening field position, but the Rams don’t have much time to work with here.


Rams 13-10 Bengals, :48, second quarter

Okay, the penalty was that one of the Bengals came onto the field when they weren’t allowed.

On first and then, Burrow finds Higgins for a five-yard gain. Second and five, Burrow finds C.J. Uzomah for a six yard gain. First and ten, Burrow is going shotgun as the clock winds down. He throws incomplete. Second and ten, Burrow finds Boyd for four years.

The Bengals take a timeout. Whatever they discussed didn’t work, as Burrow gets sacked on the next play and they have to punt. The Rams take a second timeout.

Rams 13-10 Bengals, 2.00, second quarter

Akers picks up a single yard to put the Rams at their own 43. Then, however, Stafford’s ball control problems flare up at a very bad time as his deep pass to Jefferson is picked up by safety Jesse Bates III in the end zone! It’s Bengals ball and they will start at their own 20.

Never mind, make that their own 10-yard line after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Cincinnati.


Rams 13-10 Bengals, 2.46, second quarter

It’s a third and nine situation, Stafford finds Brycen Hopkins for a 16-yard gain that puts them at the Bengals 39. That’s a new set of downs as well, obviously.

On the next play, the Rams get hit with a five-yard false start penalty. On first and 15, Stafford’s pass is incomplete.


Email from Paul Mack:

Cocky by the Rams to go for a two pointer in the second quarter ...while they were ahead. Hope it comes back to bite them.

Well it’s now a one field goal game because of that failed conversion. Beckham is being taken to the medical tent, which is never a great sign.


Rams 13-10 Bengals, 3.54, second quarter

On 4.38, Akers picks up a yard. It’s second & nine on the Rams 45 and Stafford’s pass is … incomplete and we go to commercial as Beckham was hurt on the play.


Rams 13-10 Bengals, 4.38, second quarter

That’s Mixon’s first pass in the NFL? Wow.

Okay, McPherson’s kickoff goes for a touchback. The Rams start again at their own 25. Akers picks up six yards on first and 10. On second and four, Stafford finds Jefferson for a 13-yard gain and a new set of downs.


Touchdown (Bengals) (Rams 13-10 Bengals)

Rams 13-10 Bengals, 5.47, second quarter

Mixon picks up four yards on two straight possessions and the Burrow-to-Chase connection gets them to the LA seven-yard line. Mixon gets them one yard closer. It’s second and goal and … Mixon gets the ball and the running back tosses a pass to Higgins for the first Bengals touchdown!

Who had their first TD pass coming from anybody but Burrow? This game is going to break Vegas. Meanwhile, the extra point is good!


Rams 13-3 Bengals, 8.58, second quarter

Mixon picks up 14 yards to the LA 37. First and ten, Mixon picks up four to the 33-yard line. The Bengals are putting together a drive. Second and six, Burrow finds Mixon for no gains. Key third and six here and … Burrow fins Tee Higgins for a 14-yard gain that puts them in the Rams’ red zone.


Rams 13-3 Bengals, 11.34, second quarter

Correction: that actually goes in the books as a failed two-point conversion! Sorry for the confusion, bettors, but it’s the same score.

In any case, after a Gay kickoff, the Bengals start at their own 25. Burrow finds Boys for a 11-yard gain and a first down. Mixon then picks up three yards to the Bengals 39 where Burrow finds Chase again for a 10 yard again. The Bengals are already at their own 49.


Touchdown! Rams. (Rams 13-3 Bengals)

Rams 13-3 Bengals, 12.56, second quarter

Sorry, that’s a second down and four, not that it really matters. Stafford finds Kupp in the end zone and that’s the second Rams touchdown. The Bengals, yet again, are going to have to come from behind if they want to win this one.

They do, however, block the extra point attempt! That’s something you don’t see often in the Super Bowl.


Rams 7-3 Bengals, 12.56, second quarter

Stafford finds to Henderson, who can run and catch, and he takes for 25 yards to the Bengals 16. Henderson gets the ball again and takes it to the Bengals 11. Second and five … the Rams take a timeout.


Rams 7-3 Bengals, 14.56, second quarter

Stafford’s second and 11 pass is incomplete, but his third and 11 pass finds OBJ again for a 35-yard gain that puts them at the Bengals 41 yard line.


It is offensive to Ja'Marr Chase's hands that that drive ended in a FG.

— Nora Princiotti (@NoraPrinciotti) February 14, 2022

It was really just a lost opportunity there for the Bengals.

Rams 7-3 Bengals, end of the first quarter

McPherson’s kickoff is another touchback. The Rams start on their own 25, where they will be at the start of the second quarter after an Akers run goes nowhere on first own.


Field goal! Bengals. (Rams 7-3 Bengals)

Rams 7-3 Bengals, .30, first quarter

However, Burrow’s next three throws end up being incomplete. Here comes, McPherson and his magical foot, but what a great near-goal line stand by the Rams defense.

The 29-yard field goal puts the Bengals on the board, but that’s a huge missed opportunity there.


Rams 7-0 Bengals, 1.32, first quarter

Finally, Mixon breaks loose, piling through defenders for a 13-yard gain and a first down. They’re at their own 43-yard line now. This time, Burrow throws an extraordinarily LONG throw to Chase who somehow corrals it at the Rams 11-yard line! 46 yards! Wowzers!

Yes that warranted a “wowzers.”


Rams 7-0 Bengals, 2.23, first quarter

Stafford passes to Ben Skowronek for a five-yard gain. It’s second and five at the LA 33 and just when I’m about to type that we haven’t had any penalties this game, the Rams get tagged with delay of game. So they will be pushed back five yards here.

Second and 10 back at their own 28, running back Sony Michel gets just three yards. Third and seven, Stafford’s pass to Van Jefferson only gets them four yards and so they will be punting here. Hekkers punt is fielded at the 11-yard line by Trent Taylor, who takes it for a 20-yard gain to the Cincinnati 30.


Bengals only attempted 20 fourth down conversions all season. Surprised the tried that at midfield in the Super Bowl.

— Tom Pollin (@tjpollin) February 13, 2022

I’m the biggest fourth-down guy ever and I was stunned by that decision. I literally was writing “they will punt here” when it happened and had to delete it real quick.


Rams 7-0 Bengals, 4.54, first quarter

Matt Gay’s kick goes for a touchback. The Bengals are at their own 25. On first and 10, they need Mixon now more than ever … but he runs for no gain.

On second and 10, Burrow throws to former college teammate JaMarr Chase for the first time this game, and it’s a six yard gain. It’s third and four at their own 31. Burrow throws incomplete to Evans and that will be a wrap here. Here comes the punting team.

Kevin Huber’s punt will put the Rams at their own 28 on the other side of more commercials.


You see? That article I shared early this liveblog about Beckham? That was called foreshadowing!

Touchdown! Rams! (Rams 7-0 Bengals)

Rams 7-0 Bengals, 6.22, first quarter

Henderson picks up four yards to put them at the Bengals 20. It’s second and six now, Stafford finds Henderson again, and he gets it to the 17-yard line. It’s third and three now here, with the Bengals hoping to hold them to a field goal.

THEY DON’T. Instead, Stafford finds Odell Beckham Jr for the first touchdown of the Super Bowl! With a successful extra point attempt, the Rams take a 7-0 lead!


Rams 0-0 Bengals, 8.46, first quarter

Akers gets the ball on first & 10 at the 50-yard line and gets taken for a one-yard loss. Second and 11, Stafford takes the ball himself and scrambles for seven yards. Third and four, Stafford finds Cooper Kupp for a 20-yard gain that puts them on the Bengals 24 yard line.

Going for it on fourth and one might be backfiring for Cincinnati here.


Tom in Chicago here, @Hunterfelt.


Over/under on Al Michaels's references to the betting lines tonight?

— Sacrament of Budget Reconciliation Bureau Chief (@326BureauChief) February 13, 2022

No clue, but take the over. I’m going to take notes on how many commercials are for gambling sites and/or crypto.

Rams 0-0 Bengals, 10.00, first quarter

Well, oddly enough, the Rams have had some protection issues on that opening drive. Let’s see what Cincinnati can do here. Joe Burrow finds Tyler Boyd for an eight-yard gain right to half field. 2nd & 2, Joe Mixon squeezes out a yard.

And that’s all they get. The next two plays go nowhere, so the Rams will get the ball back at the 50-yard line.


Rams 0-0 Bengals, 12.04, firstquarter

Oof, Stafford gets sacked for seven yards to make this a 3rd & 17 situation. On the very next play, Darrell Henderson gets taken for a three yard loss. So, here comes punter Johnny Hekker, whose 40 yard punt is returned by the Bengals to their own 42 yard line.


Rams 0-0 Bengals, 13.52, first quarter

The Rams start at their own 25, Cam Akers gets the ball for the first offensive play of the game and picks up four yards. 2nd & 6 at the Rams 29, Matthew Stafford finds Akers again for seven yards. That’s an instant first down on the LA 36.


Opening kick

Rams 0-0 Bengals, 15.00, first quarter

We’re off! The Bengals’ opening kickoff goes into the end zone for a touchback.


Okay, we’re almost to opening kick and I will admit to 100% being distracted by the commercial for this nostalgia-trap of a “Jurassic Park” sequel.

Oh here’s The Rock for no reason. This is promising to be a celebrity-packed Super Bowl, even more so than usual.


Coin toss

Billie Jean King comes out for the coin toss. It’s heads and the Bengals win and they choose to defer (wisely) so the Rams will get the ball first.

National anthem

Mickey Guyton! I love her! Say one thing about holding a Super Bowl in LA, the league has their pick of musical talent at their disposal. 8/10

Just, one slight mistake was made here:

We’ll done to NBC in the US for captioning the wrong singer on America the Beautiful. Someone is going to get destroyed for that. Poor thing. @HunterFelt

— David Lengel (@LengelDavid) February 13, 2022

Jhené Aiko is singing “America the Beautiful,” alongside the biggest harp I think I’ve ever seen. Quite gorgeous.

Email from our old friend Roger Kirkby:

Hi Hunter, a number to look out of in the game is 34 points, the reason being the biggest score by a team not to win is 33 by New England. So if a team hits 34 they should be the winners. I’ve been on the Bengals bandwagon through all of the playoffs, but I’m switching to The Rams as they will become the first away team to win at home without moving cities in the process.


And a moment of silence for the late John Madden, followed by the Rams’ Andrew Whitworth receiving the 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

And here come the Cincinnati Bengals, we are around 20 minutes or so from opening kickoff now. Time is flying by here, apologies if I don’t catch every single tweet and email here.

From Tom:

Hi Hunter,

When Adam Fletcher says living down south he means southern England and not Mississippi cos he lived up the road and I remember well those heady days of getting into NFL, The Fridge, Dan Marino et al, and The Shuffle was pretty good too.



I won’t lie, I was five at the time so I don’t have many memories of that particular era. My Super Bowl era was the Period Of Inevitable Buffalo Bills Futility.


As the LA Rams take the field, here are two of you who think they are going to be the ones to come out on top when this game comes to an end.

@hunterfelt evening hunter

Rams by a TD 34-27 i’m going

— Stuie Neale (@MrNeale92) February 13, 2022

Will take your money if you wage. Luv to see Bengals win but track record favors Rams. Always safest bet to bet on track record.

— Live For Hugs ❤️ (@DCBill5) February 13, 2022


My longtime Guardian liveblogging cohort David Lengel is a fan of SoFi Stadium, no matter what the cost:

Sofi Stadium, modern, beautiful, architecturally relevant, is what you get when you don’t build a baseball stadium that pretends to be a old timey, Disneyfied movie set. It’s hard to build a cool arena. They are usually ugly monstrosities. They did it. @HunterFelt

— David Lengel (@LengelDavid) February 13, 2022

Plus, he has the Bengals winning this one.

Bengals over Rams, 34-17. You can go downtown and PRINT IT! @HunterFelt

— David Lengel (@LengelDavid) February 13, 2022

Email from Amy Moran:

Hey Hunter,

It’s been a crazy season, so a crazy Superbowl seems appropriate. Are the Bengals really the underdogs we make them out to be? Or are we just razzle dazzled by the big names on the Rams? With you on this thing going to overtime, gonna stock up on some energy drinks.

The Rams are favorites based on talent, but not overwhelming ones. We’ve seen the Bengals win three straight games, two of them as underdogs, and it’s impossible to count them out. I think everybody is expecting this to be a relatively evenly-matched game and nobody should be shocked at either team winning.

Email from Peter Evans:

Good Evening

Just wondering why does the NFL use Roman numerals for the branding of Super Bowl. Is Latin the new modern language to learn in American schools?

Peter from Swansea

This is a great question that I had to look up real quick! I always assumed it was just because it looked cool and that the Roman numeral thing emphasized the whole gladiatorial combat feel of the entire sport.

As it turns out, it’s because of the weird thing that the Super Bowl played in any given year, is the last game of last year’s NFL season:

“The Roman numerals were adopted to clarify any confusion that may occur because the NFL championship game – the Super Bowl – is played in the year following a chronologically recorded season. Numerals I through IV were added later for the first four Super Bowls.”

How this is supposed to clear up this confusion is not exactly clear to me, but this is the official explanation according to the Sporting News.



Your predictions are coming in as the pregame ceremonies begin. (The duo Mary Mary is doing an astounding version of “Lift Every Voice And Sing” as I type this.)

Email from Will Murphy:

I would love the Bengals to win but I don’t think the O-Line will protect Burrow enough. Although after nine sacks last week anything is possible … Still Rams will win with less than a seven-point advantage.


The Rams’ defense against the Bengals’ offensive line could very much be the story of the game.

Meanwhile, via Twitter:

@HunterFelt I've got my money on Bengals clinching it with a field goal and McPherson for MVP. LFG

— Lee Nicklin (@LeeNicklin3) February 13, 2022

Well, McPherson was my “Bengals player to watch,” so I would be down with that.


Email from Dan Hare:

Watching in a bar in San Diego and it’s unseasonably roasting hot. The pre-match reminds me of when the FA Cup build-up started at 11 am, just with more ads.

Kind Regards

Oh yeah, the hours and hours of promoted content before the Super Bowl: an American tradition like no other.

I’m going to assume that, following the Chargers’ departure, the feeling in San Diego is decidedly anti-Rams (or at least anti-Los Angeles).

Email from Adam Fletcher:

My first Super Bowl was the crazy Bears year, in January ’86. I was 17, we drank Colt 45 because the offie had run out of Budweiser. We’d discovered the American Forces Radio Network during the year, living down south and close enough to some USAF bases, and had been listening to Sunday night double headers all season. Tonight, well, I’m back at work (at school) tomorrow after a week isolating because of a positive Covid test, so I’ll watch until I fall asleep. Which might not be too long ...

Ah yes, the Super Bowl Shuffle Chicago Bears, definitely a high watermark for the league:

Sorry to hear about the positive test though and hope that you end up okay. I will use this opportunity to mention that while I’m mostly recovered from the side effects of my vaccine booster shot on Friday, I am 100% going to blame any and all future typos and mental slips on lingering brain fog.


Email from Andrew Benton:

Hello Hunter,

How many years of profit will it take to recoup the cost of the $5bn for the stadium? Looks great in the pic, but wow, that’s quite a commitment to take on.

Personally speaking, I’m not going to spend too much time worrying about the owners of this privately funded stadium, but I will point out that both the Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers occupy the stadium, so that will help things.

If you would like to read more about the Chargers’ cohabitation with the Rams, Andrew Lawerence also has you there:



As you have already noticed, I (and other, worthier Guardian writers) have already made a multitude of Super Bowl-related predictions.

Now, obviously, I would like to be right, or at least not terribly wrong, but what I’m always rooting for in these liveblogs is a competitive game. Normally, I would add “no overtime”, but after the AFC championship game, I am now officially pro-overtime.

So, I’ll open it up to you, the general public: how do you see the Super Bowl playing out? Who is the winner? Who is your MVP favorite? You can send us an email at or tweet @HunterFelt.


Since we have some time before the big game officially begins, it’s a perfect time to do some reading to catch up on some of the major plot lines of today’s game.

Let’s start with the Guardian’s Andrew Lawrence on the unusual career arc of Rams’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr, who is rebuilding his reputation after high-profile exits from the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns.


When is a home team not a home team?

Okay, this is going to be a potentially confusing detail. The Rams are playing in their home building but they are not the designated home team. It’s the Bengals who have that designation instead because the AFC and the NFC exchange “home field advantage” every other year. Got that? Not really? Me neither, but that’s the reason why it is Rams v Bengals rather than the other way around.


My esteemed editor Tom Lutz has an update straight from SoFi Stadium itself:

“It’s a glorious February day in Inglewood with temperatures around 87F (31C). That’s far from normal at this time of year, even in southern California, and perhaps doesn’t bode well for the future, but for today, the fans are in good spirits and sunglasses as they make their way in to the stadium. And speaking of SoFi Stadium: it is a beauty, which is just as well for something that cost $5bn. Contrary to popular belief, it turns out there ARE Rams fans in Los Angeles and plenty were lining the street on the way to the stadium. But there has also been a good share of Bengals fans too for the last few days in and around the city and they may be edging their opponents in the (politely) drunk stakes.”



Just as everybody expected, this year’s Super Bowl is between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

I know, we’ve had three weeks and it still doesn’t sound right! Tom Brady? Retired. Ben Roethlisberger? Likewise. Back-to-back MVP winner Aaron Rodgers? At home and most likely plotting an escape from the Green Bay Packers. The New England Patriots? Done in one. The Dallas Cowboys? Oh man, don’t even ask.

Now, the Rams always thought they belonged here. They’ve been in win-now mode for the last two seasons and are now one win away from having it pay off, particularly by making the decision to move on from Jared Goff at quarterback and replace him with the Detroit Lions’ Matthew Stafford.

(We also welcome all long-suffering Lions fans who are rooting for the Rams solely for this reason. We understand, sometimes you have to take whatever victories you can get.)

In the NFC championship game, the Rams defeated the San Francisco 49ers, a well-rounded team that decided to stick with their own questionable quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo. That, not unpredictably, ended up being the difference in the game. Sometimes in sports, it very much is the moves you DO make.

The Bengals? Nobody except them expected the Bengals to get this far. They hadn’t won a playoff game since 1991. Now they have won three straight and are somehow in the Super Bowl. Talk about a quarterback changing a team: Joe Burrow has transformed the Bengals from the dispiriting “Bungles” of yore to the year’s most unexpected underdog story.

If anybody doubted their chances at winning a championship, the results of the AFC championship game should have set them straight. With their comeback win over the Kansas City Chiefs, who were aiming to appear in their third straight Super Bowl, the Bengals have ensured that on paper, at least, this matchup should be something of a toss-up.

It’s the final game of a terrific NFL postseason and you have one final chance to contribute to one of our NFL liveblogs. Contact us with your comments, questions, predictions and whatnot and we’ll use them throughout today’s coverage. You can email them to or send them to my online home on Twitter at @HunterFelt.

It’s Super Bowl LVI with the Los Angeles Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals at their home at SoFi Stadium! Kickoff is scheduled around 6:30 pm EST/11:30 pm GMT but we’ll be back with regular updates as we get closer to actual football. Stay tuned!


Hunter will be here shortly, in the meantime here are our writers’ predictions for today’s game.

Rams 24-27 Bengals. This is tricky. The Rams can score points in chunks and have the kind of defense that could elevate any side to a championship team. On the other hand, there is Joe Burrow’s coat. There are the cigars. There’s the chain. There’s McPherson’s icy veins. There’s something about this Bengals team that makes you want to ditch any sense of intelligent analysis in favor of picking what’s fun. Oliver Connolly

Rams 35-22 Bengals. I can’t get over the mismatch that is the Rams’ elite defensive front against the Bengals’ below average offensive line. The Rams also have a huge advantage playing in their hometown. No, not because they have a robust fanbase, but because they have spent the week in their facilities, sticking to their routines. The Bengals, on the other hand, are sleeping in a hotel and dealing with the insane logistics that come with the Super Bowl. Melissa Jacobs

Rams 34-28 Bengals. Despite the Bengals’ team-of-destiny vibes, few teams make it to the top without taking some lumps in the beginning. (The legacy of lumps don’t apply.) Meanwhile, the Rams have a prime chance to take their city back – and if they flop a second time, there’s no telling if they will have another. GM Les Snead mortgaged the team’s future to win right now. If their stars align, I just don’t see how they miss this moment. Andrew Lawrence

Rams 24-30 Bengals (OT). The Rams lose without touching the ball in overtime, something which finally forces the NFL to change its silly rules. Everyone wins (except, obviously, the Rams). Hunter Felt

Rams 21-24 Bengals. The pressure is on but who will blink first? The Bengals have been excellent in the clutch and that will shade the Rams’ flashy roster. McVay’s failure from three years ago could also negatively influence his decisions. Burrow grinds against the odds to set McPherson up and McFearless drills the game-winner home. Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals? Nobody … finally! Graham Searles



Hunter Felt

The GuardianTramp

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