England chase down 245 to beat New Zealand in fourth women’s ODI – as it happened

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A century of understated brilliance from the captain Heather Knight inspired England to a series-clinching victory at Derby

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That’s all for today’s blog. A match report will appear shortly, as if by magic, and then we’ll be back for the final ODI on Sunday. Goodnight!

The player of the match is Heather Knight

“I was so frustrated with myself when I got out. I wanted to be ruthless and finish the game off, but I’m really pleased we got over the line. After a couple of tough games, we needed that.

“My conversion rate from 50 to 100 is pretty rubbish. It’s been a long time coming so I’m really chuffed. We probably let them get a few too many so to chase that down is really pleasing. It wasn’t an easy wicket and they bowled well; Hayley Jensen in particular was really hard to get away.

“I’m surprised [that this is England’s record ODI runchase] – it feels like there should be bigger ones. Danni took the pressure off me massively – she ran really well, got a few boundaries and it meant I didn’t have to take too many risks. She’s certainly thrown her name into the mix.The next game will be our last ODI beforethe Ashes and then the World Cup, so we’re building nicely.”

Here’s Sophie Devine

“It was an outstanding game of cricket. Full credit to Heather - she showed what a class player she is and anchored the innings. We’ll have to lick our wounds but I’m really proud of the girls. We’ve worked bloody hard and we’re starting to show glimpses of what we can do - we haven’t got the results we’ve wanted but we’ve pushed the world champs in all four games.”

That was such a fine innings from Heather Knight. She has waited a long time for a second ODI century, over four years, but that was a masterpiece of understated excellence.

The post-match thoughts of Anya Shrubsole

“Me and Soph had a bit of a moment of panic when she was stumped, but then we realised it was a wide! It was an unbelievable innings from Heather - she looked like she was batting on a different pitch to everyone else - and it’s great to win the series. Heather and the other batters did all the work and I was just there to steal a bit of glory in the last over. It’s great to be back and it was nice to get a couple of wickets.”


I’ve never seen a game finish like that before. Does that count as a wicket if it’s the final ball of the match? I have no idea, and you are welcome.

Besides, what really matters is that England have taken an unassailable 3-1 lead in the series. And apparently Ecclestone was not out, because the wide meant the end of the match before the stumping was completed.


Ecclestone is stumped off a wide, which means England have won!


49.3 overs: England 244-7 (target 245; Shrubsole 6, Ecclestone 0) Shrubsole lifts a single down the ground. The scores are level.

49.2 overs: England 243-7 (target 245; Shrubsole 5, Ecclestone 0) A dot ball. England need two from four.

49.1 overs: England 243-7 (target 245; Shrubsole 5, Ecclestone 0) Shrubsole lifts the first ball up and over mid-off for four!


Leigh Kasperek will bowl the last over.

49 overs: England 239-7 (target 245; Shrubsole 1)

WICKET! England 239-7 (Wyatt LBW b Devine 27)

Oh my goodness. Now Wyatt has gone, trapped in front by a superb off-cutter from Devine! She reviewed, a decision whose motivation was approximately 100 per cent hope and 0 per cent expectation. Replays confirmed it was plumb. England need six from six balls!


48.4 overs: England 238-6 (target 245; Wyatt 27, Shrubsole 0) Make that 7 from 8 balls...

WICKET! England 237-6 (Knight c Halliday b Devine 101)

It’s not over yet! Knight chips Devine to deep midwicket, where Halliday takes a quite brilliant low catch. Knight goes for a high-class 101, and England need 8 from 10 balls.


48th over: England 236-5 (target 245; Knight 101, Wyatt 25) Hayley Jensen keeps New Zealand in the game, just about, with a thrifty final over. England need 9 from 12 balls.


47th over: England 233-5 (target 245; Knight 100, Wyatt 23) Knight goes from 96 to 100 - a wonderful hundred - with consecutive twos. Both were extremely tight, and she had to scramble desperately the second time, but she made it! When she got to her feet she flicked her helmet off to acknowledge a standing ovation, richly deserved for a near flawless innings: 103 balls, 10 fours, and an imminent series victory.

Heather Knight celebrates reaching her century.
Heather Knight celebrates reaching her century. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images/Reuters


46th over: England 227-5 (target 245; Knight 95, Wyatt 22) Sophie Devine tries one last gamble, bringing Leigh Kasperek back into the attack. It was her expensive two-over spell that really got England’s runchase going. This time she is milked for six, which is more than enough for England - they need 18 from 24 balls.

45th over: England 221-5 (target 245; Knight 91, Wyatt 20) Wyatt is dropped off Jensen, a very tough chance to Martin standing up to the stumps. The game - and the series - are slipping away from New Zealand. Knight, who has played immaculately, skims a drive for two to move into the nineties.

44th over: England 216-5 (target 245; Knight 88, Wyatt 18) Wyatt pings Rowe high over midwicket and all the way for six, the first of the innings. And Knight makes it a brilliant, potentially matchwinning over for England by clipping wide of midwicket for four. Rowe ends a terrific spell on a bit of a low, but still with outstanding figures of 10-0-47-4.

43rd over: England 203-5 (target 245; Knight 83, Wyatt 10) Knight’s innings has been a masterclass in shot selection, placement and especially risk management. She has 83 from 89 balls yet I can barely recall a big stroke. Five singles from Devine’s over, which means England need 42 from 42 balls.

42nd over: England 198-5 (target 245; Knight 81, Wyatt 7) A stunning shot from Knight. She walks down the track to Rowe and bisects mid-on and midwicket with an emphatic clip. That turns a modest over (three from five balls) into another good one for England.

41st over: England 191-5 (target 245; Knight 76, Wyatt 5) Wyatt edges Kerr onto the thigh of Martin, standing up to the stumps. Technically that’s a chance but it would have been a mircaulous catch. Six from the over, including a crisp cut for four by Wyatt.

40th over: England 185-5 (target 245; Knight 75, Wyatt 0) That was the last ball of the over. Until then it had been a good one for England, with Knight hammering a sweep for four, but Dunkley’s dismissal has changed the mood of the runchase once again. England need 60 from 60 balls.

WICKET! England 185-5 (Dunkley LBW b Satterthwaite 0)

Sophia Dunkley goes for a duck, playing outside the line of a good delivery from Satterthwaite.

39th over: England 177-4 (target 245; Knight 68, Dunkley 0) Knight clips Kerr through Satterthwaite at midwicket and away for four. I’m not sure what happened there, whether she misjudged the flight of the ball or was just unsighted. It looked like a chance, albeit a tricky one at ankle height.


38th over: England 172-4 (target 245; Knight 63, Dunkley 0) That wicket gives Rowe career-best figures of four for 27. And she still has two overs left, so there’s every chance of a maiden five-for.

WICKET! England 171-4 (Jones c Kerr b Rowe 40)

Amy Jones has thrown it away. The ball after bringing up the hundred partnership, she had a needless slog at Rowe and spooned the ball high to mid-on.

37th over: England 169-3 (target 245; Knight 62, Jones 38) Jones, who suddenly looks a little nervous, is beaten outside off stump by Jensen. Three from the over, which is okay for England: they need 76 from 78 balls.

36th over: England 166-3 (target 245; Knight 62, Jones 35) Hannah Rowe, who has taken all three wickets, also returns to the attack. Jones skids back to cut towards the point boundary, where the sliding Halliday saves a couple of runs, and then gets away with a loose stroke that lands between mid-off and mid-on.


35th over: England 161-3 (target 245; Knight 60, Jones 32) Hayley Jensen returns, with New Zealand in urgent need of a wicket. She can’t manage that but she does slow England down by conceding only a couple of singles.

34th over: England 159-3 (target 245; Knight 58, Jones 32) Heather Knight is batting majestically. She reverse sweeps Satterthwaite for another boundary, her sixth of the innings, and then flicks a single to keep the strike. She has 58 from 64 balls, Jones 32 from 50.

33rd over: England 153-3 (target 245; Knight 53, Jones 31) A high full toss from Devine leads to a free hit for Knight, who hoicks it round the corner for four. Another boundary next ball, steered deftly wide of the keeper Martin, brings up an excellent, clear-headed fifty from only 58 balls. An eventful over concludes with a run-out referral against the non-striker Jones, who was safely home.

32nd over: England 138-3 (target 245; Knight 42, Jones 29) England continue to deal primarily in low-risk singles - four from Satterthwaite’s over, and that’s drinks.

31st over: England 134-3 (target 245; Knight 40, Jones 27) A quiet over from Devine, three from it. We’re approaching the business end: England need 111 from 114 balls.

30th over: England 131-3 (target 245; Knight 38, Jones 26) Knight walks down the track to chip Satterthwaite over midwicket for four. That was a lovely stroke, beautifully timed and placed. After a bit of a slump between the 10th and 20th overs, England have scored 51 from the last nine.

29th over: England 124-3 (target 245; Knight 32, Jones 25) Sophie Devine brings herself back into the attack. Her opposite number, the England captain Knight, flicks a couple through midwicket to bring up an increasingly dominant fifty partnership. Jones almost falls later in the over, mistiming a drive just wide of extra cover. England need 121 from 126 balls.

28th over: England 118-3 (target 245; Knight 28, Jones 24) An escape for Heather Knight, whose top-edged sweep lands between two fielders on the leg side. New Zealand really need a wicket, and that’s the closest they’ve come in this partnership.


27th over: England 114-3 (target 245; Knight 26, Jones 22)

Amy Jones plays a shot.
Amy Jones plays a shot. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images/Reuters


26th over: England 111-3 (target 245; Knight 25, Jones 20) Kasperek is taking out of the attack after those two expensive overs. On comes another offspinner, Amy Satterthwaite, and England are happy to take five low-risk singles. They need 134 from 144 balls.

25th over: England 106-3 (target 245; Knight 23, Jones 17) A half volley from Kerr is driven gracefully through mid-off for four by Jones. This is a good spell for England, with 26 runs coming from the last four overs.

24th over: England 100-3 (target 245; Knight 22, Jones 11) A full toss from Kasperek is reverse-lapped for a couple by Knight, who has been much more proactive against spin. Kasperek’s first two overs have gone for 18.

23rd over: England 92-3 (target 245; Knight 16, Jones 11) A double bowling change, with Jess Kerr returning to the attack. A good over - just two from it - ends with Jones missing a drive outside off stump.

22nd over: England 90-3 (target 245; Knight 15, Jones 10) The offspinner Leigh Kasperek comes into the attack - and the change of pace works for England. Knight reverse sweeps her first ball for four, then Jones blasts a drive to the extra-cover boundary. Ten from the over; just what England needed.

21st over: England 80-3 (target 245; Knight 10, Jones 4) Three singles from Jensen’s over. Something is surely going to give in the next few minutes- England now need 165 from 29 overs.

20th over: England 77-3 (target 245; Knight 8, Jones 4) Jones flicks Rowe dangerously close to midwicket. New Zealand are squeezing England very effectively, with only nine runs scored from the last five overs.

19th over: England 75-3 (target 245; Knight 7, Jones 3) Jensen has a hopeful LBW shout against Knight turned down. Missing leg. But it’s another maiden for Jensen, which pushes the required rate closer to a run a ball.

18th over: England 75-3 (target 245; Knight 7, Jones 3) A quiet over from Rowe, four from it. England are taking a few overs to rebuild after the loss of three quick wickets.

17th over: England 71-3 (target 245; Knight 6, Jones 0) A maiden from Jensen to Knight. In the last six overs New Zealand have taken three wickets and conceded only 19 runs

16th over: England 71-3 (target 245; Knight 6, Jones 0) Three balls earlier New Zealand decided not to review when Sciver survived another big LBW appeal. That would have been out as well had they gone upstairs, though it didn’t cost them in the end.


WICKET! England 71-3 (Sciver LBW b Rowe 11)

Three wickets for Hannah Rowe! Sciver - who should have been given LBW earlier in the over - flicks all around a very full delivery that hits her on the pad in front of middle and leg. That is plumb.

15th over: England 68-2 (target 245; Knight 5, Sciver 9) A stroke of luck for Sciver, who inside edges Jensen past leg stump for four. She gets a more authentic boundary off the last ball of the over, working a poor delivery to long leg. That’s drinks.

14th over: England 60-2 (target 245; Knight 5, Sciver 1) Nat Sciver is the new batter.


WICKET! England 59-2 (Beaumont c Martin b Rowe 16)

Tammy Beaumont is strangled down the leg side. She tried to work a short ball off the hip but could only tickle it through to Katey Martin. That’s Rowe’s second wicket - and a huge one for New Zealand, who will be thrilled to have kept Beaumont quiet again.

Tammy Beaumont walks after losing her wicket.
Tammy Beaumont walks after losing her wicket. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images/Reuters


13th over: England 59-1 (target 245; Beaumont 16, Knight 5) Lauren Down is back on the field. Knight gets her first boundary, opening the face to steer Jensen through the vacant slip cordon. Nicely done.

12th over: England 54-1 (target 245; Beaumont 15, Knight 1) Heather Knight is the new batter. A replay of Winfield-Hill’s dismissal shows the ball didn’t take the inside edge after all - it just roared back through the gate to hit the top of off stump. It was a jaffa.

WICKET! England 52-1 (Winfield-Hill b Rowe 33)

Hannah Rowe strikes with a beauty! It jagged back from a good length to take the inside edge and deflect onto the stumps. It’s another frustrating score for Winfield-Hill, who looked in terrific touch, but on this occasion she was pretty blameless.

New Zealand’s Hannah Rowe celebrates taking the wicket of England’s Lauren Winfield-Hill.
New Zealand’s Hannah Rowe celebrates taking the wicket of England’s Lauren Winfield-Hill. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images/Reuters


11th over: England 52-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 33, Beaumont 14) Down leaves the field for further treatment, with Thamsyn Newton coming on as substitute. England are going pretty well; they need 193 from 39 overs to win the series.



10.2 overs: England 50-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 32, Beaumont 13) New Zealand were 3t for three after 10 overs, so England are well ahead of the game. There’s a break in play while Lauren Down receives treatment, having landed awkwardly at backward point.


10th over: England 49-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 31, Beaumont 13) The first change of bowling, with Hannah Rowe on for Sophie Devine. Winfield-Hill plays another high-class shot, standing tall to crack a cut stroke for four. She’s playing quite beautifully.

9th over: England 42-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 26, Beaumont 12) Four more to Winfield-Hill, slammed through midwicket off the back foot when Kerr drops short. She looks in superb nick.

8th over: England 38-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 22, Beaumont 12) There has been a bit of swing for the new-ball bowlers but the pitch itself looks really good. The ball is making a lovely sound every time Tammy Beaumont thumps an off drive.

7th over: England 36-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 22, Beaumont 10) A short ball from Kerr is pulled disdainfully through midwicket for four by Winfield-Hill. Once again she has made a start, and she’ll be desperate to convert it into a half-century.

6th over: England 29-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 17, Beaumont 9) An outswinger from Devine is nailed through extra cover by Beaumont, with the ball making the sweetest sound off the bat. That’s her second boundary.

5th over: England 25-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 17, Beaumont 5) An uppish drive from Winfield-Hill falls safely to the left of extra cover and runs away for a couple. It hasn’t been entirely convincing, but England will be happy with their start.

4th over: England 20-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 14, Beaumont 4) A half-volley from Devine is crunched past point for four more by Winfield-Hill. Then a moment of fortune for Beaumont, who edgesDevine between keeper and slip for four to get off the mark. That was pretty, pretty close.


3rd over: England 10-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 9, Beaumont 0) Winfield-Hill gets the first boundary of the innings, whipping an inswinger from Kerr through square leg. A single off the last ball means she again keeps the strike; so far Beaumont has faced only one delivery.

2nd over: England 2-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 2, Beaumont 0) Sophie Devine starts at the other end. Winfield-Hill - who desperately needs a score today or in the final ODI - is denied four runs when a classy straight drive hits the stumps at the non striker’s end.

1st over: England 1-0 (target 245; Winfield-Hill 1, Beaumont 0) Jess Kerr will bowl the first over. Plenty of inswing, albeit fairly gentle, to the right-handed Winfield-Hill. She works the last ball for a single to get off the mark.

Cheers Geoff, hello everyone. You see, that’s why it’s called ODI cricket; because it’s a test. Wait, what? Never mind. England’s top-order batters™, who have struggled for much of this series, have a job on if they are to win this series with a game to spare. They do prefer chasing, mind you, and there’s no Lea Tahuhu to take a shortcut through the top order as on Tuesday. I’m sitting on the fence, ideally at cow corner.


England must chase 245 to win

That’s a good score for New Zealand. There average for the last few years has been just over 200, and given England’s lack of rhythm this series the visitors have given themselves every chance to apply pressure.

It was a funny old innings. The usual poor start at 33 for 3. An energy boost from Devine’s 41. Then a slow partnership for a good while between Satterthwaite and Martin, before the latter starting upping the ante. They added 84, which gave a base. Then Satterthwaite was out, and Martin lost her rhythm, but Halliday brought a late flourish with a little extra from Rowe.

Dean took 3 for 52, Sciver 0 for 42, Ecclestone 0 for 43, of those to bowl a full set of overs. Shrubsole and Davies each bowled eight overs, returning 2 for 43 and 2 for 46 respectively. The other wicket fell to a run out. Knight’s four overs cost 18.

That’s it for me: this run chase will be brought to you by Rob Smyth™.


50th over: New Zealand 244-8 (Martin 65, Kerr 1) Jess Kerr gets Martin on strike with an off drive. And finally Martin finds her range. Gets over onto off stump, dips to one knee, and plays effectively a slog sweep against the seamer’s slower ball, picking it up over backward square leg. It bounces just inside the rope.

Goes the other way next ball, backing away, but drags her shot into the ground and back to the bowler on the bounce.

Final ball of the over, leg side again, squarer this time giving Wyatt the chance to save. She almost fumbles it into the rope, which gives them time to run three. There’s a very long replay to work out whether Wyatt’s foot was touching the rope, but she gets the benefit of the doubt.

WICKET! Rowe b Davies 15, NZ 236-8

Rowe has done well, smacking another shot out of the middle and this time finding the midwicket gap for four. But she has to keep going, and misses the Davies slower ball, losing her stumps.

Hannah Rowe makes here way from the field after being bowled out.
Hannah Rowe makes here way from the field after being bowled out. Photograph: Simon Marper/PA


49th over: New Zealand 232-7 (Martin 58, Rowe 11) Sciver, lots of slower balls, and they’re getting ones and twos, 7 runs in total, but can’t find the boundary. Rowe should: smokes a cover drive from the final ball but Knight dives brilliantly to stop it.

48th over: New Zealand 225-7 (Martin 57, Rowe 5) Freya Davies does an equally good job. Missed stumping in there, and the very next ball a chance - not a drop - behind the stumps. Davies has Martin desperate to smash something away, down the wicket, heaving to leg, and missing the slower ball. The ball bounces out of Jones’ gloves, which are normally very soft, but she goes at it. The next delivery, off the edge, is a thick edge that goes high and straight into the keeper’s shoulder. No chance of a catch initially, but it could have bounced up for her. It doesn’t. Two runs from the over, but the wicket would have been handy.

47th over: New Zealand 223-7 (Martin 56, Rowe 4) Sciver doing the job really well for England at the death. Only four singles from the over! New Zealand frustrated.

46th over: New Zealand 219-7 (Martin 54, Rowe 2) Hannah Rowe can bat, and she’s the next there. Takes a sharp single, gets the strike back with some good backing up, then plays a lovely KP flamingo out through midwicket for another single. Keeps strike! Why not.

WICKET! Jensen b Davies 0, NZ 216-7

Strange over so far from Davies. An attempted slower ball skews down the leg side and Martin misses it. So does Jones, standing up to the stumps to the seamer, and it goes for five wides. But when Jensen comes on strike, she gets a ball in at her body and just fends at it while jumping. Under-edges it into her body and back onto the stumps.

45th over: New Zealand 210-6 (Martin 52, Jensen 0) The batters cross while the catch is in the air, so Martin has strike for the sixth ball and takes a single to keep strike. She’ll need to do the hitting out from here on.

WICKET! Halliday c Sciver b Dean 28, NZ 209-6

She goes, but she’s been excellent. One ball earlier, Halliday plays another delightful drive to the rope, this time over cover while dropping to one knee. But she mistimes a similar shot, the leading edge looping to cover. Dean gets a third wicket.

England’s Freya Davies celebrates taking the wicket of Brooke Halliday.
England’s Freya Davies celebrates taking the wicket of Brooke Halliday. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images/Reuters


Half century! Martin 50 off 65 balls

44th over: New Zealand 204-5 (Martin 50, Halliday 24) Martin passes her milestone with a pushed single, but Halliday is stealing the show. Opens up her front leg and slots Shrubsole aerially wide of long on for four, then a couple of balls later she shuffles slightly to leg, making space to get under a lofted off-drive that bounces over the rope. Those are two shots of top class.

43rd over: New Zealand 193-5 (Martin 49, Halliday 14) Really smart batting from Halliday. Gets almost a yorker from Dean, looping up onto that length, and she makes room and opens the face of her bat in diverting it behind point for two. Then when the ball isn’t full she’s down the track quickly, lofting it straight for six! Top shot over long off.

42nd over: New Zealand 185-5 (Martin 49, Halliday 6) Shrubsole returns, bowling a couple of looseners short of the length. Halliday is back in her crease in an instant, pulling the ball away for four. Another pull is stopped in the deep, bringing Martin on strike, who plays an agricultural shot over long on for another boundary.

41st over: New Zealand 174-5 (Martin 45, Halliday 1) Dean around the wicket to the left-handed Halliday, and back over the wicket to the right-handed Martin. Another quiet over, only a couple of runs from it. This is what a wicket can do.

40th over: New Zealand 174-5 (Martin 44, Halliday 0) A great time for Ecclestone to bowl, zipping through an over for the cost of one run. She bowled Halliday first ball in one of the previous matches this series, so that will be on the new batter’s mind.

39th over: New Zealand 173-5 (Martin 43) Out from the last ball of the over. It’ll be Brooke Halliday next.

WICKET! Satterthwaite b Dean 54, NZ 173-5

Bowled around her legs! Well, well. The over starts with what is technically a drop by Heather Knight at cover, as Martin drives hard in that direction. Knight gets in a full dive to her right, but can only fingertip the ball away. Satterthwaite pulls out her standing sweep shot that she plays so well, takes another two runs to deep cover, but then goes across the line again and it brings her undone. Not an expansive shot, just a little push at a ball just outside the line of her leg stump. But she has shuffled across a touch, and Dean turns it back a touch, and when the batter misses the ball it hits that leg stump.

Amy Satterthwaite is bowled out for 54 runs.
Amy Satterthwaite is bowled out for 54 runs. Photograph: Simon Marper/PA


Half century! Satterthwaite 50 from 82 balls

38th over: New Zealand 166-4 (Satterthwaite 50, Martin 40) It hasn’t been express from Amy Satterthwaite, but it hasn’t needed to be. New Zealand needed someone to hold things together, and she’s done that. She works away another single to the leg side from Ecclestone for her fifty. It has been more express from Katey Martin, who skips down again and thumps Ecclestone across the line into the gap at wide long on for another four runs.

37th over: New Zealand 159-4 (Satterthwaite 49, Martin 34) Sciver resumes normal service with an over conceding only two runs.

36th over: New Zealand 157-4 (Satterthwaite 48, Martin 33) That’s bold from Martin: she plays the reverse lap shot. Switches her feet over, angles the bat face up, and deflect Ecclestone away through deep third to the fence. Early days for those sorts of shots, but Martin is feeling her wild oats, or however that phrase goes. The partnership is 69, nice.

35th over: New Zealand 150-4 (Satterthwaite 46, Martin 28) A boundary from Sciver at last. Satterthwaite gets a straight one and clips it away over midwicket. A brace, a few singles, and suddenly the over yields nine runs.

34th over: New Zealand 141-4 (Satterthwaite 38, Martin 27) Dancing again is Martin, driving Knight down the ground but long on is set back. Satterthwaite isn’t inclined to run at the bowling, more to use her long stride to get forward if she wants to. Four singles from the over, happy to move along at this rate for probably ten more overs. They don’t have much batting left to come if one of these two falls.

33rd over: New Zealand 137-4 (Satterthwaite 36, Martin 25) Sciver returns with the ball, having bowled five overs for 17 runs off the top. Two runs and a wide in this over. She never does much with the ball, at least apparently, but they can’t score off her.

32nd over: New Zealand 134-4 (Satterthwaite 35, Martin 24) Martin is feeling pretty good now. Advances to have a night this time, and laces her inside out through the covers, though Dunkley gets around to keep the scoring to two. Singles follow, coming more easily now,

31st over: New Zealand 129-4 (Satterthwaite 33, Martin 21) Leg-side hoick this time from Martin, but she finds the boundary rider on the other side of the field. After some time in the middle she’s starting to eye up Charlie Dean: advances but doesn’t have the length to attack, and instead defends to cover. Then that skidder nearly brings her undone again, off the bottom edge of a cut shot and this time past the off stump rather than the leg. But at last when there is enough flight to advance again, Martin reaches the pitch and drives cleanly down the ground for four runs.

30th over: New Zealand 123-4 (Satterthwaite 32, Martin 16) Knight drops short to Martin, who cuts, but there is protection in the shape of Dunkley at deep point.

29th over: New Zealand 121-4 (Satterthwaite 31, Martin 15) So much time left in the match, and this pairing is starting to work. Satterthwaite provides the stability, Martin provides the impetus. The latter gets down on one knee to sweep Dean for four through fine leg, then misses out on a second such opportunity, but it’s called a wide. This after Satters had worked away a two and a one. When Dean corrects her line, Martin drives two through cover. Ten from the over.

28th over: New Zealand 111-4 (Satterthwaite 28, Martin 9) Time for Heather Knight to have a bowl. The England captain trots in with her safe looking off spin, and Martin decides that it’s safe enough to run down to and plonk over mid on for four. One bounce into the fence. Satterthwaite works a single to square leg. She is now 28 off 52.

27th over: New Zealand 104-4 (Satterthwaite 26, Martin 4) Charlie Dean is really getting the ball to scuttle on occasion. She often bowls with a scrambled seam, and when the ball lands on the cheek of the leather it skips on straight and low. Once such a ball goes under the bat, then another hits Martin in front of her stumps as she kneels to sweep. The England players aren’t hugely interested. They have a brief chat but decide not to refer the not out decision. Had they done so, Martin would have been gone, the ball smashing leg stump.

26th over: New Zealand 98-4 (Satterthwaite 22, Martin 2) Ecclestone has decided that her sore hand will not stop her bowling. She teases the inside edge of Martin’s bat a couple of times, the latter of which sees the ball chopped past the leg stump for runs, but very dangerous runs.

25th over: New Zealand 96-4 (Satterthwaite 22, Martin 1) Charlie Dean again. She has one for one run from two overs. Not a bad start to a spell. She’s come around the wicket to the left-handed Satterthwaite, and is giving the ball plenty of loop, getting it to dip on a full length. Satterthwaite 18 from 43 balls now. But makes the first move towards picking up the pace with a standing paddle sweep that rolls away to the fine leg boundary.

Halfway mark, and New Zealand’s score is pretty dismal.

24th over: New Zealand 90-4 (Satterthwaite 17, Martin 0) Ecclestone coming round the wicket now, bowling an angle into the toes of the right-handers. She has Martin fencing outside the off stump a couple of times, but surviving.

23rd over: New Zealand 89-4 (Satterthwaite 16, Martin 0) Katey Martin promoted ahead of Halliday. The keeper is an attacking player, so maybe NZ want someone to keep the pressure on England as Devine had been doing? Satterthwaite is going to have to get moving though, she’s 16 off 39 balls.

WICKET! Devine lbw Dean 41, NZ 89-4

No reprieve this time! Dean slides in a straight ball, Devine steps across and tries to nudge it to leg, and after she misses and is given out, they take the review in hope given she’s their best player. But that is the deadest of stone-dead DRS reviews. Hitting halfway up middle stump. Another big moment for C. Dean.

22nd over: New Zealand 88-3 (Satterthwaite 15, Devine 41) Another boundary clobbered by Devine, over mid off this time. The over ends with England trying a DRS referral to get rid of her, but Ecclestone’s delivery would have gone over the stumps.

21st over: New Zealand 82-3 (Satterthwaite 14, Devine 36) Charlie Dean on for her first bowl today, after running through New Zealand’s lower order to win a match the other night. Four wickets in that spell. Satterthwaite faces out six dot balls to start this spell.

20th over: New Zealand 82-3 (Satterthwaite 14, Devine 36) Satterthwaite hasn’t been hitting boundaries, but she hits Ecclestone. Smashes a full ball back at her with a straight drive, could have been a catch but it also could have been a broken hand. Ecclestone is in some pain, she lies on the ground for a long while after being hit. Eventually she pulls herself together to continue.

19th over: New Zealand 79-3 (Satterthwaite 13, Devine 34) Not much in the way of strike rotation, but Devine is belting one boundary an over at the moment. She dumps Davies away into the leg side with a pull shot.

18th over: New Zealand 71-3 (Satterthwaite 11, Devine 29) Devine living dangerously! Has another dash at Ecclestone and this time it takes the outside edge way past slip and quickly away to the boundary.

17th over: New Zealand 67-3 (Satterthwaite 11, Devine 25) Davies trotting in with that equine action. Conceded 15 from her four overs so far.

16th over: New Zealand 64-3 (Satterthwaite 11, Devine 22) First ball after the break, and Devine goes bang. A bit lucky, as she slog sweeps Ecclestone over backward square leg, and the ball sits up in the wind and carries a long way. Charlie Dean is out there on the rope, but misjudges the trajectory, and is not there as the ball crosses over. Might have been able to catch that in the right spot, but this time it goes for six. Next ball, Devine follows up by driving hard and flat down the ground for four.

15th over: New Zealand 53-3 (Satterthwaite 11, Devine 11) Davies with the last over before drinks, and the Kiwi pair are happy to get to the interval without further risk. Two singles are added to the score.

14th over: New Zealand 51-3 (Satterthwaite 10, Devine 10) Here comes Eccles. How’s your old dad? Sophie Ecclestone’s left-arm spin has Devine very watchful, as the bowler darts them in at one of the biggest hitters in the game.

13th over: New Zealand 50-3 (Satterthwaite 9, Devine 10) Five runs from the second Davies over for the day, and New Zealand’s 50. A dive from Sciver on the midwicket rope prevents a boundary after Devine flips away a little pull shot.

12th over: New Zealand 45-3 (Satterthwaite 8, Devine 7) Now Sophie Devine gets her first boundary for the day, bashing away a wide ball from Shrubsole all the way to the cover rope. She turns over the strike immediately afterwards, but Satterthwaite waits out four more deliveries. Amy Satterthwaite is not at all shy about taking her time at the start of an innings.

11th over: New Zealand 40-3 (Satterthwaite 8, Devine 2) Freya Davies to have a trundle for the first time today. It mostly goes well, but Satterthwaite is able to get on top of one delivery and punch it out through point for four.

10th over: New Zealand 35-3 (Satterthwaite 4, Devine 2) Sophie Devine comes out at No5, and her first contribution to the match is to disrupt some poor couple who are enjoying a nice lunch at the cricket in their folding chairs to the side of the sight-screen fabric. Not by hitting a six in their direction – Sophie decides they’re in her eyeline. “They’ve been there all day,” says Heather Knight. But their fate is sealed, they have to move from long off to a wide long on. About four acres of seating and buildings is covered in black cloth, but apparently that’s not enough.


WICKET! Down b Shrubsole 11, NZ 33-3

Oh, that’s is impeccable. Swing mastery. The ball hoops inwards, then swings away. Lauren Down comes groping down one line to protect her pads, only for the ball to swing away past her outside edge and hit the outside of off stump. That’s quality.

9th over: New Zealand 33-2 (Down 11, Satterthwaite 4) Better from Down, more intent as she gets forward and drives Sciver for another boundary through cover.

8th over: New Zealand 28-2 (Down 6, Satterthwaite 4) Amy Satterthwaite gets going immediately, driving Shrubbers out through the covers.

WICKET! Green c Davies b Shrubsole 0

That’s pretty soft from Maddy Green. Made a match-winning fifty last time around, you wondered if that could be a turning point in an underwhelming career thus far, but today she just flaps a length ball straight to mid on.

7th over: New Zealand 24-1 (Down 6, Green 0) England getting on top now, Lauren Down going right back into her shell against a pretty innocuous over from Sciver. No run.

6th over: New Zealand 24-1 (Down 6, Green 0) Two singles from the Shrubsole over and a big run out.

WICKET! Bates run out 17, NZ 24-1

That’s comical. Not so much for the running: Bates flicks to midwicket, sets off where there’s no run, rightly gets sent back, and turns for her ground. But for the dive, which happens in slow motion. She does the full production, then just... stops. No momentum. Like a penguin realising it’s on gravel rather than ice. The ground is too dry. And the dive may not have even been necessary. The throw is high from Sciver to Jones, and Bates probably would have got home while upright, or lunging. But instead she hits the ground hard, stops almost dead, and even in real time her bat is moving towards the line in slow motion. It falls short.

More importantly than her wicket, I wonder if she’s hurt her bad shoulder again with that fall.

5th over: New Zealand 22-0 (Bates 16, Down 5) Bates has been taking up the strike, facing this entire over from Sciver, including a boundary driven through the covers.

4th over: New Zealand 17-0 (Bates 11, Down 5) That’s a better over from Shrubsole, keeping her line just outside off stump, drawing Bates across to try to play through that side of the field. Misses out on a cut shot. Only taps a single from the over.


3rd over: New Zealand 16-0 (Bates 10, Down 5) First boundary of the day for Down, nicely threaded through cover as Sciver bowls wide. A bit of bottom-handed flourish in the follow through.

2nd over: New Zealand 12-0 (Bates 10, Down 1) Swing bowler Anya Shrubsole from the other end at Derby, and she’s rusty in her first match of the series. Didn’t play in the T20s either, last rolled over her arm in the Hundred. Bowls too straight and too full, Bates driving her through midwicket and then down the ground for boundaries. There’s also a wide well outside off stump that doesn’t swing in.

1st over: New Zealand 3-0 (Bates 2, Down 1) Nat Sciver to start off with the ball, her nagging medium pace not providing any alarms, yielding three singles to start off New Zealand’s day.


New Zealand
Suzie Bates
Lauren Down
Maddy Green
Amy Satterthwaite
Sophie Devine *
Brooke Halliday
Katey Martin +
Hayley Jensen
Hannah Rowe
Jess Kerr
Leigh Kasperek

Tammy Beaumont
Lauren Winfield-Hill
Heather Knight *
Natalie Sciver
Amy Jones +
Sophia Dunkley
Danni Wyatt
Charlie Dean
Sophie Ecclestone
Anya Shrubsole
Freya Davies

England win the toss and will bowl

There you go, thought they’d like to make New Zealand chase again. But there will be a change up. Heather Knight wins the toss and pops in the Kiwis.



Gaaaaaame four. In a five-match series, this is the one after the third match. You with me? Good. It’s been a battle of the collapses in this series. England have been decidedly off colour so far, at least in the batting department. Their first effort had a middle-order crash rescued by Katherine Brunt down the order to reach 241. Their next two efforts didn’t clear 200. They’ve been bowled out in each of their three innings. In three hits Amy Jones has 24 runs, Sophia Dunkley 22, and in two hits Natalie Sciver has made 1 and 2.

Luckily for England, the New Zealanders are not much chop with the bat either. Despite the lacklustre totals, they visitors have fallen short twice, bowled out both times, and staggered to a target of 179 with seven wickets down. So as long as England can put any sort of score on the board, they’re likely to win. Their greater concern though will be getting into a higher gear in the lead-up to the 50-over World Cup next February.

With the ball, though, things have been better. Kate Cross has more wickets than anyone in the world since she came back into the side in 2019: she has 31 of them at 18 runs apiece. Newcomers Charlie Dean and Tash Farrant (in her second incarnation as an England player) have impressed. For New Zealand, Leigh Kasperek has been taking wickets, Lea Tahuhu has come back well from medical trouble, and Molly Penfold debuted.

All to play for today, then, England leading the series 2-1.


Geoff Lemon (earlier) and Rob Smyth (later)

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