England beat New Zealand by 13 runs (D/L) in second women’s ODI – as it happened!

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Charlie Dean took four wickets as England secured a narrow win by 13 runs

And that’s it from me. Join us for the third ODI on Tuesday. Until then, have a sweet and happy evening.

With the lights starting to be switched on in the cathedral, a grim faced Devine says she is looking for “a little bit of mongrel” in her team. Heather Knight says it was “a bit of a steal” with the batting “well under par.” She is thrilled for Wyatt - Player of the match - and says this is good preparation for tournament cricket.


A well-earned win from England, who don’t know when they’re down! That record-breaking tenth wicket partnership (from 145-9) shepherded by Danni Wyatt was crucial in giving England a target to bowl at. And then super bowling, from Cross (3-43) Ecclestone (1-30) and from young Charlie Dean (4-36) in particular. The rain added pepper, and gave England an advantage - who knows how the slightly increased run-rate affected New Zealand.

The third match of this series kicks off at 1 o’clock on Tuesday at Grace Road. England go into the match with a 2-0 buffer.

WICKET! Tahuhu c Knight b Farrant 4 New Zealand 169 all out England win by 13-runs (DLS)

A slower ball from Farrant and Tahuhu knocks it generously to extra cover where Knight gratefully accepts.


37th over: New Zealand 162-9 (Tahuhu 3, Kerr 1) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. Wow Charlie Dean, 4-23, that will do nicely! Brimming with confidence and elan. 21 needed from 24 balls, New Zealand might as well throw the bat now.

WICKET! Kasperek lbw Dea 10 (New Zealand 161-9)

Kasperek plumps for the sweep - bad call! She gets pinged on the pads right in front and cuts a disconsolant figure trudging off.

36th over: New Zealand 161-8 (Tahuhu 3, Kasperek 10) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. Ecclestone flows through her ninth over, but it’s not as economical as she’d fancy, with five runs and a wide coming from it. Some energetic England fielding spares a boundary or two. 22 needed from 31 balls.

35th over: New Zealand 155-8 (Tahuhu 3, Kasperek 4) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. Remarkable from Charlie Dean, three wickets in her second ODI! Tahuhu is immediate in her urgency though. This could go till full time.

WICKET! Halliday st Jones b Dean 29 (New Zealand 151-8 )

Super wicket from Dean, who tosses the ball high and just wide enough for temptation. Halliday embarks down the pitch and can’t get her back foot back in time, and Jones gobbles up the bails.

35th over: New Zealand 150-7 (Halliday 29, Kasperek 4) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. Knight gambles that Ecclestone is going to make the breakthrough for her NOW. She’s on point, but Halliday has a dart down the pitch and slices her away to the cover boundary for four.

34th over: New Zealand 145-7 (Halliday 25, Kasperek 3) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. Dean varying her length, from loopy to flat, New Zealand pick up three, not enough to keep up with the rate, but enough to be in with a sniff of victory.

33rd over: New Zealand 142-7 (Halliday 24, Kasperek 1) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. Halliday is playing the Danni Wyatt role here, but can she stick around till the end? Halliday keeps out Cross’s last ball with some desperation, but earlier in the over pulled her for four. Tick-tock.


32nd over: New Zealand 136-7 (Halliday 19, Kasperek 0) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. Success for Dean, who sparkles back to her fielding position at the end of her over. She’s now bowling with the demeanour of a woman who expects a wicket.

WICKET! Rowe lbw Dean 7 (New Zealand 135-7)

The tall Rowe inches back, shuffles acros,s and is hit on the front pad. She reviews, but to no avail.

31st over: New Zealand 135-6 (Halliday 19, Rowe 7) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. They pause for a concussion check off the fifth ball as Halliday tries to pull and is hit mid helmet. Thankfully she’s ok and they play on. Four flow from Cross’s over.

30th over: New Zealand 131-6 (Halliday 16, Rowe 6) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. I’ve fallen rather behind the rate, but they scamper three.

29th over: New Zealand 128-6 (Halliday 14, Rowe 0) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. Three off Sciver.

28th over: New Zealand 125-6 (Halliday 12, Rowe 4) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. Super ball by Dean, who flounced the ball high before it stuck and twisted towards the stumps. She’s sprung for a couple of boundaries as well, but it all feels a bit like the glance after the stolen kiss.


WICKET! Martin b Dean 6 (New Zealand 121-6)

The ball after being edged down to the third man boundary, Dean bewitches Martin who gets the line all wrong and is bowled!

27th over: New Zealand 117-5 (Halliday 11, Martin 2) Sciver grabs the vital wicket of Devine, pitching it full while Devine goes for a big swing. She clenches her fists in delight. This has fallen very nicely for England now.


WICKET! Devine b Sciver 28 (New Zealand 115-5)

Nips back to remove the bails and that, you’d have thought, is the match.

26th over: New Zealand 113-4 (Halliday 11, Devine 27) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. Ecclestone fires through another six, just one run coming from it, softly, softly, catchee monkey.

New Zealand have lost 16% of the overs, but only 8% of the target. I know them's the numbers, but the numbers feel... harsh?

— CRICKETher 🏏 (@crickether) September 19, 2021


25th over: New Zealand 113-4 (Halliday 11, Devine 27) Revised target 183 off 42 overs. It’s Sciver with the ball in her mitts after the rain delay, and New Zealand can’t get her away as she’s on target immediately and is within a thin paperback of removing Halliday’s middle stump.

The revised conditions mean that two bowlers can bowl nine overs, three bowlers eight.


The players jog back onto the pitch. It appears my calculations were slightly off and that the NZ run-rate has been inched upwards by the rain, to just over four an over.

New Zealand will need 72 runs from 18 overs with six wickets in hand. Advantage New Zealand I’d have thought, unless England can quickly get some purchase from the damp pitch and take advantage of the overhead conditions.

Play will restart at 5.15pm

News from New Road, where the rain has stopped and the mopping up begun. Play will restart at 5.15pm, with the reduced D/L target for New Zealand 183 in 42 overs.


No real news at the moment from New Road. In my living room they’ve switched over to wheelchair rugby league, Leeds Rhinos v Leyland Warriors. It’s completely brutal.

Thanks to Raf for this calculation:

Amy Jones's drop of Brooke Halliday could end up being crucial if they don't get back on. Had NZ been 5 wickets down, the DLS par would have been 117 and NZ would currently be behind - as it stands they are 10 runs ahead. #ENGvNZ

— Raf Nicholson (@RafNicholson) September 19, 2021


Hmmm. Don’t hold your breath. At New Road the tarpaulins are on and the rain has been turned up to power shower. Sky have switched to the IPL where CKS have won the toss and are 87-4 off 15 overs and there is a public safety message by the commentators which I presume is about Covid but a very loud motorbike flies down the street drowning them out. Do email me your thoughts about life and Sunday evenings and what the 21st century equivalent to the roast dinner is.

Rain stops play, with New Zealand ahead on Duckworth-Lewis

24th over: New Zealand 111-4 (Halliday 10, Devine 26) A maiden from Ecclestone, which includes her shy at the stumps which flies off Devine’s bat but doesn’t quite make the rope. The umpires whistle for the covers as the rain, which has been swirling round the ground, parks and falls. New Zealand are ten runs ahead on D-L.

23rd over: New Zealand 107-4 (Halliday 10, Devine 26) Charlie Dean leans into her second over and, horrors, a dropped catch by Amy Jones as Halliday gets a top edge but Jones can’t quite grab it. To makes matters worse, Halliday pounds her last ball through mid on for four. New Zealand have all the time, but not all the wickets to play with.


22nd over: New Zealand 104-4 (Halliday 4, Devine 25) Halliday off the mark with a class drive through the covers for four. Ecclestone makes the most of her six foot frame, she’s got a real aura, like Warne: a fast-bowler’s attitude.


21st over: New Zealand 100-4 (Halliday 0, Devine 25) It’s young Charlie Dean in just her second game. Two big boundaries, as Devine pulls the sweep out of her backpack and fires the ball over the boundary.


20th over: New Zealand 90-4 (Halliday 0, Devine 15) Devine bludgeons Ecclestone through the covers for four. Think woman chops log.


19th over: New Zealand 85-4 (Halliday 0, Devine 10) A HUGE wicket! Cross gets her girl after five dots, and then five wides as Jones glove the ball down to the boundary.

WICKET! Satterthwaited c Jones b Cross 1 (New Zealand 85-4)

A third wicket for the diligent Cross, as Satterthwaite whispers an edge which is snaffled by the helmeted Amy Jones standing up to the stumps.

18th over: New Zealand 80-3 (Satterthwaite 1, Devine 10) Ecclestone speed-reads through another over, before New Zealand get the measure of her.

17th over: New Zealand 78-3 (Satterthwaite 0, Devine 9) At last, a glimpse of the crowd. Hoodies are up, blankets are pulled onto knees: chilly watching. it was so lovely this morning when I watched my own kids Sunday morning football - come on September, give this plucky crowd a break. Anyway, a couple of snappy bits of fielding by Beaumont at point, and a charming four by Devine as Cross gets her length wrong.

@tjaldred Ecclestone's got a great pony tail game, hasn't she?

— 🌈Ravi Nair #FBPE #PerfectPorkPie #FBPPR (@palfreyman1414) September 19, 2021

The best in the business. The sort that is definitely brushed a hundred times a day (the magic number, allegedly).

16th over: New Zealand 73-3 (Satterthwaite 0, Devine 4) Ecclestone, pony tail streaming down her back, wheels in. A couple of excellent bits of fielding at square leg prevent boundaries, and that’s DRINKS!

15th over: New Zealand 69-3 (Satterthwaite 0, Devine 1) Cross bouncing in like a spring hare after that wicket. These two are the crucial wickets for New Zealand now, the mature cheddar compared to the cheesy triangles to come.

WICKET! Down lbw Cross 22 (New Zealand 64-3)

A double strike by England as Cross pitches full and hits both Cross’s pads. She thinks about reviewing but appears to be given her marching orders by Satterthwaite.

14th over: New Zealand 64-2 (Satterthwaite 0, Down 21) Ecclestone? Ecclestone. Suncream smeared across her nose and cheeks, she makes the breakthrough with her fifth ball of the over.

WICKET! Green c Dean b Ecclestone 9 (New Zealand 64-2)

Nicely taken by Dean on the edge of the circle, hands cupped to receive the ball, as Green tries to slam Ecclestone straight but only succeeds in sending it high.

13th over: New Zealand 62-1 (Green 9, Down 20) Cross is not happy. Down eyes up a wide one and tucks in through backward point. Delicious. Then a thin edge for four down past deep third man adds to her heartache. Finally, a very hard caught and bowled chance isn’t grabbed to her left in her follow through.

12th over: New Zealand 53-1 (Green 9, Down 11) I wonder, perhaps Farrant will bowl right through? She’s into her sixth over, tidy, though as I type that Green leans into a wide number from Farrant and the ball whistles past Beaumont in the covers for four.

Oh the pressure!

@tjaldred Hi Tanya.

My TV reception is fubar in the monsoons. So you're my only link to the match.

Thanks for the updates.

And, oh yes: Danni Wyatt should be opening for England.

— 🌈Ravi Nair #FBPE #PerfectPorkPie #FBPPR (@palfreyman1414) September 19, 2021


11th over: New Zealand 49-1 (Green 5, Down 11) The bustling Cross, bustles and Green gets off the mark by driving her past point to the rope. England whizzing through these overs.

10th over: New Zealand 44-1 (Green 0, Down 11) The first power play is over and New Zealand have poottled along without too much incident, though the dismissal of Susie Bates is a blow and key to England stopping the NZ charge. Four from the over, a rather glorious cover drive by Down from Farrant.

9th over: New Zealand 40-1 (Green 0, Down 7) Kate Cross makes the breakthrough in her first over, the ball after Bates has galumphed her through midwicket for four.

WICKET! Bates c Wyatt b Cross 28 (New Zealand 40-1)

Sue Redfern, the third umpire, is convinced by the TV footage that the catch was cleanly taken by Danni Wyatt at cover.

Danni Wyatt of England (c) celebrates with her team mates after catching Suzie Bates
Danni Wyatt of England (c) celebrates with her team mates after catching Suzie Bates Photograph: Dan Mullan - ECB/ECB/Getty Images


REVIEW! Bates c Wyatt b Cross 28

The soft signal is out....


8th over: New Zealand 36-0 (Bates 24, Down 7) We’re missing the crowd shots here - perhaps Sky don’t have as many cameras as usual? So I can’t tell you if the weather has drawn in a lot - there are no floodlights at New Road so bad light would be bad news. Left-arm Farrant bowls full, and just three from the over.

7th over: New Zealand 33-0 (Bates 23, Down 6) A gorgeous cover-drive from Suzie Bates, a full, wide one sent to the boundary with lashing of honey. Sciver hasn’t been at her absolute Formula One best today.

6th over: New Zealand 28-0 (Bates 19, Down 5) A tighter over from Farrant, as a crowd in shirt sleeves at lovely New Road watch on approvingly.

5th over: New Zealand 25-0 (Bates 19, Down 4) An expensive over as Bates nibbles two boundaries, both off her toes as Sciver drifts legside. The runs flowing in a way that they didn’t at the beginning of the innings in the last match.

4th over: New Zealand 14-0 (Bates 10, Down 4) The clouds have drifted in since the first innings, which should help the England bowlers. Farrant approaches, elbows jutting, accurate but New Zealand skiffle away four from the over.


3rd over: New Zealand 10-0 (Bates 7, Down 3) Sciver again, as ever putting every shred of energy into her delivery. A rather hapless moment of fielding as the ball skims past the diving Tammy Beaumont and then through Sophia Dunkley as Bates picks up two.

2nd over: New Zealand 7-0 (Bates 5, Down 2) Tash Farrant has the ball from the New Road end. A slight figure, swinging the ball in, hair scraped back, she dries her hands on the dirt by the non-striker’s end. Down picks up a single in the leg side, but otherwise very tidy.

New Zealand innings Target 198

1st over: New Zealand 6-0 (Bates 5, Down 1) Sciver opens up, and a grand square drive by Suzie Bates gets the innings starting with a bang.

Nat Sciver has the ball, and we’re ready to roll...

An umpiring change for the next innings:

Anna Harris will not umpire the second innings. She will be replaced on field by Paul Pollard.

— Elizabeth Ammon (@legsidelizzy) September 19, 2021

Thanks Geoff, excellent as ever. This is an intriguing chase for New Zealand. Will they be buoyed by keeping England to less than 200, or frustrated by that sprightly, record-breaking last-wicket stand? Let me know your thoughts at tanya.aldred.freelance@theguardian.com, I’m going to quickly grab a post-prandial coffee.

Other things to note: Leigh Kasperek now has 139 wickets for New Zealand across all formats, moving her into second spot all time for the country behind Devine.

Hannah Rowe took 3 for 41 in a very useful performance.

And Danni Wyatt... dropped from the side recently after a handful of low scores opening the batting, but comes back in down the order here and makes 63 not out. This match would be gone if not for her judicious use of defence and attack. It’s at least a good opening statement as she makes her case.

Ok, that’s it for me. The players are having their break, and on the other side of that awaits Tanya Aldred.

Now to the chase. Let’s be real here, New Zealand’s batting does not convince. The Big Three are Devine, Bates and Satterthwaite, but all are late in their career and can’t be expected to deliver every time they play. If they don’t, others don’t tend to. Lauren Down, Brooke Halliday and Maddy Green round out the top six, all with threadbare records for players in those positions. Martin can score quickly at seven but doesn’t tend to rack up big scores in doing so. Rowe and Kerr can bat down the order. But overall, it’s a patchwork XI.

So, this is a decent total for England. They can put the pressure on, and if they nab a couple early they would be favourites to win. On the flipside, it’s a chance for the New Zealanders to give themselves some confidence with a trouble-free chase. In this world, all things are possible.

New Zealand must chase 198 to win

What do you make of that? NZ had England at 146 for 9, then let them add 53 towards the end. So, bowling them out for 197 is a good result for the Kiwis, but they’ll be a bit deflated not to have finished it off. It’s really a question of who takes more cheer into the second part of this match.

WICKET! Farrant c Green b Kasperek 22, England all out 197

Didn’t need to do that, Farrant. The return of spin sees her try to smack one over mid-on with the field up. But there’s no margin for error at nine wickets down, and instead she’s left Wyatt not out and near seven overs of batting unused.

Kasperek ends with 3 for 31 from 7.3 overs.

Danni Wyatt and Tash Farrant walk off the field at the end of the innings.
Danni Wyatt and Tash Farrant walk off the field at the end of the innings. Photograph: Andrew Boyers/Action Images/Reuters


43rd over: England 196-9 (Wyatt 62, Farrant 22) Jess Kerr has two overs left, and Devine goes to her opening bowler now. Must stop this partnership. New Zealand have a pretty fragile batting order outside their big names, so even chasing scores around 150 is by no means a given against bowling of England’s quality.

Kerr floats up her slower ball, a seamer genuinely putting flight on it, and it creeps under Wyatt’s bat. But by the third single of the over, they’ve raised a 50 partnership.

42nd over: England 193-9 (Wyatt 60, Farrant 21) Wyatt cuts a couple, then a single. The partnership is 45, a record for the tenth wicket for England. From 40 balls, too. Farrant adds to it by pulling Tahuhu over midwicket for two more, then glances one just short of Satterthwaite at leg gully.

41st over: England 188-9 (Wyatt 57, Farrant 19) Hannah Rowe’s nemesis today: Danielle Wyatt! Reaches her fifty by skipping down and driving inside-out over cover, her pet shot and struck just right.

Two balls later, down again and this time the ball’s a bit straighter, and she’s right to the pitch of it. So she hits straighter, and stronger, and longer. Six over mid off. Wyatt has done a vital job for England today. Then Farrant ices the over with an outside edge for four. Katey Martin might have got half a glove on that, diving to her left, but can’t snare it.

Rowe went for 12 from her first six overs, and 15 from this one over.

40th over: England 173-9 (Wyatt 46, Farrant 15) Tahuhu makes use of an over at Farrant, keeping her on strike for most of it. At the cost of two singles. Hits Farrant on the ankle with the final ball, but it was delivered around the wicket and was going down leg.

39th over: England 171-9 (Wyatt 45, Farrant 14) Rowe gets back to her economical ways, at least until Green tips a catch over the bar at cover point. Farrant’s drive has some heat on it but Green doesn’t pick up the trajectory soon enough. She goes with one hand when she could have used two, and barely gets a touch to it. Two runs result. Green drops deep for the final ball, NZ happy to keep Wyatt off strike, and Farrant obliges with a square drive.

38th over: England 166-9 (Wyatt 45, Farrant 11) Tell ya what, Farrant is looking pretty good. Harvests a couple of singles from Tahuhu without fuss. Plenty of time left to bat. Any sedate sort of partnership can take this score past 200.

37th over: England 163-9 (Wyatt 44, Farrant 9) Oof. Wyatt adds some mess to Rowe’s very tidy figures. 6.1 overs, 3 for 12 is what Rowe has at one point. Wyatt adds another 50% tax to those runs by lofting Rowe straight back over her head for six. First clearance for England today. Smacks through cover to follow but only gets one. Farrant keeps strike with a leg-stump prod.

36th over: England 154-9 (Wyatt 37, Farrant 8) Tash Farrant can bat, the left-hander at No11 for England. Gets width from Kasperek around the wicket and drives it through cover for four. Then a full toss, swept off the top edge but flat behind square leg for another.

WICKET! Cross c Down b Kasperek 1, England 146-9

England on the brink now. A second edge does for Cross. She reaches out to a wide one from Kasperek, but there’s a bit of bottom hand in that shot that directs the bat across the line. Almost a leading edge rather than an outside one, to backward point.

35th over: England 146-8 (Wyatt 37, Cross 1) It was second time lucky for Rowe with the short ball, having bowled very short and wide to Wyatt who ran across and lashed the uppercut over point, but not by much. Rowe’s next short one is on line, and produces the wicket. Cross edges a single to get going.

WICKET! Ecclestone c Satterthwaite b Rowe 4, England 145-8

Another one that stops in the pitch. Rowe bangs in a short ball while having midwicket up in the ring. That was the challenge, see if you can go over. The same as having mid-off up in the circle for Wyatt. Ecclestone takes up the gauntlet but loses the duel. Easy catch from a cloughed shot.

Hannah Rowe (c) celebrates with Amy Satterthwaite of New Zealand after taking the wicket of Sophie Ecclestone
Hannah Rowe (c) celebrates with Amy Satterthwaite of New Zealand after taking the wicket of Sophie Ecclestone Photograph: Dan Mullan - ECB/ECB/Getty Images


34th over: England 144-7 (Wyatt 36, Ecclestone 4) Two near things in that Kasperek over. First Ecclestone chips it up to bounce just in front of cover. Then Wyatt tries to flat-bat over mid off, and it hangs above Devine’s head before carrying her and eluding the attempted catch.

33rd over: England 142-7 (Wyatt 35, Ecclestone 3) Jess Kerr looking to turn the screws. Wyatt is England’s key now, but just wants to see out Kerr. Blocks a couple, steps into a drive but it’s stopped at cover. But to end the over, Wyatt gets the width that she craves, and threads it between backward point and short third for four.

32nd over: England 138-7 (Wyatt 31, Ecclestone 3) Sophie Ecclestone gets away immediately, a feather of bat on a ball down the leg side, glancing for three.

WICKET! Dean c Martin b Kasperek 8, England 134-7

The seventh wicket falls in anticlimactic style. Maybe that was the knuckle ball from Kasperek? It floats down at Dean, who played a big drive and misses. But not entirely. A very low-key chat between the Kiwis ends up in a player review, and the soundwave technology picks up a slight inside edge. Katey Martin with a good take.

Charlotte Dean of England reacts as she leaves the field after being caught by Katey Martin
Charlotte Dean of England reacts as she leaves the field after being caught by Katey Martin Photograph: Dan Mullan - ECB/ECB/Getty Images


31st over: England 134-6 (Wyatt 30, Dean 8) A more circumspect approach from Wyatt to Satterthwaite, blocking a couple away. Three Dean runs from the over.

30th over: England 131-6 (Wyatt 30, Dean 5) The new batter Dean eases her way into her innings, taking a late single from Kasperek with a cut.

29th over: England 129-6 (Wyatt 29, Dean 4) Wyatt decides to take on Satterthwaite after the run out, a big lofted sweep shot for four. Then another for two.

28th over: England 122-6 (Wyatt 22, Dean 4) Charlie Dean gets a full toss from Kasperek to get off the mark with four. The replay also suggests that Wyatt had wandered out of her crease when the bails were broken, so she should have been the one dismissed... but another replay says her back foot was just in. Sue Redfern in the third ump box triumphs again.

WICKET! Winfield-Hill run out 39, England 118-6

That’s comedy stuff. Wyatt comes down the track and does attack Kasperek this time, sweeping hard to deep square. Turns for a second run, then bails out of it. I don’t know what the calling was like, but Wyatt is a good third of the way down when she puts the brakes on and turns back. LWH keeps running, straightlining for the non-striker’s end. If Wyatt had kept going, she would have made her ground probably... and then the throw goes to the bowler’s end anyway. So all I can figure is that Wyatt panicked and turned back, but in doing so there was no possible outcome but burning your partner.

England’s Lauren Winfield-Hill (left) and Danni Wyatt react after running to the non-strikers end before the umpire review sees Lauren Winfield-Hill run out by New Zealand’s Leigh Kasperek
England’s Lauren Winfield-Hill (left) and Danni Wyatt react after running to the non-strikers end before the umpire review sees Lauren Winfield-Hill run out by New Zealand’s Leigh Kasperek Photograph: David Davies/PA
Lauren Winfield-Hill reacts after being run out by Leigh Kasperek Photograph: Dan Mullan - ECB/ECB/Getty Images


27th over: England 116-5 (Winfield-Hill 39, Wyatt 21) NZ go with spin from both ends, Satterthwaite on, and it keeps Wyatt busy outside off stump: a scoop, an edge to deep third, then a nick into the keeper’s gloves that bounces out.

26th over: England 109-5 (Winfield-Hill 37, Wyatt 15) Caught in two minds, England. Summed up by Wyatt charging down the pitch at Kasperek, then defending the off-spinner away. Only two singles from the over.

25th over: England 107-5 (Winfield-Hill 37, Wyatt 15) Winfield-Hill is just not game to try anything with Kerr. The bowler keeps hitting this line, right-arm over from quite wide on the crease but bending in at the stumps, and it unnerves the batter enough to make her defend, defend, defend. Scoreless over! Kerr 0 for 24 from seven.

24th over: England 107-5 (Winfield-Hill 37, Wyatt 15) Tahuhu gets milked a bit more easily, five singles from her over. Reckon that’s the first one today where strike rotation has come easily. A few high-scoring overs with boundaries but that’s different.

23rd over: England 102-5 (Winfield-Hill 35, Wyatt 12) Jess Kerr comes back to see what the ball is doing, and again the batters can’t do much with her. A couple of singles, then Winfield-Hill can’t beat the field three times in a row.

22nd over: England 100-5 (Winfield-Hill 34, Wyatt 11) Tahuhu bowls in Wyatt’s zone, short with width outside off. Wyatt actually steps across to get closer to that ball and then cuts it away. England need her scoring rate badly. Wyatt is playing her 200th match for England today across the two limited-overs formats. She adds three more runs, cutting Tahuhu through cover at the top of the bounce, up on her toes. Great shot.

21st over: England 91-5 (Winfield-Hill 33, Wyatt 4) Leigh Kasperek on to bowl New Zealand’s first over of spin for the day. Floating them up right at the toes. Misses her length with a full toss that Wyatt baseballs away, but Rowe on the rope this time makes the stop and saves two runs.

20th over: England 85-5 (Winfield-Hill 28) Dunkley out off the last ball of the over.

WICKET! Dunkley c Jensen b Tahuhu 11, England 85-5

Another wicket trying to force the pace with nothing in the surface. That might have been the slower ball from Tahuhu as well. A shortish ball, but dug into the pitch and it stops dead. Dunkley tries to pull but her timing is all wrong. Just lollops it to midwicket. She’s made 11 from 27 balls, not good reading.

Lea Tahuhu celebrates taking the wicket of England’s Sophia Dunkley.
Lea Tahuhu celebrates taking the wicket of England’s Sophia Dunkley. Photograph: Andrew Boyers/Action Images/Reuters


19th over: England 82-4 (Winfield-Hill 29, Dunkley 10) Rowe gets through another cheap one, three runs with another Dunkley brace behind point. She now has 2 for 10 from five overs.

18th over: England 79-4 (Winfield-Hill 28, Dunkley 8) Again Dunkley can’t time the back cut, nearly chopping the ball into her stumps off Devine. She slaps the final ball past backward point for two runs to get something from the over.

17th over: England 76-4 (Winfield-Hill 27, Dunkley 6) Rowe mixing up her lengths well. Beats Dunkley’s attempt to cut with some extra bounce, then nearly slips a yorker through at her toes. No score from the over. The run rate 4.48 though thanks to that brief fast start.

16th over: England 76-4 (Winfield-Hill 27, Dunkley 6) It looks pretty hard to time shots on this surface, and England look pretty reluctant to try. Not a winning combo. Two singles and a wide from Devine’s over.

15th over: England 73-4 (Winfield-Hill 26, Dunkley 5) Rowe keeps hitting a full length, looking for swing or for some grip off the pitch by working her fingers over the seam. Dunkley clubs away one wide ball with a square drive, but the boundary is the only score from the over.

14th over: England 69-4 (Winfield-Hill 26, Dunkley 1) Lauren Winfield-Hill becalmed as wickets have fallen at the other end. Sophia Dunkley next to the middle. Devine 2 for 23 from three overs.

WICKET! Jones c Halliday b Devine 1, England 68-4

Another one. Devine bought a wicket earlier, but brings herself to bowl stump to stump after the powerplay - and it works. A tiny bit of swing, perhaps, but really it’s a lack of pace that does for Jones. She sees the line of a straight ball, tries to flick through midwicket, but is early on the stroke. Chipped up to midwicket for a simple catch.

Sophie Devine celebrates after taking the wicket of England’s Amy Jones
Sophie Devine celebrates after taking the wicket of England’s Amy Jones Photograph: David Davies/PA


13th over: England 68-3 (Winfield-Hill 26, Jones 1) England’s keeper Amy Jones is next to the middle, while Lauren Winfield-Hill has to bat long now.


WICKET! Sciver c Green b Rowe 1, England 67-3

Another very simple dismissal, and another wicket from the first ball of an over for Rowe. Bowls length, Sciver drives, and the ball sticks in the wicket a tad, perhaps. She’s through her shot too early, chipping it up towards cover. It’s dipping as it approaches Maddy Green but she isn’t fazed. Captain and vice-captain gone to Rowe.

Hannah Rowe celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of England’s Nat Sciver
Hannah Rowe celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of England’s Nat Sciver Photograph: Andrew Boyers/Action Images/Reuters


12th over: England 67-2 (Winfield-Hill 26, Sciver 1) Overpitched this time from Tahuhu, and Winfield-Hill throws her hands through it and scores four through cover.


11th over: England 61-2 (Winfield-Hill 21, Sciver 0) Only a couple of wides from Rowe’s first over, after dismissing Knight with the first ball of it.

WICKET! Knight c Martin b Rowe 18, England 59-2

Straightforward as Rowe comes on, bowls the outswinger, and Knight drives and edges behind. Full, but the movement does for the captain.

England’s Heather Knight is caught out by New Zealand’s Katey Martin
England’s Heather Knight is caught out by New Zealand’s Katey Martin Photograph: David Davies/PA


10th over: England 59-1 (Winfield-Hill 21, Knight 18) The Tahuhu problem persists: too short, belted away for four. Winfield-Hill on the pull shot this time.

9th over: England 55-1 (Winfield-Hill 17, Knight 18) Too much inswing for Kerr! All the way from outside the off stump, down the leg side for five wides. A similar ball hits Knight on the back leg, umpire says too high. Not sure about that... Knight gets width to follow and crashes through cover, and through Kasperek, who misfields on the circle to concede four.

8th over: England 45-1 (Winfield-Hill 16, Knight 14) Both batters go after Tahuhu, who is bowling too short. Forced off the back foot through cover for three, which brings Knight onto strike who pulls another short one for four.

7th over: England 36-1 (Winfield-Hill 13, Knight 8) There’s a slip in for Knight facing Kerr, but undeterred the batter goes with the late cut this time. Thick edge, high and wide of the catcher, and Hannah Rowe’s dive after a long third umpire replay is deemed not to have stopped the ball before her body touched the rope.


6th over: England 29-1 (Winfield-Hill 11, Knight 3) Devine drags herself from the attack and brings in Lea Tahuhu, who bowls briskly on the line of off stump. Just a couple of singles. The scoring has been really quiet aside from those two Devine overs.

5th over: England 27-1 (Winfield-Hill 10, Knight 2) The Kerr tidiness continues, three singles from her third over, Knight just trying to run the inswing off her outside edge where possible.

4th over: England 24-1 (Winfield-Hill 9, Knight 0) Devine is leaking boundaries despite the wicket she’s taken. LWH gets going with a sliced drive over backward point, then a bottom-handed drive along the ground through cover.

3rd over: England 15-1 (Winfield-Hill 1, Knight 0) Jess Kerr continues, and she really is getting that UFO inswing working, in at Lauren Winfield-Hill, who scores a single at the end of the over. That’s 13 deliveries including the wide that LWH has faced from Kerr to score one run.


WICKET! Beaumont b Devine 12, England 13-1

2nd over: England 14-1 (Winfield-Hill 0) What an over that is. Something for everyone. Tammy Beaumont props forward and drives four through cover. Flicks another one through midwicket, then square drives a full toss. Last ball of the over, it’s length, it’s angling in a touch, and Beaumont leaves it alone! Loses her off stump to the Kiwi skipper. Goodness me.

1st over: England 1-0 (Winfield-Hill 0, Beaumont 0) Jess Kerr to start the bowling, with her drastically hooping in-swingers at times. Winfield-Hill soaks up the whole first over without scoring, only a wide results.

England in a pre-match huddle at New Road.
England in a pre-match huddle at New Road. Photograph: Dan Mullan/ECB/Getty Images



Tammy Beaumont
Lauren Winfield-Hill
Heather Knight *
Natalie Sciver
Amy Jones +
Sophia Dunkley
Danni Wyatt
Charlie Dean
Sophie Ecclestone
Kate Cross
Tash Farrant

New Zealand
Lauren Down
Suzie Bates
Maddy Green
Amy Satterthwaite
Sophie Devine *
Brooke Halliday
Katey Martin +
Hannah Rowe
Jess Kerr
Lea Tahuhu
Leigh Kasperek

New Zealand win the toss and bowl first

Both captains say they would have chosen to chase. Sophie Devine gets that opportunity. Heather Knight says that she doesn’t mind. She’ll be doing some bowling today too, with Brunt rotating out for a “structural change” that brings batter Danni Wyatt in to bat at seven.


Hello all, welcome to cricket town. Today: the second One-Day International out of five matches between the women’s teams of England and New Zealand. We’re at New Road, Worcester, for today’s outing, with the cathedral watching over and the ground remarkably not underwater, which is how it seems to spend most of the months between about August and June.

Game one was in Bristol, where England won pretty comfortably in the end, more so than a margin of 30 runs suggests. Heather Knight did the bulk of the batting to make 89, first with a partnership with Tammy Beaumont up top, then with Katherine Brunt down the order, to make 241. New Zealand had Amy Satterthwaite bat through for 79 not out, but she didn’t have enough support, and the Kiwis got bowled out for 211 with 21 balls to go. Had they batted their full allotment, they were a good chance to win.

They have chance to make good today: lock, load, and go again.


Geoff Lemon (earlier) and Tanya Aldred (later)

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