Australia v India: women’s Test, day two – as it happened

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  • India reach 276-5 before lightning again puts a stop to the day
  • Smriti Mandhana scores her first Test century


Well, what can we say about that day of play? India definitely had the momentum at the start and we saw that wonderful century from Smriti Mandhana. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what she can do with the Sydney Thunder this season!

Australia gained a bit of ascendancy back later in the day - Ellyse Perry finally got the wicket she was chasing and Annabel Sutherland created something from nothing with the big run out of captain Mithali Raj. We had the fascinating case of Punam Raut walking after nicking to Alyssa Healy behind, despite the umpire giving her not out.

Australia will be disappointed that the rain has washed out the day, as they were really gaining momentum, but equally India had the chance to pile on some runs and declare and really put themselves in the box seat to take the win. So no one will be happy about this terrible Queensland weather (from experience, Queenslanders take it very well when you disparage their weather, they’re notoriously good humoured about it).

I will be back at 1:30pm tomorrow to take you into the start of the day’s play and hopefully will have no more rain fill to do and can just tell you all about some great cricket! See you then.

Well there we have it, no more play today - it will resume at 2pm tomorrow.

Unfortunately, there will be no more play today.

We're back at 2pm again tomorrow #AUSvIND

— (@cricketcomau) October 1, 2021

Still no official updates on the rain situation despite the promise of an assessment of conditions at 8:30pm and the broadcasters are still showing us sunny highlights from the third ODI. Please tweet if you’d like me to live blog that game instead and we’ll all pretend we don’t know what happens in it.

Well while we’re waiting for some live cricket, please let me take you back to my favourite Test moment. The year is 2011. It’s before the multi-format series, so the entire Ashes comes down to this one Test. England just have to get a draw to retain it. They bat first, do a good job, Australia fall apart. Then something magical happens - they declare behind. There’s a spark in the game. Rene Farrell comes on to bowl. And the rest is history.

The latest update from the ground is that lightning is still persisting in the area and conditions will be assessed again at 8:30pm, so in about 25 mins. I’ll keep you updated!

Ah, here’s some optimism right on cue from our friend Bharat Sundaresan at the ground. Apparently the stadium’s famous draining capabilities are living up to the hype and there’s still a chance of play tonight.

Still some rain around & the odd bolt of lightning. But must admit that the Metricon Stadium seems to have a miraculous drainage system. This is how dry the playing area looks like now #AUSvIND

— Bharat Sundaresan (@beastieboy07) October 1, 2021

Still seeing plenty of this around the ground I hear and the broadcasters have diverted to showing a replay, which is never a great sign. If we have any Queenslanders around that can send me a bit of your trademark optimism to share, that would be much appreciated.

Lightning at Metricon Stadium
Lightning is seen during a rain delay on day two of the Women’s International Test match between Australia and India. Photograph: Matt Roberts/Getty Images

Alyssa Healy is chatting on Fox Cricket now and the rain still seems to be coming down behind her and the Australian team is apparently mid-card game, so that 7:30 resumption seems very optimistic. But hope remains for getting back out at some point tonight.

If you’re not vibing with this rain delay and you’d like to follow some action, can I suggest taking a short stroll over to join my wonderful colleague Tanya Aldred on the OBO for Warwickshire v Lancashire? Apparently there is some rain threatening over there as well, but it hasn’t started yet, so jump in while you can and pop back over here after tea.

Tea will be taken from 7:10-7:30pm with the hope that play will resume after that. So sit tight and get yourself some tea, or perhaps something stronger on a Friday night, and hopefully all those Queenslanders know what they’re on about and we’ll see some cricket soon.

Update: Tea will be taken from 7:10pm - 7:30pm.

Play will resume when possible!

— Australian Women's Cricket Team 🏏 (@AusWomenCricket) October 1, 2021

I’m hearing the Queenslanders around the ground remain confident this will blow over, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I suppose we have to defer to them as the experts and as someone who witnessed an MBBL final and a T20 World Cup semi-final at the SCG that were both played in what appeared to be impossible rain circumstances in early 2020, I have to accept that there’s always a chance!

Some more pictures from the ground, courtesy of the delightful Bharat Sundaresan. I’d love to be showing you some cricket shots right now, but rain and hail is all I can offer.

They do say strange things happen under lights in a #PinkBallTest. And this bizarre thunderstorm just turned into a hailstorm #AUSvIND

— Bharat Sundaresan (@beastieboy07) October 1, 2021

Oh dear, Kirby Short on Fox Cricket tells us there’s now hail coming down at the ground, so things aren’t looking good for a quick resumption of play. These pictures aren’t making me feeling too optimistic either.

Little bit of rain coming in #AUSvIND

— 7Cricket (@7Cricket) October 1, 2021

While we’re taking a little break, it seems like as good a time as any to relive this incredible run out from Annabel Sutherland.

Get a load of this!

Annabel Sutherland lighting fast to run out Mithali Raj. India 5-274 #AUSvIND

— Australian Women's Cricket Team 🏏 (@AusWomenCricket) October 1, 2021

It’s been an interesting little period of play. India are approaching it very cautiously, they don’t appear to want to lose any more wickets. But it really seems like they should be instead focusing on pushing up their run rate and getting Australia out there batting under lights and take some quick wickets. A win in the Test would be huge for India in the context of the series - it would be disappointing to finish this with a draw. The bad weather reduces the likelihood of a result, but some aggressive batting from India could turn things around and give them a shot at a win.

Rain delay

There’s some lightning in the vicinity, so everyone’s heading off the field. Hopefully it will be a quicker storm than last night’s one!

101st over: India 275-6 (Bhatia 0, Sharma 12) Molineux again and Sharma plays a neat little shot to leg gully to get off strike on the second ball of the over. Bhatia doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get off the mark, she’s playing very safe and defensively to the length Molineux is bowling.

100th over: India 275-5 (Bhatia 0, Sharma 11) McGrath resumes and the ball is starting to move a bit under the lights. A misfield from Sutherland at the start of the over gives India an easy run and McGrath follows up with a ball that doesn’t leave much room for a misfield, not allowing Bhatia to get bat on it. She started her line a little wide, but straightens it up through the over and Bhatia is content to defend.

99th over: India 274-5 (Bhatia 0, Sharma 10) Well hello and thanks Jonathan for taking us through the start of a fascinating day’s play. Mithali Raj’s wicket came right out of the blue and will provide a bit of spark to the Australians. Molineux is bowling this over and Lanning calls Sutherland over to get under the lid. It’s a maiden from the spinner.

And with that, I’ll hand you over to Megan Maurice. She will take you through to the remainder of play. Thanks for your company.

WICKET! Raj run out (Sutherland) 30 (India 274-5)

Catastrophe for India. Raj has run herself out. She dabbed Molineux to midwicket and set off for the run but realised quickly Sutherland was going to make her life hard. She aborted the sprint and attempted to turn and reclaim her ground, but she slipped, Sutherland hit the stumps direct and Raj has to trudge off. Disastrous way to go.

98th over: India 274-4 (Raj 30, Sharma 10) The lights are now in full effect at Metricon Stadium and the pinkness of the ball is in exaggerated effect. There’s still very little movement in the air or off the seam for McGrath though as she sends down an uneventful maiden.

Meanwhile on the rain radar, there is now just a narrow strip of land that has yet to be consumed by the blanket of storms coming through. That strip includes Metricon Stadium, for now.

97th over: India 274-4 (Raj 30, Sharma 10) Perry’s spell of seven overs 1/16 comes to an end, replaced by Sophie Molineux. But the left-arm spinner begins with an absolute rank half-tracker that is helped to the fine-leg fence by Sharma. It’s the same line, but slightly fuller next up, and SHARMA IS DROPPED down the legside by Healy. Tough chance, but that one glanced off the bat in and out of Healy’s gloves.

96th over: India 269-4 (Raj 30, Sharma 5) McGrath settles into a full and straight line and length to Sharma, with a hint of swing into the left-hander, but this new ball is not misbehaving under lights as much as Australia might have expected.

95th over: India 267-4 (Raj 29, Sharma 4) Perry is into the seventh over of her spell. It seems like she’s really committed to bowling herself into form in this session. It might be one over too much though. Her length is too short in the main, then she offers Sharma a full toss to square drive to the point boundary and get off the mark.

#SEQld severe storm warning update: storms moving east towards #SunshineCoast and #GoldCoast. Damaging winds and large hail likely. Check the radar and latest warning details:

— Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland (@BOM_Qld) October 1, 2021

94th over: India 263-4 (Raj 29, Sharma 0) McGrath replaces Brown, but her line is all over the place. Raj collects a couple behind square-leg.

93rd over: India 261-4 (Raj 27, Sharma 0) Deepti Sharma is out in the middle, the last of India’s frontline batters. The left-right combination remains intact.

WICKET! Bhatia c Mooney b Perry 19 (India 261-4)

After Raj gets an easy single to rotate the strike, Perry settles in outside Bhatia’s off-stump. The line changes to leg-stump, but Bhatia can’t time the ball away for runs, instead finding a huge leading edge that skews all the way to Mooney in the gully, who takes a superb low catch to make amends for her earlier error. Australia, and Perry in particular, have pushed hard for that dismissal since the break, and they have their reward. A huge relief for Perry after her tribulations.

Beth Mooney holds on to a great diving catch, and Ellyse Perry has her first wicket! #AUSvIND

— 7Cricket (@7Cricket) October 1, 2021


92nd over: India 260-3 (Raj 26, Bhatia 19) Consecutive play-and-misses outside off stump from Bhatia, wafting her bat away from her body to Brown angling the ball across her body. Brown then loses her line and both batters work singles before a couple of wild deliveries well outside off, only one of which is assigned an extra. I reckon that might be Brown’s lot for a while.

Still we wait for the rain.

91st over: India 257-3 (Raj 25, Bhatia 18) Perry’s over is delayed while Mithali Raj is attended to by the Indian physio. She’s received a couple of blows to the inside of her left thigh and needs some attention. Replays indicate the latest of those blows was actually a very good shout for LBW. It was only a half-hearted appeal on-field but it would have been Umpire’s Call if DRS was involved. Perhaps rattled, Raj gets an outside edge but it lands short of slip.

90th over: India 257-3 (Raj 25, Bhatia 18) Shot! Short and wide from Brown and Bhatia gives it the treatment, sending it scorching to the cover boundary with a very satisfying crack off the bat. Four more! This time punishing a short ball in front of square leg. Australia’s seamers have got their lengths wrong way too often this match.

89th over: India 248-3 (Raj 24, Bhatia 10) There’s plenty of energy and atmosphere out in the middle with every Perry delivery, but there remains a lack of consistency from the pace bowler and Bhatia keeps the scoreboard moving by helping a short ball on her hip down to the fine-leg fence.

88th over: India 242-3 (Raj 23, Bhatia 5) Brown is doing a good job pitching the ball up and she’s finding some nice shape into the left-handed Bhatia. After a pretty sedate morning session there’s plenty happening out in the middle.

87th over: India 241-3 (Raj 23, Bhatia 4) Perry continues, and she’s a touch wayward to begin with, but then she finds Raj’s outside edge but it’s DROPPED BY MOONEY AT SECOND SLIP. They have to be taken. It wasn’t a great delivery, short and wide, but Raj fended at it with her hands well away from her body, and it flew quickly at waist height to Mooney’s left - more a classical gully catch. She got both hands to it but couldn’t hold on. Huge opportunity missed.

86th over: India 240-3 (Raj 23, Bhatia 3) It’s Brown, not McGrath, who joins Perry with the new ball after dinner. She’s too short to begin with, but then she finds the ideal length, drawing Raj forward and finding a touch of shape away from the right-hander three deliveries in a row. From the middle of those deliveries a thick outside edge runs along the ground and through the cordon for four.

Severe storm warning update as storms move eastward, #Brisbane #SunshineCoast #GoldCoast #Rockhampton #Gladstone have been included in warning area. Severe storms likely to bring damaging wind gusts, large hail, heavy rainfall. Latest warnings

— Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland (@BOM_Qld) October 1, 2021

85th over: India 235-3 (Raj 19, Bhatia 2) Perry starts the session with a beauty, getting the new ball to nip back into the right-handed Raj and strike her on her thigh. The Indian skipper responds by driving a long half-volley through extra cover for four. The remainder of the over is harmlessly outside off-stump.

The players are back out in the middle. The floodlights are on, but there’s plenty of natural light too, although it’s increasingly hazy as the clouds roll in. Australia have the new ball. Testing little spell ahead for India before the rain intervenes.

South east Queensland is getting a drenching right now, but the front has yet to reach Metricon Stadium, so we’ll be underway on time after the dinner break.

On the radar there’s a big nasty band of heavy rain heading from the country to the coastline. It’s shaped like a scythe and the tip of the blade has reached the beaches to the south of the Gold Coast with Carrara neatly placed in the middle of the curve, and so safe, for now, but an interruption seems inevitable. It just remains to be seen how long, and how many.

Severe thunderstorms continuing to develop and move eastward across #SEQld. Damaging wind gusts and large hail are the main risks with these storms. 96km/h wind gust recorded at #Wellcamp. Check the radar and latest warnings

— Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland (@BOM_Qld) October 1, 2021


Dinner: India 231-3

India continued their excellent progress this extended morning session, highlighted by Smriti Mandhana’s glorious century. Australia’s spinners kept the run-rate down, then winkled out a couple of wickets on a faultless pitch, to keep the visitors from racing out of sight. With the lights taking effect - and possibly thunderstorms - after the interval, the match situation seems set to move on apace. Be sure to joins us back here for the resumption of play around 40 minutes from now.

84th over: India 231-3 (Raj 15, Bhatia 2) As expected, Tahlia McGrath replaces Annabel Sutherland in the attack, prompting Meg Lanning to reinforce her slip cordon and tighten her 6-3 offside field. It’s all to no avail though with McGrath beginning her spell by leaking onto the pads and allowing India to rotate their right-left combination. She’s then too short and wide to the lefty Bhatia, but the Indian No 5 has yet to find any timing.

83rd over: India 230-3 (Raj 15, Bhatia 2) Right on cue, here is Ellyse Perry. And it’s a decent over from the superstar allrounder, keeping Bhatia to a maiden, and beating the bat for pace on a couple of occasions.

82nd over: India 230-3 (Raj 15, Bhatia 2) Yowza, Sutherland begins with an enormous wide that sails for five extras miles down the legside. She eases into the rest of the over and there’s a hint of shape into the right-handed Raj, but she can’t control it and ends up leaking another legside boundary, this time off the pads. The youngster has bowled well today and looked the pick of the seamers, deserving of the new ball, but that might be her lot for a while with Perry and McGrath itching for a dart.

Now Australia take the new ball and Annabel Sutherland will have first use.

81st over: India 219-3 (Raj 13, Bhatia 2) Bhatia gets off the mark with a couple squeezed behind point, and she reinstates the left-right partnership.

This being Australia, the conversation on TV is all about whether Raut walking was “against the spirit of the game”.

(Dan is a humorist, btw.)

Walking?! Pretty offensive stuff. Respect the culture of the country you're visiting, India. #AUSvIND

— Dan Liebke (@LiebCricket) October 1, 2021


WICKET! Raut c Healy b Molineux 36 (India 217-3)

Molineux continues with the old ball, for now. Australia have control of the run-rate and are probably happy to delay taking the new Kookaburra until twilight begins to set in.

They’ll be very happy now because Molineux has winkled out the stubborn Raut with a perfect left-arm finger-spinner’s dismissal, flighting the ball into the right-hander from around the wicket and spinning the ball away, grazing the finest of outside edges from the forward press and into the safe gloves of Healy. The appeal was a bit half-hearted, and the umpire appeared to shake his head dismissively, but then out of nowhere Raut decided to walk. Surprising scenes on the Gold Coast and a huge bonus for Australia.

Unbelievable scenes 😨

Punam Raut is given not out, but the Indian No.3 walks! #AUSvIND | @CommBank

— (@cricketcomau) October 1, 2021


80th over: India 217-2 (Raut 36, Raj 13) A rare stifled shout from Australia as Sutherland nips one back to find the inside edge of Raj’s bat. Later in the over India’s No 4 throws her hands at a wider one outside off stump and it flies over (through!?) gully with the fielder little more than a lace curtain in the way of Raj’s bullet. Wareham, in the gully, is in the game soon afterwards when another Raj drive heads her direction but it arrives on the half-volley and the weather-beaten fielders stand frustrated with hands on their heads.

Now, will Meg Lanning take the new ball?

79th over: India 212-2 (Raut 36, Raj 9) Sophie Molineux’s first turn to bowl today, and she lands her left-arm finger-spinners from around the wicket to the right-handed Raut exactly where she wanted to. The only runs, two of them, arrive off a tick outside edge with Raut playing with her hands away from her body to a lovely slower flighted delivery outside off stump.

78th over: India 210-2 (Raut 34, Raj 9) Just the single from Sutherland’s latest over.

77th over: India 209-2 (Raut 33, Raj 9) Gardner tries to spice things up by coming around the wicket to the two right-handers. The run of dots extends to 23, but it ends when Raj decides to put some momentum through an offside push and watches the ball dance its way through the shadows to the rope.


76th over: India 205-2 (Raut 33, Raj 5) Make that 20 dot-balls in a row. Sutherland has her fourth maiden. This match has entered the doldrums.

75th over: India 205-2 (Raut 33, Raj 5) Another maiden, this time from Gardner. The grind is real. India have to be careful they don’t grind to a halt here. They have the ascendancy, but their window to make it a match-winning position might not be too big with the likelihood of storms later on.

74th over: India 205-2 (Raut 33, Raj 5) Annabel Sutherland gets a trundle with this old ball and hits a decent line and length on her way to a maiden. She has Raut fending at fresh air outside off-stump on a couple of occasions, as is the Indian batter’s tendency, but so far she’s avoided any catchable edges.

73rd over: India 205-2 (Raut 33, Raj 5) If the grind involves Raj sweeping Gardner so beautifully for four, I’m all for it. That was a lovely stroke to punctuate another watchful over.

72nd over: India 200-2 (Raut 32, Raj 1) 200 up for India. Another over of seam from Darcie Brown that only reinforces everybody’s opinion of this pitch as flat and evenly-paced. While Raj gets her eye in and Raut continues doing her thing, this could be a bit of a grind until the tea break.

71st over: India 198-2 (Raut 31, Raj 1) Lanning is upping the pressure on Raj, bringing in a slip, silly point and a short leg for the wicket-taker Gardner. Raj is predictably watchful, and after a bye rotates the strike, Raut fails to punish a full toss outside off-stump.

70th over: India 197-2 (Raut 31, Raj 1) Darcie Brown has the ball in her hands for the first time on day two, taking over from Wareham who looked to lose her control in her previous over. Again with the seamers there’s not much doing, and India pick up a couple of easy singles, including Raj getting off the mark.

A quick weather update for you. The Gold Coast is right on the toe end of this warning zone.

⚠️Updated Severe Thunderstorm Warning for #winds, #hail, #rain. Area affected includes Darling Downs & Granite Belt, parts of Central Highlands & Coalfields, Capricornia, Wide Bay & Burnett and Southeast Coast Forecast Districts. Details

— Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland (@BOM_Qld) October 1, 2021

69th over: India 195-2 (Raut 30, Raj 0) Wicket maiden for Gardner who now has figures of 1/17 from 18 overs. As well as the wicket she teases the outside edge of new batter Mithali Raj. Chance now for Australia to up the pressure and then cash in with the second new ball just 11 overs away.

WICKET! Mandhana c McGrath b Gardner 127 (India 195-2)

Out of nothing Australia have the breakthrough! Gardner is rewarded for her control after Mandhana left her crease to execute one of her serene drives through the V, but she doesn’t get to the pitch of the ball and hits the ball straight to McGrath stationed at a very straight mid-off exactly for that opportunity. A brilliant knock comes to a end.

Wow, Australia needed that!

Live #AUSvIND:

— (@cricketcomau) October 1, 2021


68th over: India 195-1 (Mandhana 127, Raut 30) Wareham overpitches on a couple of occasions this over, but gets away without too much damage. Raut drives one full-toss for a couple through the covers to bring up the 100 partnership, but then fails to connect with one on leg-stump that needed punishing.

67th over: India 191-1 (Mandhana 126, Raut 27) Gardner rips through another uneventful maiden.

66th over: India 191-1 (Mandhana 126, Raut 27) Wareham opens with a maiden after drinks. There’s the first half-shout of the day when Raut gets an inside-edge onto her pad propping forward.

The two partnerships in the match so far are India women's two highest Test partnerships for any wicket in Australia.#AUSvIND

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) October 1, 2021

65th over: India 191-1 (Mandhana 126, Raut 27) Gardner is racing through her work. She remains economical, but with runs coming at the other end it’s all very ODI middle-overs fare. Australia are in a hole and it’s hard to see how they get out of it until the second new ball.

64th over: India 186-1 (Mandhana 126, Raut 26) Mandhana is so so good to watch. She calmly repels Wareham for four deliveries then caresses the easiest of cover drives to the extra-cover boundary. That was so smooth. She picks up a couple more with the same shot to become the highest scorer in an innings by a visiting Test cricketer to Australia.

Smriti Mandhana now has the highest score by a visiting player in a women's Test in Australia, beating Molly Hide's 124* for England at the SCG in 1949.#AUSvIND

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) October 1, 2021

63rd over: India 184-1 (Mandhana 120, Raut 26) Mandhana steps out of her crease to interrupt Gardner’s long run of dot-balls. It precedes an uncharacteristically rash stroke from Raut - a flcik/lap sweep from well outside off stump - that does not come off. Perhaps a sign Australia’s spinners are beginning to frustrate this long partnership?

62nd over: India 183-1 (Mandhana 119, Raut 26) Wareham has Raut’s feet moving for four deliveries, in an intriguing duel, but then drops in a rank long-hop that’s slapped behind square on the leg side. It should be stopped, but goes straight through the fielder and away for four. Pretty rum cricket all round.

As per @_hypocaust collected data, Smriti Mandhana now has the fastest recorded hundred by an Indian in Women's Test cricket in 170 balls. Previous fastest was Hemlata Kala in 226 balls against England in 2002.#AUSvIND

— Kausthub Gudipati (@kaustats) October 1, 2021


61st over: India 179-1 (Mandhana 119, Raut 22) Another rapid maiden from Gardner. Australia starting to wrest some control with this all-spin partnership.

60th over: India 179-1 (Mandhana 119, Raut 22) Australia are searching for a breakthrough and Meg Lanning has thrown the ball to leg-spinner Georgia Wareham on Test debut. There’s the first hint of turn, good fizz and flight through the air, and despite India picking up three runs, positive signs at last for Australia. Good over. Wareham already looks more interesting than anyone previously in this opening hour.

59th over: India 176-1 (Mandhana 118, Raut 20) An economical but unthreatening maiden from Gardner. Raut happy to drop anchor and allow Mandhana to do the scoring from the other end.

58th over: India 176-1 (Mandhana 118, Raut 20) Campbell allows Mandhana to rotate strike with ease, then leaks onto Raut’s hip as well, encouraging the No 3 to score her first run in 20 balls. Campbell gets a moral victory next delivery by finding a thick outside edge from Mandhana’s bat, but there is no cordon to speak and the ball skips away for four. And Mandhana cashes in on her fortune next ball, flicking a leg-stump full toss away for another boundary. Australia struggling here early on day two.

57th over: India 166-1 (Mandhana 109, Raut 19) Lanning has had enough of watching her pacers send the ball down gun barrel straight so it’s time for Gardner’s finger spin. There’s decent bounce on a length, but not much turn, and India play watchfully.

56th over: India 165-1 (Mandhana 108, Raut 19) Campbell digs one in short and gets some decent lift, but Mandhana is even to it and benefits from a thickish top edge that flies for four. Emboldened, Campbell goes short again, but Mandhana works it away comfortably for a single, then there’s a wild wide at the change of left to right hander.

India ticking along very nicely indeed.


55th over: India 159-1 (Mandhana 103, Raut 19) Just the single from another well directed Sutherland over. Still nothing happening laterally for Australia. It’s going to take all Lanning’s nous to get into this batting line-up.

54th over: India 158-1 (Mandhana 102, Raut 19) Perry, still bowling quite mechanically, makes way for debutant Stella Campbell. Mandhana almost gifts her wicket away when she backs out of a square cut to a long hop angling away from her, decelerating mid-stroke and almost bunting the ball to cover. Campbell then beats the centurion for pace outside off-stump. The pressure is released with a single off the hip.

53rd over: India 157-1 (Mandhana 101, Raut 19) Sutherland has settled into a decent line and length for Raut. It’s just short of a good length and on a fifth stump line. Raut likes to stay leg-side of the ball which means she has a tendency to fend with her hands away from her body. Maiden.

Mandhana just the fourth touring opener to score a ton in Australia, and the first since 1968.

Women's Test centuries by visiting openers in Australia:

Myrtle Maclagan (ENG), Sydney, 1935
Cecilia Robinson (ENG), Adelaide, 1958
Enid Bakewell (ENG), Adelaide, 1968
Smriti Mandhana (IND), Carrara, 2021#AUSvIND

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) October 1, 2021


100 to Mandhana!

52nd over: India 157-1 (Mandhana 101, Raut 19) Perry coming around the wicket now to Mandhana. After three length deliveries there’s a shorter one and Mandhana is onto it in a flash, pivoting on the crease and swivelling calmly to plop a four over midwicket. She makes everything look so serene. And two balls later she repeats the trick to being up her maiden Test century! Superb effort from a quality batter that is a delight to watch. The first hundred from an Indian on Australian soil. Brilliant stuff.

51st over: India 149-1 (Mandhana 93, Raut 19) The rashness may not come from a stroke but a poor single call. India have been aggressive with their running in these early overs today, rotating the strike nicely between left and right-handers, but it is an approach with little margin for error. Two from Sutherland’s latest over.

50th over: India 147-1 (Mandhana 92, Raut 18) Both these Indian batters look in good order, playing straight, waiting for the ball to come onto the bat, not taking any unnecessary risks. It’s hard to see how Australia are going to make any breakthroughs with pace unless a rash stroke appears from out of the blue. Perry continues to look unthreatening.

Darcie Brown 18
Stella Campbell 19
Annabel Sutherland 19
Georgia Wareham 22

The only previous time Australia women's Test XI featured four debutants aged 22 or younger, including three teenagers, was against England at Brisbane in 1934 (the first women's Test match).#AUSvIND

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) October 1, 2021

49th over: India 145-1 (Mandhana 91, Raut 17) No swing, seam, or uneven bounce to report today, so Mandhana can trust the bounce and drive squarely for two then present the full face of the bat to meet a Sutherland half-volley and send it back down the ground for an effortless four. Mandhana is such an elegant player to watch. Minimal movements, great control, and superb timing.

48th over: India 138-1 (Mandhana 84, Raut 17) Mandhana gets a couple from another Perry full toss that’s miss-fielded by Campbell at mid-on. Perry overcorrects and the Indian left-handed shovels a single down to fine-leg. A couple of yorkers test Raut, but she’s alert to them and playing nicely in the V.

Can confirm rain is STAYING AWAY!!
🤞🏼 it stays that way! Tune into @7Cricket now #AUSvsIND

— Holly Ferling (@Holly_Ferling) October 1, 2021

47th over: India 135-1 (Mandhana 81, Raut 17) Annabel Sutherland shares pace duties with Perry. The young allrounder only bowled one over yesterday, but she starts promisingly today with her strong action and nip off the pitch pushing Raut back in her crease, beating the inside edge on one occasion and drawing a false stroke next ball that dribbles away for a single.

46th over: India 133-1 (Mandhana 80, Raut 16) Ellyse Perry has been entrusted with the first full over, and it only takes her two deliveries to find a breakthrough! Poor Mandhana. It was a wide full toss and slapped hard to Mooney at point who took a blinding catch low to her right. But hang on. The third umpire is interested. No ball! That was a superb catch, rewarding an awful delivery, but it’s all academic now.

Perry still isn’t running through the crease as we’ve seen previously, but there’s better control of line and length to the left-handed Mandhana.

“How good is it to hear our Australian cricketers mic’d up in the Test match?” asks Jason Richardson on commentary, rhetorically I presume. My answer is “not good, Richo, not good at all.” Let them play cricket. This is a Test match.

Mandhana hits a full toss straight to Mooney at point.

But Perry has overstepped #AUSvIND #PinkBallTest

— (@cricketcomau) October 1, 2021


45th over: India 132-1 (Mandhana 80, Raut 16) Ash Gardner delivers the five balls remaining from the over that began yesterday. They’re all on the money on a decent length around off-stump and Raut dead bats them all away as she acclimatises to the conditions.

Ha! That answer came pretty quickly. On comes the cricket, live and free in HD. Lovely. The players are out on the boundary edge in their whites ready for play to resume.

It remains to be seen how Australian host broadcaster Channel 7 chooses to show the start of play. Regular programming on the scheduled station (7 & 7HD) has been interrupted following the news that the NSW premier has resigned. The early start already meant there would be no pregame, so it’s currently all down to the pay-TV coverage for the time being.

The day ✌️ wicket!

Play is only 24 minutes away #AUSvIND #PinkBallTest

— (@cricketcomau) October 1, 2021

If you missed yesterday’s action, you can catch up here.

More good news weather wise from people much closer to the action than I am.

Very promising weather update here from the Gold Coast. The forecast for the day has improved dramatically, with the showers now not expected till late into the second session. The half hour early start should mean we’ll get a lot of play #AUSvIND

— Bharat Sundaresan (@beastieboy07) October 1, 2021

Getting ready for day two!

Conditions on the Gold Coast look wonderful...let's hope it stays that way 🤗 #AUSvIND

— Australian Women's Cricket Team 🏏 (@AusWomenCricket) October 1, 2021


Hello everybody and welcome to day two of the Australia v India Test match from Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast. Play will get underway at 2pm - half-an-hour earlier than usual - in an attempt to make up some of the time lost to rain yesterday.

Without further ado, the all important forecast. Thundery showers are passing through southern Queensland today and it seems inevitable play will be interrupted at some point. However, most of the rain so far has fallen to the north of the Gold Coast, so we should start on time, and the chances are promising for at least a full first session. We’re in the lap of the Gods thereafter. In better news, the weekend is set fair, so there should still be plenty of time for a result.

Continuation of widespread thunderstorms today with severe storms possible south of Mackay #wind, #hail #rain. In the red area, more dangerous storms with giant hail, destructive winds possible, including #SEQld. Check the radar and warnings:

— Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland (@BOM_Qld) October 1, 2021

As things stand India will be the side paying most attention to the radar in the hope no further time is lost. The tourists will resume on 132-1 after the 44.1 overs that were possible yesterday. Smriti Mandhana stole the show with an unbeaten 80 and she will be aiming to convert her highest Test score into a maiden Test century.

I’ll be back with more shortly, but if you would like to join in, you can reach me by email or Twitter (@JPHowcroft).

Smriti Mandhana
Smriti Mandhana resumes on 80 in search of a maiden Test century. Photograph: Chris Hyde/Getty Images


Megan Maurice & Jonathan Howcroft

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