Pierre Gasly wins Italian Grand Prix after Lewis Hamilton penalty: F1 – as it happened

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Pierre Gasly won his first Grand Prix after Lewis Hamilton was awarded a 10-second penalty when leading for driving into a closed pit lane when the race had been halted

So that’s that. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and join us next Sunday for the Tuscan Grand Prix from Mugello. Ta-ra.

He starts by congratulating Gasly and has seen what he’s been through, being dropped by the top team them beating the top team. He says that he enjoyed the battle of trying to get up the track, then stops his interview to bro-hug Gasly. Hamilton is pleased that his title rivals didn’t do much today, but for some reason he isn’t asked about the pit-lane thing. He asks himself about it, though, saying he didn’t see the boards so it was his fault and he’ll learn from the error.

Well here he is...

I wonder who’ll take the blame for Hamilton’s error. His pursuit of the stewards suggests he doesn’t think it was his fault, and you can see his angle if he was following instructions, though the lights indicated the pit lane was closed and he must’ve seen them. Maybe he’ll argue he didn’t know what was going on.

What a strange race that was – good. It looked for all the world like Hamilton had it boxed, and then he didn’t. Still, he’s somehow increased his lead at the top of the driver standings, not bad in the circumstances.


Here are our latest driver standings:

1. Hamilton (Mercedes) 164

2. Bottas (Mercedes) 117

3. Verstappen (Red Bull) 110

4. Stroll (Racing Point) 57

5. Norris (McLaren) 57

6. Albon (Red Bull (48)

7. Leclerc (Ferrari) 45

8. Gasly (AlphaTauri) 43

9. Sainz Jr (McLaren) 41

10. Ricciardo (Renault) 41


Tears from the team as Gasly raises the race trophy.

The AlphaTauri team absolutely wade into the Italian anthem. They are loving this.

Gasly dances and prances around the podium, then bounds onto the centre dais. Great stuff.

Here comes the podium!

Latifi gives a very touching address to Claire Williams, who looks as emotional as someone can look behind a mask.

It’s also worth noting that Gasly is 24, Sainz Jr is 26 and Stroll is 21. That’s lovely to see – I wonder if there’s ever been a younger podium – and great news for FI.

Gasly is so expletive delighted. “I’m not realising what’s happening right now,” he says. “It was such a crazy race and the car was so fast,” he says. “This team have done so much for me,” he says, and notes that he’s had a hard time the last couple of years. He’s the first French winner of a Grand Prix since 1996, when Olivier Panis won at Monaco.

Sainz Jr is “halfway disappointed with P2” but is very happy with it too. He said the car was “super-quick” all weekend, and that without the red flag he’d have finished behind Hamilton.

Lance Stroll is very happy with his third place and is really happy for Gasly, who “stayed consistent throughout the race”. He said the race was “mine to lose” at the second start, but he had no grip when the moment came.

Hamilton has recorded his 221st points-finish. That puts him level with Michael Schumacher.

“One more lap,” Sainz Jr tells his team but, as Ryan Giggs would say, had you offered him second he’d’ve took it. It’s his best-ever finish.

Final standings

1 Gasly (AlphaTauri)

2 Sainz Jr (McLaren)

3 Stroll (Racing Point)

4 Norris (McLaren)

5 Bottas (Mercedes)

6 Ricciardo (Renault)

7 Hamilton (Mercedes)

8 Ocon (Renault)

9 Kvyat (AlphaTauri)

10 Perez (Racing Point)

11 Latifi (Williams)

12 Grosjean (Haas)

13 Raikkonen (Alpha Romeo)

14 Russell (Williams)

15 Albon (Red Bull)

16 Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo)

Gasly celebrates on his car.
Gasly celebrates on his car. Photograph: Luca Bruno/AP


Oh yes! This is why we watch sport! Moments like this, in which people realise their dreams of a lifetime! “My god yes!” Gasly screams down his mic. Absolutely spot on!

Pierre Gasly wins the Italian Grand Prix for AlphaTauri!

WHAT A MOMENT! Sainz Jr is second, Stroll is third.

Formula One driver Pierre Gasly of Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda crosses the finish line to win the 2020 Formula One Grand Prix of Italy.
Formula One driver Pierre Gasly of Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda crosses the finish line to win the 2020 Formula One Grand Prix of Italy. Photograph: Luca Bruno/EPA


Lap 53/53 Sainz is giving it everything, trying to find an angle by going wide, but Gasly has enough! Who is going to win their first race?

Lap 53/53 Sainz Jr is within 0.3s but Gasly holds him off. What a moment this is going to be for both of these drivers! These are the moments!

Lap 52/53 Sainz gets within a second, but in the time it takes for the DRS to kick in, Gasly eases away, but here we go!

Lap 52/53 Sainz is a tenth outside the one-second DRS limit. “Carlos you’re second, just keep it clinical,” he’s told. Here we go...

Lap 51/53 Sainz has another go at hitting Gasly, but can’t quite get within DRS range. The lead is 1.381s. “No mistakes, three laps to go,” Sainz’s team tell him. Meanwhile, Hamilton passes Kvyat and is now in eighth place.

Lap 50/53 Sainz takes another 0.2s out of Gasly’s lead, as the AlphaTauri team stand nervously, staring up at a screen.

Lap 49/53 Hamilton is now 10th, while Sainz isn’t getting closer to Gasly.

Lap 49/53 Sainz needs to get into the DRS zone to slipstream Gasly’a Alfa if he can...

Lap 48/53 The forecast reckons Sainz will be close enough to attack in a lap....

Lap 47/53 Gasly’s team are happy, but his lewad over Sainz Jr is now 1.421s.

Lap 46/53 Sainz Jr closes the gap to just below two seconds; McLaren’s last race-winner was Jenson Button.


Lap 45/53 Bottas, who’s had a quiet, strange race, has to fend off Norris, DRSed up ... and he sees him off.

Lap 44/53 Stroll closes the gap on Sainz Jr and Gasly. He’s about 4.7s behind now.

Lap 43/53 To overtake, you need to be between a second and a second and half quicker than the car in front, we’re told. Meanwhile, Ocon overtakes Raikkonen, who’s had a tough resumption.

Lap 42/53 It’s beginning to look like a two-way fight for the chequered flag. Gasly leads Sainz Jr by 2.526, Stroll is a further 2.866s behind that, and Norris another 3.835s.

Lap 42/53 Sainz is within 2.766s of Gasly. He looks a likely winner now.

Lap 41/53 Hamilton takes out Albon, and now lies 14th..

Lap 40/53 It’s going to be such a moment when whoever wins wins, a proper life-definer. I can’t wait to enjoy the delight.

Lap 39/53 Hamilton does his best to attack Albon down the straight, but his car doesn’t have the raw speed this weekend.

Lap 38/53 The computer reckons that Sainz can be in front of Gasly in four laps.

Lap 37/53 Sainz is six-tenths quicker than Gasly, and is taking chunks out of the lead - it’s not down to 3.402s. Meanwhile, Bottas finally does something, whizzing by Raikkonen who just doesn’t have the pace to keep up.

Lap 36/53 Hamilton is driving extremely quickly – his team think he can get 6th – while Norris passes Raikkonen.

Lap 35/53 This is a proper moment for these lads. Stroll has a shy at Raikkonen at the second chicane, he’s past, and that numbers 1,2 and 3 who haven’t won a grand prix.

Lap 34/53 Sainz attacks Raikkonen, and there’s enough space to go by! He sucks in, Raikkonen fights back, but it’s not enough! Sainz is second. 4.339s behind Gasly, and has the bit between his teeth.

Lap 33/53 Hamilton has put in the fastest lap of the race, but still sits 15th. Gasly now leads by 2.802s.

Lap 32/53 Hamilton leads Bottas by 47 points in the driver championship. Bottas can put a dent in that, if he can coax some overtaking action out of his car.

Max Verstappen retires!

Lap 31/53 Giovinazzi goes in to serve his pit penalty, and then Verstappen goes in, getting out of the car! He does not look at all happy.

Lap 30/53 Gasly has never lead an F1 GP before, and now he might just win one! The lead is up to 1.586s.

French Formula One driver Pierre Gasly of Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda.
French Formula One driver Pierre Gasly of Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda. Photograph: Luca Bruno/EPA


Lap 29/53 Hamilton takes his penalty and now Gasly leads Raikkonen by 1.7s. Hamilton is 30s behind the leader.

Lap 28/53

1. Hamilton

2. Gasly

3. Raikkonen

4. Giovinazzi

5. Stroll

6. Sainz

7. Norris

8. Bottas


Lap 28/53 Hamilton starts well again, zooming away from Gasly! Stroll drops back; does he have brake problems?


Lap 28/53 Off we go!

Lap 27/53 We’ve got another formation lap, and following that there’ll be a standing start. No radio contact is allowed.

Lap 27/53 Hamilton was ready for a 41st consecutive points finish, a record. He’ll have to go some to sort that now.

Lap 27/53 “Suck it up and get on with the task in hand,” Mercedes tell Hamilton. He’s going to be extremely angry.

Lap 27/53 I said at the start that we watch sport because we don’t know what’s going to happen, and by jove that is the case here. I’ve got a feeling for Sainz, but Gasly and Stroll will both fancy themselves.

Lap 27/53 Tell you what, it’s going to be fun watching Hamilton cruise through the field from the back.


Lap 27/53 We see film that shows us Hamilton should’ve been able to see that the pit lane was closed – there were two red crosses that he drove by.

Lap 27/53 We’ll restart in 10 minutes.

Lap 27/53 Hamilton in fact went to see the stewards to talk about the lights, rather than to see a man about a dog.

Lap 27/53 There’s no indication of when we might get back underway.

Lap 27/53 Let’s have some standings:

1. Hamilton

2. Stroll

3. Gasly

4. Raikkonen

5. Giovinazzi

6. Sainz Jr

7. Norris

8. Bottas

9. Latifi

10. Ricciardo

11. Verstappen

12. Ocon


Lap 27/53 Lance Stroll has never led a race for a complete lap. He now has a chance to win one!

Lap 27/53 Hamilton goes off on a scooter, presumably for a comfort break.

Off he goes.
Off he goes. Photograph: Mark Thompson/EPA


Lap 27/53 Norris is under investigation for driving unnecessarily slowly when entering the pit lane.

Lap 27/53 Hamilton is out of the car now. This is an extremely odd situation!

Lap 27/53 Lewis Hamilton receives 10 second stop/go penalty!

He’ll have to stay in the pit for that time, and we’re looking at half a minute in total. What a chance for someone!

Lap 27/53 A wheel is wheeled away, still smoking. Hopefully we’re nearly clear and good to get going again.

Lap 27/53 Eeesh! A little crane lifts Leclerc’s Ferrari out of the tyres, and for a nasty second it wobbles about out of control, but people get out of the road and we’re all ok.

Lap 27/53 Mercedes are saying there was no red light on the pit lane entry, but there’s no reason the engineers shouldn’t have known it was closed.


The tyres Leclerc hit need repairing, so need fixing.

Lap 26/53 The safety car is back, and we learn that Giovinazzi has a 10 second stop-go penalty; if Hamilton gets the same thing, he’ll go last.

The safety car is out.
The safety car is out. Photograph: Matteo Bazzi/EPA


Lap 25/53 At first it looked like brake failure, but Leclerc lost control of the back end of the car, and his oversteering couldn’t compensate.

Lap 25/53 At the parabolica, Leclerc loses control of the car!

Gosh that looked rough, but Leclerc, who clatters into tyres is ok and climbs out of the car.


Lap 25/53 That safety car changed everything, bunching up the field but excuse me while I interrupt myself!

Lap 24/53 The safety car goes, and things have changed.

1. Hamilton

2. Stroll

3. Gasly

4. Leclerc

5. Raikkonen

6. Giovinazzi

7. Sainz Jr

8. Norris

Lap 24/53 Stroll doesn’t pit, so he now sits second, while Gasly, who went in a while ago, is now third. He’ll be fancying this, while Sainz, who had to wait for his pit, is now eighth!

Lap 23/53 They reopen the pits and Sainz comes in, so Hamilton resumes the lead.

Lewis Hamilton during the race.
Lewis Hamilton during the race. Photograph: Jennifer Lorenzini/Reuters


Lap 23/53 McLaren lead a race for the first time since Jenson Button led at Hungary in 2014. It looks like the pit lane was indeed closed when Hamilton and Giovinazzi went in; there’ll be a penalty of some sort...

Lap 22/53 They’ve closed the pit lane, on the basis that marshals are shoving Magnussen’s car off the grass verge. The question now is whether Hamilton was allowed to come in when he did – he and Giovinazzi are under investigation – or whether access had been restricted.

Lap 21/53 Hamilton uses the safety car to pit, putting on hards. He re-emerges just second, behind Sainz.

Lap 20/53 No sign of a virtual safety car ... but here comes the actual safety car!

Lap 20/53 Kevin Magnussen pulls over onto the side of the track!

He’s on the grass verge; this might be a safety car situation.

Lap 19/53 Verstappen, in 7th, is now just 0.701s behind Bottas in 6th. He’ll fancy himself to resolve this one.

Lap 18/53 Leclerc, in 17th, pits and takes hards. Hamilton’s lead is now 12.319s. It’s a procession.

Lap 17/53 The battle for third has settled a bit; Norris is now 1.772s ahead of Perez, with the gap to Ricciardo 1.12s and the gap to Bottas 1.567s.

Lap 16/53 Hamilton’s lead is now up above 10 seconds. Once he came out of the first corner in front, the race was over, unless something mechanical went wrong.

Lap 15/53 The top 10 are all on softs, which looks a decent call. Sainz has never finished above third, so this is a huge chance for him to improve on that.

Carlos Sainz of McLaren.
Carlos Sainz of McLaren. Photograph: Miguel Medina/EPA


Lap 14/53 Hamilton now leads by 8.36s, and behind him, Sainz Jr leads Norris by 4.281s. The battle for third place is great news for the two drivers ahead of that.

Lap 13/53 Mercedes confirm Bottas’ car is running hot.

Lap 13/53 Bottas’ car is quick on the straight, but this track doesn’t really offer much help in that aspect. It’ll take some high-class wriggling for him to redeem that dreadful start.

Lap 12/53 Norris, Perez, Ricciardo and Bottas are very close together, but no movement as yet. Norris is defending his third spot really well.

Lap 11/53 This looks a lot like it’s over. No one has anything for Hamilton, who leads by 6.639s now.

Lap 10/53 As Hamilton stacks up his lead, Perez has another go at Norris, but he’s not quite close enough.

Lap 9/53 Hamilton’s lead is nearly up to five seconds, which in second and third, Sainz and Norris look settled. But Perez is gaining on the latter, and it looks like a duel is imminent.

Lap 8/53 Albon has been given a five-second time penalty for failing to leave a car’s width to the edge of the track.

Lap 7/53 Verstappen, who also started badly, is having a go at Bottas, but can’t get close enough to deploy DRS.

Lap 6/53 Sebatian Vettel is out of the race!

He has a brake failure, and has no choice but to check out.


Lap 6/53 “Watching from my couch here in the States,” says Frank J. Lankey Jr. “Had no idea just how close Lewis was in wins to Michael. This is going to be a special day for Lewis, if the stars align. Looking forward to following along! Cheers!”


Lap 6/53 Hamilton leads by about 2.93s and is increasing the gap, while the gap from Sainz to Norris in third is just over 2s.

Lap 5/53 A little first-lap ruckus between Albon and Gasly has been “noticed”, but there’ll be no investigation.


Lap 4/53 Looking at the start again, Sainz got away beautifully and Bottas did not, reacting really slowly.

Lap 3/53 Our standings:

1. Hamilton

2. Sainz Jr

3. Norris

4. Perez

5. Ricciardo

6. Bottas

7. Verstappen

8. Stroll

The gap from first to second is about 1.8s.


Lap 2/53 Bottas thinks he’s got a slow puncture, but he’ll have known that the place to overtake on this circuit is into the first chicane. When that didn’t happen, did he lose the heid?

Lap 1/53 Away we go! Hamilton gets away well and Perez takes out Sainz ... and Sainz sneaks by Bottas! He’s dropping down the field, and is down to sixth! What a dreadful start!

We’re ready...

The formation lap is underway...

We’re looking at one-stop strategies today – the pitting takes too long on this circuit for anyone to want to do very much of it.

The grid:

  1. Hamilton (Mercedes)
  2. Bottas (Mercedes)
  3. Sainz Jr (McLaren)
  4. Perez (Racing Point)
  5. Verstappen (Red Bull)
  6. Norris (McLaren)
  7. Ricciardo (Renault)
  8. Stroll (Racing Point)
  9. Albon (Red Bull)
  10. Gasly (AlphaTauri)
  11. Kvyat (AlphaTauri)
  12. Ocon (Renault)
  13. Leclerc (Ferrari)
  14. Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo)
  15. Magnussen (Haas)
  16. Grosjean (Haas)
  17. Vettel (Ferrari)
  18. Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo)
  19. Russell (Williams)
  20. Latifi (Williams)

Our television experts reckon Hamilton is going to win, and that the only person who might stop him is Bottas. More news as I get it.

It looks a lovely day in Monza, as aspect it does not share with north London.

The drivers are knocking about their cars now. Not long to go.

The planes are back, nine of them in formation.

Hamilton tells David Coulthard that his car is a “work of art”, and says he’s “humbled” thinking of all the work that’s gone into it.

Planes fly above, trailing the colours of the Italian flag. That too is one of the greats - the shades of red and green are seriously profound.

I believe it’s being played by various characters who shot to internet fame playing on their balconies during lockdown.

Anthem time, and it’s one of the greats.

I can’t stop listening to this, so.

Ross Brawn says F1 will miss the Williams family, but the sale of the company shows the interest in the sport. He thinks spending limits and a more equitable prize fund will attract investors are we’re set for a “golden era”.


Talking of late-90s fashions, Jenson Button appears to be wearing a pair of what I believe were called “hipsters”, before people who were “hipsters” were a thing.

It’s ridiculous.

From the wires: Racing Point have dropped an appeal against their £361,000 fine and 15 docked points for copying Mercedes’ 2019 brake ducts.

Racing Point’s announcement ahead of Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix leaves Ferrari as the only team continuing with action.
The matter will end up at the FIA’s International Court of Appeal if the Italian team, who are keen to seek further clarity over the FIA’s verdict and a stricter penalty, press ahead.

Racing Point, fourth in the constructors’ championship, are allowed to continue to use the offending brake ducts this season.

Anyone old enough to remember the Williams Clio of boyracer mid-to-late 90s fame?

From humble beginnings...

739 races, 114 victories, 128 pole positions, and 16 World Championships.

Ahead of this afternoon's race, we say thank you to the Williams family, and everyone who has been a part of this incredible story.

Here’s to the next chapter 💙 pic.twitter.com/w7ashn66os

— Williams Racing (@WilliamsRacing) September 6, 2020


Here’s a funny thing: sport is all about competition, about not knowing what’s going to happen ... but very little excites us like a dominant champion who everyone expects to win all of the time. We want to experience greatness, to probe its boundaries, and we also want to see it fail, or to see how it lifts others to greater heights. It’s something.

Lewis Hamilton is getting to that level. He’s going to win another driver championship, his seventh, which will put him level with Michael Schumacher as the most successful racer of all-time, and then he’s going to win another and another and another. He will leave F1 very different to how he found it.

And he’s in pole position today, his Mercedes far too good for the rest. Stuff can always happen, but that’s what it’s going to take because given a fair wind, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him.

Start: 2.10pm BST, 3.10pm local time



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