Final thoughts

So, the Toronto Raptors have a 1-0 lead in the NBA Finals but that probably just means we have a long road ahead. They are not going to sweep the Golden State Warriors, but they have definitely shown that they are indeed mortal. They managed to contain Kawhi Leonard to a point, but the rest of the Raptors stepped up (have yourselves a game Pascal and Marc).

Heck, we might actually get ourselves a good old fashioned series here. We’ll be here covering it until the end at the Guardian, but this will end our live coverage for tonight. Thanks for following along with us, especially those who contributed to the liveblog, and make sure to read our game report for the Raptors’ 119-108 Game 1 victory:

Just in case you somehow thought that Drake wouldn’t insert himself into this narrative:

Drake calling a Draymond Green “trash”

— Jason McIntyre (@jasonrmcintyre) May 31, 2019

Kevin Durant

Now all eyes officially turn on Kevin Durant. The Warriors aren’t in crisis, this was a game the Raptors were favored to win and probably had to win if this was going to be a series. The conditions were never going to be better for them. Still, there’s no doubt that he’s their best player and there is doubt about when he will return.

Will they rush to get him on court on Sunday? How effective would he be when (if?) he does make his return

Pascal Siakam

Well I said that Pascal Siakam is going to have the best game of his career in this series if the Raptors are going to have a chance and, well: 32 points, 14-for-17 shooting, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, two blocks and a steal. While committing just two turnovers? That will do it.

The Toronto Raptors take a 1-0 lead in the NBA Finals

I don’t think we’ll hear any “The Warriors are better without Kevin Durant” talk after this one.

Raptors win!

Warriors 109-118 Raptors, FINAL

And this will do it. Siakam tips in his own miss, Draymond Green commits a bad turnover and Kyle Lowry knocks down a three. McKinnie answers but it doesn’t matter as the Raptors are able to dribble it out.

Warriors 106-113 Raptors, 1:14, 4th quarter

A thing the Raptors don’t want to do here is foul a three point shooter, but Gasol does, fouling out in the process and putting Curry on the line. He goes three-for-three and cuts the Raptors lead. Warriors still alive.

Warriors 103-113 Raptors, 1:19, 4th quarter

VanVleet makes both of his free throw and Steve Kerr takes Iguodala out. There’s not a lot of time left here for Golden State.

Warriors 103-111 Raptors, 1:19, 4th quarter

Iguodala scores and limps a bit after he lands. Lowry wants to put this away with a tough shot that he doesn’t make. VanVleet takes it to the basket and takes a foul by Draymond Green.

Warriors 101-111 Raptors, 2:18, 4th quarter

The Raptors want to slow this down, but they’ll also take free throws. Looney puts Leonard on the line where he makes one of two.

Warriors 101-110 Raptors, 2:35, 4th quarter

Steph Curry makes a layup and he gets fouled by Gasol. A potential free point while stopping the clock. Which he, of course, makes.

Warriors 98-110 Raptors, 3:21, 4th quarter

Leonard misses a jumper out of the timeout. Klay Thompson doesn’t on the Golden State end, but every time they seem to be gaining ground the Raptors have an answer. Leonard passes to Kawhi Leonard who scores.

But Thompson hits a jumper. Can the Raptors counter?

Of course, this time it’s VanVleet who hits a tough shot. No defense but really fun offense.

Warriors 94-106 Raptors, 4:42, 4th quarter

Gasol’s on the line. He makes two free throws. Klay Thompson gets called on an offensive foul AND a technical for throwing the ball in anger. Leonard goes to the line to make the additional free throw. The Warriors becoming unglued a bit here.

VanVleet tries for a three-pointer, Danny Green gets the rebound and Nick Nurse wants to calm things down for the home stretch. He calls a timeout.

Warriors 94-103 Raptors, 5:41, 4th quarter

Leonard with a three! Siakam with a block! What a sequence for Toronto.

Curry hits a jump shot to keep Golden State in this one, however.

Warriors 92-100 Raptors, 6:32, 4th quarter

The Raptors lose the ball and Iguodala takes the easiest basket that anybody is going to get in this quarter. The good news for Toronto is that Curry picks up two fouls in the span of about a minute.

Warriors 90-100 Raptors, 6:59, 4th quarter

Looney goes crazy out of the timeout, with a dunk that cuts through the “DE-FENSE” chants.

With all the talk about the Raptors’ lack of experience at this level, it’s easy to forget Danny Green’s experiencce with the San Antonio Spurs:

Danny Green is probably a Ray Allen miracle shot away from having won a Finals MVP in his career. Easy to forget that with this much time passed.

— Sean Highkin (@highkin) May 31, 2019

Warriors 88-100 Raptors, 7:31, 4th quarter

Steph Curry can’t hit a three on one end, Danny Green CAN at the other end. Jurassic Park explodes in delight as their team hits triple-digits on the scoreboard. The Warriors take a timeout.

Warriors 88-97 Raptors, 7:53, 4th quarter

A foul puts Looney on the line, that one’s on Lowry. Looney makes one of two. Ibaka misses for the Raptors.

Warriors 87-97 Raptors, 8:25, 4th quarter

Warriors turn it over with an offensive foul. Ibaka picks up a shooting foul, that one’s on Cousins. Ibaka misses the first free throw but drills the second.

Warriors 87-96 Raptors, 8:39, 4th quarter

Thompson misses out of the timeout thanks to the Raptors defense. Lowry goes for a home run three-pointer and misses. The Warriors show fantastic passing on the other end but can’t cash it in. At the other end, Siakam makes 30 with a ridiculous shot, his 11th make in a row.

Warriors 87-94 Raptors, 9:44, 4th quarter

VanVleet gets close to the basket and manages to score despite getting swarmed by the Warriors D. Siakam lays one in for his 28th point, the Raptors are up seven, the Warriors take a timeout.

Warriors 87-90 Raptors, 10:38, 4th quarter

Jonas Jerebko with a long three and Kyle Lowry commits a turnover and puts DeMarcus Cousins on the line. He only makes one of two free throws, which feels like the first Golden State free throw miss in ages. One possession game.

Warriors 83-90 Raptors, 11:25, 4th quarter

Siakam picks up another foul and puts Klay Thompson on the line where he also makes both of his free throws because nobody is missing those for the Warriors.

Warriors 81-90 Raptors, 11:35, 4th quarter

VanVleet is on the line when our broadcast comes back. He gets both of his free throws.

Warriors 81-88 Raptors, 12:00, 4th quarter

And we have the final quarter unless we get overtime. Oh man, I just jinxed us, this means we’re getting overtime right?

If the Warriors lose by three points can we just credit the winning shot to McCaw for comedy reasons?

Warriors 81-88 Raptors, end of the 3rd quarter

Leonard’s back on the line. Crucial free throws here and he makes them. Looney, my pick for the series’s X-factor, gets a tip-in to cut back the lead.

The Raptors need some momentum at the end of the quarter and they get it from Patrick “The Birds Seem To Talk To Me” McCaw with a three pointer to close out the scoring.

Warriors 79-84 Raptors, 1:23, 3rd quarter

Leonard gets to the line again and he misses his first free throw. A rarity in this match. He does make the second though.

And the Warriors get the ball back and it’s Alfonzo McKinnie with a three-pointer and this is just a four-point game.

Warriors 76-82 Raptors, 2:00, 3rd quarter

Kyle Lowry gets his third foul and Steph Curry is going back to his second home at the free throw line where he is now 10-for-10.

Warriors 74-82 Raptors, 2:47, 3rd quarter

VanVleet misses a three pointer out of the timeout. On the other end, Livingston makes a layup. You didn’t think the Warriors were going to go away did you?

Oh hey a Kawhi Leonard three, that will keep them in the rear-view for the moment.

Warriors 72-79 Raptors, 3:25, 3rd quarter

And Curry’s back on the line again, this time the foul is on Siakam. No, of course he doesn’t miss. Kyle Lowry calls a timeout when the Raptors get the ball back.

Warriors 70-79 Raptors, 3:29, 3rd quarter

The Raptors are in the penalty, so when Curry gets fouled he gets on the line and when Curry gets on the line he doesn’t miss. He makes his two free throws to cut the Raptors lead down to 9.

Warriors 68-79 Raptors, 4:02, 3rd quarter

Nobody can stop Siakam, he hits his ninth straight shot from the field.

Warriors 68-77 Raptors, 4:21, 3rd quarter

Thompson hits a three, that’s good for the Warriors. Gasol scores, that’s good for the Raptors. Gasol picks up his fourth foul, that’s good for the Warriors.

Warriors 65-75 Raptors, 5:45, 3rd quarter

Out of the timeout Looney dunks but Pascal Siakam is unstoppable he hits a jumper that bounces around a few times to extend the lead back to 10.

Not exactly G-league stuff from the probably Most Improved Player:

Pascal Siakam now with 22 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists on 9/11 shooting in 23 minutes. #NBAFinals

— NBA (@InsideHoops) May 31, 2019


Warriors 63-73 Raptors, 6:55, 3rd quarter

Leonard gets the ball to the hot hand, which is Pascal Siakam who makes another basket and the Warriors have had quite enough of this. They call a timeout.

Warriors 63-71 Raptors, 7:03, 3rd quarter

Siakam scores, he has 20 already. Curry answers with a basket on his own. Draymond Green gets his fourth foul which puts Leonard on the line, and he makes both. Good free throw shooting this game.

Warriors 61-67 Raptors, 7:36, 3rd quarter

Klay Thompson gets a long distance bomb and it’s starting to tighten. Gasol’s three on the other end doesn’t fall.

Warriors 58-67 Raptors, 8:45, 3rd quarter

Draymond Green scores and Leonard gets a friendly roll on Toronto’s end.

Warriors 56-65 Raptors, 9:30, 3rd quarter

Kyle Lowry fouls to give the ball back to the Warriors and Curry scores a mere two-pointer. Siakam misses a dunk on Toronto’s end, but Iguodala commits a foul to put him on the line where he gets the points anyways.

Warriors 54-63 Raptors, 9:59, 3rd quarter

And Curry hits his fourth three-pointer of the game. That’s why Golden State is always close.

Warriors 51-63 Raptors, 10:45, 3rd quarter

Siakam remains hot, he scores the first two baskets for the Raptors.

Warriors 51-59 Raptors, 11:47, 3rd quarter

Draymond Green immediately gets Gasol to pick up his third foul and makes both free throws. That’s a way to chip into a first half lead.

Starts of the third quarter

Warriors 49-59 Raptors, 12:00, 3rd quarter

And the second half is about ready to begin.

It’s Game 1 of the NBA Finals and one of the biggest trending topics is Paul Pierce solely because he’s bad at being on television. This is rough to see to a Celtics legend.

This is the main problem for the Warriors, I think.

Marc Gasol and Pascal Siakam in the first half had 26 points on just 13 shots. #NBAFinals

— NBA (@InsideHoops) May 31, 2019

Halftime thoughts

The Raptors outplayed the Warriors for the entire first half but the problem, as it tends to be with Golden State, was that they still managed to keep it close until those final minutes. The good news is that the Raptors have a ten point lead, the bad news for them is that the Warriors tend to quickly erase big leads but the other news is that there’s little way that Leonard (8 points, 0 assists) is going to have as quiet of a second half unless he fouls out.

End of the first half

Warriors 49-59 Raptors, end of the first half

DANNY GREEN WITH A HUGE THREE! The Raptors are up 10 points at the end of the first half! That is the finish they needed.

Warriors 49-56 Raptors, 32.0, 2nd quarter

Lowry takes a charge from Draymond Green and that’s Draymond’s third foul. He’ll probably sit out the remainder of this quarter. Gasol scores again and have Toronto finally found separation?

Well, Gasol puts Curry on the line where he’s pretty much automatic. And he is here as well.

Warriors 47-54 Raptors, 1:08, 2nd quarter

Another shot of Drake. Drink! Marc Gasol is on the line here and the veteran makes both of his free throws.

Warriors 47-52 Raptors, 1:28, 2nd quarter

And Leonard picks up his third foul, that’s not ideal. It puts Draymond Green onto the line where he makes both free throws.

Warriors 45-52 Raptors, 1:47, 2nd quarter

And a layup for Leonard where he gets a foul on Curry. On the line, he scores while the crowd chants “MVP!”

Warriors 45-49 Raptors, 2:08, 2nd quarter

Iguodala dunks on one end, Siakam his a three-pointer on the other. Looney hits a jumper for Golden State. On the other end, Siakam scores yet again.

Warriors 41-44 Raptors, 3:49, 2nd quarter

Only 5 points from Kawhi Leonard, a fantastic job by Iguodala and company, it’s a reason why they’re only up one point before completely outplaying Golden State.

Okay up three now thanks to a Siakam basket.

Warriors 41-42 Raptors, 4:06, 2nd quarter

We get a face-off, which Toronto wins. Siakam misses his shot, the ball goes back to the Warriors. Curry tries to get to the basket, the Raptors make him miss and Lowry finds Gasol to put the Raptors backc in front.

After an Andre Iguodala bad pass, Nick Nurse calls a timeout.

Warriors 41-40 Raptors, 5:25, 2nd quarter

It immediately does, Draymond Green hits two free throws on their end. The Raptors turn it over and Klay Thompson hits a three pointer for the lead.

Warriors 36-40 Raptors, 5:51, 2nd quarter

Lowry gets to the line and makes two free throws. Steph Curry then makes a bad pass and picks up a foul trying to make up for it. VanVleet gets on the line… and he misses both free throws. Oof. Hope that doesn’t come back to hurt Toronto.

Warriors 36-38 Raptors, 6:07, 2nd quarter

Draymond Green gets a foul call and does a little trademark complaining. Leonard meanwhile draws a foul against Looney. The Warriors have done a decent job with Leonard so far, but he gets two points at the line here.

But he throws it away on a following possession, leading directly to a Livingston basket and then Livingston blocks his next shot.

Warriors 34-36 Raptors, 7:28, 2nd quarter

Quinn Cook scores and then gets the benefit of a foul call. He completes the three point play with a free throw make.

Warriors 31-36 Raptors, 7:51, 2nd quarter

Maybe VanVleet will be Toronto’s hidden weapon this game. He scores again. Jonas Jerebko, however, gets those points right back.

And another VanVleet basket, yikes.

Warriors 28-31 Raptors, 9:11, 2nd quarter

Hey, Cousins just did something. He gets fouled in the act of shooting and makes his two free throws.

Email from Jojo T:

Hello, I just saw your tweet about the NBA Finals, and I say Raptors in 7, but no disrespect to the Warriors, because I love the Warriors and how they played this season, but if the Raptors win game 1, I’m not surprised because they don’t even have 2 of the best players, Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins

Well Cousins is here, but he’s severely limited. Durant’s absence and not entirely certain return is absolutely the X-factor in this entire series.

Warriors 26-31 Raptors, 9:27, 2nd quarter

Thompson dunks. Ibaka tips a missed shot on the other end. VanVleet capitalizes on another Warriors turnover, makes a pass to Ibaka for the dunk and Golden State is gonna take a timeout here.

Warriors 24-27 Raptors, 11:17, 2nd quarter

And Klay Thompson picks up a foul that puts Norman Powell to the line for free throws. They knock down both. Oh hey look, DeMarcus Cousins!

Warriors 24-25 Raptors, 11:17, 2nd quarter

Quinn Cook hits a three and it’s a one point game again.

Warriors 21-25 Raptors, 12:00, 2nd quarter

Pretty solid defense for the Raptors who forced a lot of Warriors turnovers although that late foul on Livingston was not ideal. Second quarter begins now!

First “Old Town Road” of the Finals. It shall not be the last.

Warriors 21-25 Raptors, end of the 1st quarter

Okay we’re seeing a very different game with some of the starters out, no one can get anything going until Siakam ignites the crowd by drilling a very open three. That’ll do it for our first quarter field goals, although Livingston gets on the line with just a few seconds left in the game and gets the Warriors two points closer.

Warriors 19-22 Raptors, 1:51, 1st quarter

Getting some substitutions here. Shaun Livingston is in for the Warriors, Serge Ibaka in for the Raptors in place of Marc Gasol. Ibaka misses his first shot. Alfonzo McKinnie is in for the Warriors, and gets called for traveling.

Warriors 19-22 Raptors, 2:56, 1st quarter

Lowry finagles his way to a bucket to give Toronto the lead again. Fred VanVleet his a long two and the Warriors take their first timeout. Fun beginning here!

Warriors 19-18 Raptors, 3:53, 1st quarter

And Klay Thompson dunks and in an instant the Warriors have a lead. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Warriors 17-18 Raptors, 4:34, 1st quarter

Curry hits a three-pointer. Yeah, he’s going to get those.

And he gets another and it’s a one-point game.

Warriors 11-18 Raptors, 5:31, 1st quarter

Green gets a shot to cut in the Toronto lead. Then, however, Andre Iguodala and Siakam makes his first shot of the game. Gasol then gets fouled and goes on the free throw line, Raptors are in a groove.

Gasol makes both of his freebies.

Warriors 9-14 Raptors, 6:36, 1st quarter

Out of the timeout, Marc Gasol gets called for a loose ball foul and then Kyle Lowry misses. That could have gone better. Of course, the Warriors then turn the ball over and Gasol hits ANOTHER three-pointer. Warriors can’t count counter. Danny Green gets a reverse layup and this crowd is loud.

Warriors 9-9 Raptors, 7:30, 1st quarter

Bell makes a layup to tie things up and we come to the first timeout of the game, called by the Raptors.

Warriors 7-9 Raptors, 8:16, 1st quarter

The two teams trade misses before Marc Gasol hits one from long distance.

Warriors 7-6 Raptors, 9:26, 1st quarter

Danny Green knocks down a three and Thompson manages to knock down a shot after be swarmed. Thompson picks up a foul on the Toronto end. Leonard then hits a three.

And Curry answers.

Warriors 2-0 Raptors, 11:06, 1st quarter

Lowry throws it out of bounds on the Raptors first possession. Klay Thompson comes up short for the Warriors. Danny Green misses a three and finally Curry draws a foul from Kawhi Leonard and gets to the free throw line. Great offense vs great defense. Curry makes both free throws

Opening Tip

Warriors 0-0 Raptors, 12:00, 1st quarter

And Game 1 has begun!


I love how this email from DMG Briggs begins. I have a new nickname:

Hey Freelance,

Now i predict that Raptors will win the first one then GSW for 2nd , 3rd then Raptors will win Game number 4 then GSW will take Game 5&6 !! ima stand on that lmao.

And from Trhonda Green, more Warriors love:


9:00pm EST, of course, was a very rough estimate of the start time. We’ve still got the ABC pregame to get through here. Listen, it’s the Finals you gotta be prepared for a long night.

Toronto Raptors starters

No surprises here.

PG – Kyle Lowry

G – Danny Green

F – Kawhi Leonard

F – Pascal Siakam

C- Marc Gasol

Golden State Warriors starters

Jordan Bell will be at center, rather than Cousins or Kevon Looney.

PG – Steph Curry

SG – Klay Thompson

F – Andre Iguodala

F – Draymond Green

C – Jordan Bell

Paul Pierce predicts Raptors in 6 which means Warriors in 6 is confirmed. Sorry Canada.

National Anthem 2

The Tenors get to do “O Canada,” which is just objectively such a better song. I feel bad for the singer stuck with the Banner. The Tenors kill it and the Toronto crowd loves it.

US National Anthem

I love that we get both National Anthems in games between US teams and Canada teams. Jordan Smith is singing “The Star Spangled Banner” and is servicable.

And we have the first Drake sighting of the series. I don’t know what the over/under of shots of Drake during the NBA Finals but take the over.

Drake just walked into Scotiabank Arena wearing a Dell Curry Raptors jersey.

— Matt Schneidman (@mattschneidman) May 31, 2019


I guess now would be a decent time to give my prediction. I’ve already said that I see the Raptors winning the first two games here at home with Kevin Durant on the sidelines. I say that they win here by five or six points. It’s going to be tricky. Please remember that I had this to say (with regard to the long-eliminated Boston Celtics) at the start of the season so my predictions aren’t always to be trusted:

The 76s are the only team that scares me in the Eastern Conference playoffs (LOL at anyone scared of the Raptors in the postseason) and a lot of that is Ben Simmons.

— Hunter Felt (@HunterFelt) October 17, 2018

If you have a prediction feel free to send it here either via email ( or Twitter (to @HunterFelt).

Kawhi Leonard

It’s important to know, and we’ll be reminded throughout this series, that the Raptors traded for Kawhi Leonard knowing that he was a free agent at the end of the season and Toronto wasn’t exactly his first option. In other words, he was a one-year rental. In the end, no matter what happens, it’s clear that he has changed the franchise and would have been worth the risk if only for the shot that ended the Philadelphia 76ers season.

Raptors injury news

Well we also have some Toronto Raptors injury news, not quite as profound. Forward OG Anunoby will be inactive tonight according to head coach Nick Nurse:

Yeah, he’s not dressing tonight. He’s been made inactive. It does look like we may have him for Sunday to at least dress and, well, be active and who knows then. It’s a few days away and he’ll probably improve between now and then, and we’ll see how game ready he will be, but the plan as of now is to dress him on Sunday, activate him.

Warriors injuries

The two biggest pieces of news for today concern the Golden State Warriors’ injuries. One, Kevin Durant is doubtful for Sunday’s Game 2 (yes Game 2 isn’t until Sunday, Finals pacing is something else) so that’s not ideal for them. However, DeMarcus Cousins will finally make his return after being lost with a torn squad. Golden State head coach Steve Kerr said before the game that he wasn’t sure how much Cousins would play:

I think because he’s been out for six, seven weeks and because he’s a big guy I don’t know that his wind and legs will allow him to play big minutes, but I know that he can help us in bursts and we’ll have to figure out what that means.


Welcome to Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. We start our series in Canada where the Raptors will have home court advantage. They will need all the help they can get as this will be their first Finals in team history while the Warriors will be going for their fourth championship in the last five years alone.

The other good news for the Raps is that they have the best player on either team with Kawhi Leonard who has been an absolute monster both offensively and defensive this postseason. Meanwhile, the Warriors will be without Kevin Durant—still nursing a strained calf—whose return to the court is questionable. What that mainly means is that this game could already be a must win for the Raptors, who still have to manage to beat the core of a Warriors team that was already dominant before Durant main them nearly-invincible: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

So, welcome to Scotiabank Arena for what’s hopefully at least a competitive Game. Last season’s Finals were something of a snooze and considering the fact that the Warriors just swept the Portland Trail Blazers way back in the Western Conference Finals, there’s a chance that they could breeze their way towards finalizing a three-peat. Well, we won’t know until the games are played and this first one will start around 9:00pm EST although we’ll be back before then. As always, you can contribute to the liveblog either by emailing us (at or tweeting (@HunterFelt) and we’ll post your comments, questions and Drake jokes here.

Hunter will be here shortly. In the meantime, here’s how our writers see the series unfolding:

The winner will be ...

Golden State in six. Kawhi is great, but the Raptors are too reliant on Lowry and Siakam to keep up with the Warriors’ star-studded cast, with or without Durant. Oliver Connolly

Golden State in six. Yes, the Raptors will win the first two of the games of the series at home but Durant will return by Game 3 and will spur the Warriors beat the Raptors in four straight. Fittingly enough, the Raptors did the same thing to the Milwaukee Bucks in the East finals. Hunter Felt

Golden State in six. The Raptors are entering on a head of steam and the Warriors are looking somewhat vulnerable with Durant, Iguodala and Cousins dealing with various injuries. But not even another Jordan-esque performance from Leonard will be enough to keep the Dubs from capturing a third straight title. and fourth in five years, in the last ever game in the history of Oracle Arena. Bryan Graham


Hunter Felt

The GuardianTramp

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