WBBL final: Brisbane Heat beat Adelaide Strikers - as it happened

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  • Brisbane Heat 162-4; Adelaide Strikers 161-7
  • Beth Mooney 56no (45) player of the match


It’s been another stellar season for the WBBL and it ends with deserving champions. The standalone format has been a success, the quality of the cricket continues to improve, and the crowds and TV audiences tell their own story.

Thanks for joining us throughout the campaign, and especially during this finals weekend.

.@HeatBBL lift the trophy! #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/PwquMlK6on

— #7Cricket (@7Cricket) December 8, 2019


“I couldn’t have asked for a better group....hopefully we’ll be back stronger after this”

All class from Suzie Bates and the @StrikersWBBL pic.twitter.com/gGm51Wuw21

— Rebel Women's Big Bash League (@WBBL) December 8, 2019

Beth Mooney has just been named as the player of the match for her 56 from 45 balls, not to mention an excellent stint behind the stumps.

Beth Mooney
Beth Mooney, player of the match. Photograph: Albert Perez/Getty Images


For the second year running Laura Harris hits the winning run. For the second year running Beth Mooney’s composure leads her side to victory. The best side of the regular season, the best side in the finals. Brisbane Heat take a bow.

Picture perfect! We love you Heat fans ♥️#BringTheHeat #WBBL05 #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/bmWqONO2ag

— Brisbane Heat (@HeatBBL) December 8, 2019


BACK-TO-BACK 🏆#BringTheHeat #WBBL05 #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/pMQT5TvFin

— Brisbane Heat (@HeatBBL) December 8, 2019

Brisbane Heat win by six wickets

19.1 overs: Brisbane Heat 162-4 (Mooney 56, L Harris 19) Harris hits the winning run, drilling Bates through mid-on and sparking wild celebrations around Allan Border Field. Brisbane Heat, back-to-back WBBL champions. What a team.

18th over: Brisbane Heat 161-4 (Mooney 56, L Harris 18) Coyte with the ball for the Strikers. The Heat fans gathering in the stands ready to celebrate. Harris nudges them one run closer to a party before Mooney is miles out running for a second but McPharlin can’t make the simple gather with the gloves. The target falls to just two when Mooney strokes a single before the over ends with Harris nurdling the scores level. It will all be over very very soon.

@JPHowcroft Beth Mooney, bloody hell. Does she have a nervous system?

— phil withall (@phil_withall) December 8, 2019

Two years in a row, just magnificent. So composed, calmly rotating the strike. A WBBL legend.

17th over: Brisbane Heat 156-4 (Mooney 53, L Harris 16) Schutt returns for her final over, but it’s to no avail and she ends her day wicketless. Just six runs left for Brisbane to go back-to-back.

16th over: Brisbane Heat 148-4 (Mooney 52, L Harris 12) Pressure, what pressure? Laura Harris strides out and plonks a mow to cow corner for four then pulls a full-toss to square-leg for four more. For good measure she guides a late cut over the leaping gully to make it three boundaries for the over. McGrath ends with 2/34.

WICKET! G Harris b McGrath 2 (Heat 134-4)

Harris never looked in during her six-ball stay and it ends when she misses with an ugly swipe at a canny McGrath cutter.

15th over: Brisbane Heat 133-3 (Mooney 51, G Harris 2) Mooney brings up her ninth half-century of the season, taking her WBBL5 tally beyond 700 runs in the process. It arrives in a good over of Wellington legspin though, one that is full of uncertainty at the crease and worth just five runs.

14th over: Brisbane Heat 128-3 (Mooney 47, G Harris 1) Terrific over from Coyte, including the wicket of Jonassen, but Adelaide let themselves down at the end by allowing Harris a needless single that Mooney punishes by driving serenly through the covers for four.

WICKET! Jonassen c Patterson b Coyte 33 (Heat 121-3)

Schutt couldn’t force a breakthrough but Coyte could! In the slot for Jonassen but she deposits a lusty swipe straight to Patterson on the midwicket fence and she holds on to a smart chance. Can Adelaide capitalise?

Sarah Cotye with the breakthrough! Jess Jonassen departs for 33.

Time for another twist? Heat need 40 from 40...#WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/rDFCEEY6Oy

— Rebel Women's Big Bash League (@WBBL) December 8, 2019


13th over: Brisbane Heat 121-2 (Mooney 41, Jonassen 33) Can Schutt provide that miracle? The international superstar is brought back for her third over much earlier than scheduled, but her team needs her golden arm right now. It’s a tight and testing over, but no breakthrough.

12th over: Brisbane Heat 114-2 (Mooney 38, Jonassen 32) McGrath has bowled well so far today but her third over begins with a short and wide long-hop that Mooney guides through third for four. After rotating the strike Jonassen then finds the fence, just waiting in the crease and helping the ball on its way to the square-leg boundary. The run-rate is now exactly a run a ball. Adelaide need a miracle.

11th over: Brisbane Heat 103-2 (Mooney 32, Jonassen 27) Devine returns to the attack, and after falling cheaply with the bat and suffering that Johnson assault earlier on, her day somehow gets worse. A shorter ball gets big on Jonassen and the Heat batter mistimes it tamely straight to Wellington at cover, but the allrounder drops the simplest of catches. This is Archer to Williamson to Denly territory. Heartbreaking for the bowler. Of course Jonassen drills consecutive boundaries to rub salt into the wound.


10th over: Brisbane Heat 91-2 (Mooney 30, Jonassen 17) Just the four from a tight Coyte over. Heat happy just to knock the ball around and take the singles when offered. Brisbane cruising at the halfway stage of their chase.

9th over: Brisbane Heat 87-2 (Mooney 28, Jonassen 15) The legspin of Amanda-Jade Wellington is now called upon and the star of Adelaide’s batting begins promisingly, before Jonassen holds her shape nicely through a lofted straight drive for four. She follows that up by whipping one behind square on the on side for four more and Brisbane continue their canter to consecutive titles.

8th over: Brisbane Heat 75-2 (Mooney 25, Jonassen 6) Suzie Bates brings herself on and she beats Jonassen with her opening couple of deliveries angling across the left-hander from over the wicket. It almost prompts a dismissal but Jonassen’s release shot down the ground bounces just short of the diving long-on fielder. Bates ends her over well, beating Mooney for bounce, then conceding a couple behind point.

7th over: Brisbane Heat 70-2 (Mooney 23, Jonassen 3) Sarah Coyte’s turn to have a bowl but she opens with five legside wides. The Heat milk six singles thereafter to keep up their march to the WBBL title.

6th over: Brisbane Heat 59-2 (Mooney 20, Jonassen 0) Johnson may have departed but the runs keep on flowing, Mooney cue-ending a four through the vacant cordon at the start of McGrath’s second over. McGrath fights back well though, beating Mooney’s outside edge and pinning both Heat batters on the crease to limit the damage.

WICKET! Johnson c&b Devine 27 (Heat 54-2)

5th over: Brisbane Heat 54-2 (Mooney 15) That’s what Johnson has been stuck in to do! Boy oh boy! The first ball of Devine’s second over is length on leg stump and Johnson timed it sweet as you like, flicking it onto the roof of the temporary stand behind square leg. Yeah, she does it again two deliveries later. Monstrous hitting. AND AGAIN! Three sixes in four balls, all landing on the roof of the camera gantry over square leg. AND ANOTHER ONE! Straighter this time, whacking a full half-volley over long-on. This is incredible. Devine getting a taste of her own big-hitting medicine. But she gets her own back, deceiving Johnson with a slower ball to round the over out and taking a simple return catch off a leading edge.

What an over: 6-0-6-6-6-W. Johnson 27 from just 11 balls.

WOW. Shot of the day here from Sammy Jo Johnson!

There's now a man on the roof trying to find the ball 🤷‍♀ #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/eFabmVzWU3

— Rebel Women's Big Bash League (@WBBL) December 8, 2019


4th over: Brisbane Heat 30-1 (Mooney 15, Johnson 3) Brisbane have sent in Sammy-Jo Johnson as a pinch-hitter but she can’t get any of her first three deliveries off the square. Superb over from McGrath, slowing the Heat’s momentum.

WICKET! Green c Bates b McGrath 11 (Heat 27-1)

McGrath botched a catch an over ago but she’s redeemed herself with the ball in hand. Her first delivery is chipped tamely to mid-on by Green and the Strikers are jubilant.

OUT! McGrath makes up for her dropped catch by coming into the attack and taking the wicket of Green #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/x8wso4nLok

— #7Cricket (@7Cricket) December 8, 2019


3rd over: Brisbane Heat 27-0 (Mooney 15, Green 11) Oh dear. The opening delivery of Schutt’s second over is skied by Green off a leading edge but McGrath struggles to steady herself coming in from midwicket and what should have been a routine chance goes begging. No dot-balls in another good over for Brisbane.

Beth Mooney averages 104.4 vs the Strikers at a strike rate of 137.7
Only person to have scored 500+ runs vs a single @WBBL side
@HeatBBL #WBBL05

— Swamp (@sirswampthing) December 8, 2019

2nd over: Brisbane Heat 20-0 (Mooney 11, Green 8) Sophie Devine shares the new ball and she almost earns a wicket from her first delivery but Green’s top-edged swat to leg lands safely. There’s nothing edgy about Green a couple of balls later, lofting a flick through midwicket for four that sounded delightfully crisp off the bat. Another over worth 10 runs and the Heat continue their march.

1st over: Brisbane Heat 10-0 (Mooney 9, Green 1) Schutt’s tournament economy rate before this final is just 4.61 but Mooney pays her international colleague no respect, advancing down the pitch and driving her second delivery for four. Schutt responds by going around the wicket to the left-hander and sending down the ball of the match, an away swinger that moved even further off the pitch; think Flintoff v Gilchrist in 2005. Mooney adjusts by taking a leg stump guard, giving herself more width and square driving through the packed offside field for four, superb duel. A couple of singles take the tally to ten. Brisbane are off and running.

The Heat need 162 runs to win the #WBBL05 Final
The Heat have won the last 10 matches when batting second, a streak that goes back into #WBBL04

— Swamp (@sirswampthing) December 8, 2019

Beth Mooney and Maddy Green are out in the middle preparing for what would be the biggest successful run-chase in WBBL grand final history. The formidable Megan Schutt has the ball in her hand. Game on again at Allan Border Field.

Adelaide Strikers 161-7

A real rollercoaster of an innings from Adelaide ends with this WBBL final intriguingly poised. 161 feels about par and the Strikers have a lot to thank Amanda-Jade Wellington for. Her 55 rescued the Strikers from 93-5 and set up a fascinating run-chase.

For Brisbane the early wicket of Sophie Devine was crucial and they chipped away consistently. The spin twins Amelia Kerr and Jess Jonassen were probably the pitck of the attack but it was Georgia Prestwidge that bagged the wicket of Devine.

Amanda-Jade Wellington
Amanda-Jade Wellington guided Adelaide Strikers to 161-7 in the WBBL final. Photograph: Albert Perez/Getty Images


WICKET! Wellington run out 55 (Strikers 161-7)

20th over: Adelaide Strikers 161-6 (Wellington 55, Coyte 0) Kimmince bowls the final delivery of the innings and Wellington begins it by reverse-sweeping for four then picking a gap in the legside for two more. A canny slower ball earns dot before Wellington runs hard for a couple then slog sweeps for yet another boundary. Her innings ends along with her team when she tries to pinch a single from the final ball after playing and missing. Mooney and Kimmince make no mistake of the simple dismissal.

WICKET McPharlin b Jonassen 18 (Strikers 149-6)

19th over: Adelaide Strikers 149-6 (Wellington 43) Wellington is flying now, reverse-sweeping Jonassen for four then lofting the spinner over her head for four more. A third boundary in a row arrives with another straight drive, forcing Jonassen to switch from around to over the wicket. Wellington responds by middling a switch hit that is superbly fielded in the ring. Adelaide run a single, bringing McPharlin on strike, but she perishes soon after, giving herself too much room, showing all three stumps, and Jonassen’s dart hits the base of leg.

18th over: Adelaide Strikers 135-5 (Wellington 30, McPharlin 17) Amanda-Jade Wellington is doing a superb job for her team, batting Adelaide to something approaching competitive. She pushes the Strikers above 130 with a powerful cover drive off Sammy-Jo Johnson, which is backed up by Tegan McPharlin who straight drives for four more. Johnson ends with 1/35 from her four overs.

17th over: Adelaide Strikers 124-5 (Wellington 25, McPharlin 11) The experienced Jonassen is back for her third over and she expertly manipulates her pace and length to concede just four singles.

16th over: Adelaide Strikers 120-5 (Wellington 23, McPharlin 10) Kimmince returns with just four overs of the innings remaining and she is unfortunate to concede a boundary when McPharlin slices high over gully for four. There’s much more control to Wellington’s boundary a couple of deliveries later, the Strikers batter just timing the ball sweetly over long-off. And Wellington rounds out a 15-run over with another four, this time swatted like a line drive just over the diving fingertips of mid-off. A welcome burst from Adelaide. Can they post a defendable total?

15th over: Adelaide Strikers 105-5 (Wellington 14, McPharlin 4) Kerr finishes her spell with another excellent over to finish with figures of 1/22. She bowls with admirable flight and bravery - and no little turn both into and away from the right-handed Strikers.

14th over: Adelaide Strikers 99-5 (Wellington 12, McPharlin 0) The remainder of Prestwidge’s over leaks down the legside. Wellington tickles one for four, another for a single, and in between there’s a wide. Brisbane well on top of this fifth WBBL final.

WICKET! Patterson c Kimmince b Prestwidge 12 (Strikers 93-5)

Prestwidge has been a revelation today and her third over, largely of shorter deliveries of different paces, again causes Adelaide difficulties. It’s the change-up that bags her a second wicket, Patterson seizing on a rare fuller delivery but slapping a slog sweep straight to Kimmince at deep square leg.

Wicket! Georgia Prestwidge picks up her second wicket, and it's Bridget Patterson who has to go for 12.

Strikers 5-93 (13.4) #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/roUDRjDevd

— Rebel Women's Big Bash League (@WBBL) December 8, 2019


13th over: Adelaide Strikers 92-4 (Patterson 12, Wellington 6) Kerr’s third over is a beauty. It begins with a couple of dots that are followed by a wrong ‘un that should have resulted in a stumping. Another dot and a single precede a nervy two courtesy of an overthrow after a direct hit from fine leg richochets away from the fielder backing up.

12th over: Adelaide Strikers 89-4 (Patterson 10, Wellington 5) Ten off Johnson’s third over in a welcome fillip for Adelaide. Wellington leads the fightback with a crunching cover drive for four from her opening delivery.

WICKET! Mack stumped Mooney b Jonassen 6 (Strikers 79-4)

Jonassen’s second over is another tip-and-run fest but the Heat have set their field well, building the pressure on the Strikers. That pressure eventually tells when Mack tries to pinch a single without realising Mooney had already collected a ball that dribbled into the legside, so as soon as the Strikers batter set off for the run the Heat keeper dived to smash over the stumps. Brilliant fielding.

11th over: Adelaide Strikers 79-4 (Patterson 5)

The umpire's finger goes up for a fourth time! Lighting fast from Beth Mooney behind the stumps. Katie Mack gone for 6.

LIVE: https://t.co/e84FEMD0Qh #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/BAWrT1P2Hn

— Rebel Women's Big Bash League (@WBBL) December 8, 2019


10th over: Adelaide Strikers 76-3 (Patterson 4, Mack 5) Prestwidge is back on and it’s the first middle-overs spell of the day with the Strikers happy to tap and run for singles, half a dozen of them.

That LBW shout, by the way, looked pretty good on replay, with a question mark over whether it struck Mack outside the line of off-stump. Not a shocker by any means to decline the appeal.

9th over: Adelaide Strikers 70-3 (Patterson 1, Mack 2) Brave over form Kerr, throwing the ball up and landing it wide of off stump, tempting the Strikers right-handers into a number of loose drives. The one exception is a wrong-un that strikes Mack bang in front but what looks a stone dead LBW is not given. Replays are slow to arrive but that looked like a huge let-off for Adelaide at first glance.

WICKET! Bates c Jonassen b Kerr 27 (Strikers 67-3)

Kerr’s leggys get another whirl and she strikes second ball, tempting Kerr into a drive outside off stump but all the New Zealander can do is toe-end a catch to a diving Jonassen at point. Brisbane are right back on top of this contest once again.

GONE! JJ holds onto a great catch and that's the end of Suzie Bates. @HeatBBL all over the Strikers here...#WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/5omuHfMzR3

— Rebel Women's Big Bash League (@WBBL) December 8, 2019


8th over: Adelaide Strikers 65-2 (Bates 25, Patterson 0) Superb over from Sammy-Jo Johnson. As well as the wicket of McGrath she concedes just three runs and beats Bates’ outside edge with a beautiful outswinger.


WICKET! McGrath c Hinkley b Johnson (Strikers 64-2)

Johnson’s back for her second over and McGrath again escapes with a top-edged pull into no-man’s land. She has no such luck next ball though, skewing a lofted off drive straight to Hinkley at mid-off. A much needed wicket for Brisbane.

GONE! Sammy Jo Johnson strikes with the big wicket of Tahlia McGrath for 33.

Strikers 2-64 (7.2), LIVE: https://t.co/e84FEMD0Qh #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/9ERfAmqMCe

— Rebel Women's Big Bash League (@WBBL) December 8, 2019


7th over: Adelaide Strikers 62-1 (Bates 24, McGrath 31) Amelia Kerr is the sixth Heat bowler to join the fray, and the first legspinner. Adelaide continue to go hard at the ball but there’s a lack of timing and placement, until Bates skips down the track and mows a tracer bullet to cow corner. The Strikers are on course for a massive total.

6th over: Adelaide Strikers 54-1 (Bates 18, McGrath 29) Kimmince is back but Adelaide’s up-and-at-’em approach continues. Bates charges the quick repeatedly without piercing the infield, while McGrath aims a huge heave to the onside that is lucky to land safely after looping into the air off a thick edge.

5th over: Adelaide Strikers 49-1 (Bates 14, McGrath 28) A new over a new bowler, this time Jess Jonassen, but Adelaide refuse to allow one of the premier spin bowlers in women’s cricket to settle. Four singles, full of intent, are joined by a sweetly struck six over long-on, Bates proving she’s not the only Strikers batter capable of clearing the fence.

4th over: Adelaide Strikers 39-1 (Bates 6, McGrath 26) Sammy-Jo Johnson makes it four different bowlers in a row to start the innings but she finds McGrath in serious touch. Three line and length dots are bookended by fours smashed though midwicket and cover and a straight-driven three that was hauled in superbly on the fence by Laura Harris. Despite losing Devine Adelaide will be delighted with their fast start.

3rd over: Adelaide Strikers 28-1 (Bates 6, McGrath 15) Spin into the attack early in the form of Grace Harris, but it’s an inauspicious start with boundaries on both sides of the wicket in an over that goes for 12.

2nd over: Adelaide Strikers 16-1 (Bates 1, McGrath 8) What a start for Brisbane and Georgia Prestwidge. The wicket of the dangerous Devine in a powerplay over so early in the innings. Adelaide begin the rebuilding job with a free-hit six from the final delivery of the over after Prestwidge oversteps and then lobs down a leg-stump full toss that McGrath swats over the square-leg rope.

WICKET! Devine c Green b Prestwidge 5 (Strikers 5-1)

Georgia Prestwidge shares the new ball - and she’s not a powerplay bowler, so this is a bit of a funky play. AND IT WORKS! Would you believe it? The opening two deliveries of the over are short and wide outside off stump, the second of which is slashed hard by Devine, but all the way to the fielder on the third fence. A huge huge moment in this final and it means Devine cannot overhaul Ellyse Perry’s all-time record for most runs in a WBBL season.

WOW! A surprise move by the @HeatBBL to open the bowling with Prestwidge...

And it's got the wicket of Sophie Devine! #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/t7iJybNgnz

— #7Cricket (@7Cricket) December 8, 2019


1st over: Adelaide Strikers 5-0 (Bates 0, Devine 5) Delissa Kimmince opens the bowling for Brisbane and her right-arm pace over the wicket causes some early problems for the right-handed Sophie Devine. A couple of dots - one full, one short - precede a genuine nick that carries through the vacant slip region for four. A couple more dots and a single complete an excellent start for the hosts.

The Heat have just burst through a haze of smoke (artificial I should add) and onto Allan Border Field. They have been joined by Adelaide’s Kiwi openers Suzie Bates and the peerless Sophie Devine. Play will be underway in a matter of seconds.

Australian star Megan Schutt is delighted how the 2019 season has panned out.

When I first heard how the WBBL season was going to be structured this year, I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical. I was worried there wasn’t going to be the kind of effort going into creating a great atmosphere to generate the crowds for festival weekends. But the competition has delivered in every way possible and I couldn’t be happier to be proven wrong.

Megan Maurice was confident the Heat were the team to beat before yesterday’s semi-finals. Presumably that opinion hasn’t changed overnight. There’s little to choose between the finalists though, Heat have won nine of their last 10, the Strikers seven of their last eight.

Pitch: It’s the same track as yesterday that performed unremarkably (which is no bad thing). There could be a bit of swing early on and the grass coverage means we’re unlikely to see much deterioration. Whoever bats first would want to set a target in excess of 150.

It's the same pitch as yesterday for today's final - @julia_price1 has the pitch and conditions report #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/L25OU8d7GD

— #7Cricket (@7Cricket) December 8, 2019

Weather: We’re talking Brisbane in December, so would it shock you to find out it’s hot and dry? Probably not. There’s a fair amount of cloud obscuring the full force of the sun, and there’s also an easterly breeze that is set to stiffen as the afternoon wears on and may become a factor.

Allan Border Field
Allan Border Field Photograph: Albert Perez/Getty Images

Team line-ups

Both XIs are unchanged from the ones that performed so strongly yesterday.

Bat-Flip WON and bowling first ✅

No changes to our #WBBL05 Final team line-up! 👊#BringTheHeat #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/oFy1AiZEXL

— Brisbane Heat (@HeatBBL) December 8, 2019

Our XI to deliver the dream 👇 🙏

We've been sent in to bat first in the @WBBL Final #BlueEnergy #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/WFyesUbdvm

— AdelaideStrikersWBBL (@StrikersWBBL) December 8, 2019

Heat have won the bat flip and will bowl first

Brisbane chased well yesterday and they’re looking to repeat the trick in the final.

.@HeatBBL have won the bat flip and will BOWL first against @StrikersWBBL #WBBLFinals pic.twitter.com/Zr9MI1gAAP

— #7Cricket (@7Cricket) December 8, 2019

It’s going to be a packed house in Queensland.

Ticket update for our Brisbane family!#WBBL05 Final tickets are exhausted online. Less than 100 tickets available at the gate! Box Office opens at 12:00pm, Gates open at 12:30pm. pic.twitter.com/NBst1PISuf

— Rebel Women's Big Bash League (@WBBL) December 8, 2019


Hello everybody and welcome to live OBO coverage of the WBBL final between Brisbane Heat and Adelaide Strikers from Allan Border Field. Play will get underway around 2.40pm AEDT.

It promises to be a fitting finale to what has been a standout standalone season for the WBBL. On display will be the top two sides on the regular season ladder, comprehensive semi-final victors, and in Sophie Devine and Beth Mooney the two players to dominate the competition this summer.

For Brisbane it’s a chance to go back-to-back following last year’s upset of Sydney Sixers. For Adelaide it’s a debut in the decider. Two evenly-matched sides who shared their two home-and-away matches earlier in the season. It promises to be a cracker.

If you want to join in the conversation during the course of the afternoon, you can find me on Twitter - @JPHowcroft- or by email - jonathan.howcroft.casual@theguardian.com.

Allan Border Field
Allan Border Field is ready for the WBBL final. Photograph: Albert Perez/Getty Images


Jonathan Howcroft

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