Women's World Twenty20: Australia beat New Zealand – as it happened

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Australia win by 33 runs

A comfortable victory in the end, after Australia chose to bat first and ran up a total beyond New Zealand. Healy and Mooney did the damage, helped by New Zealand’s fielding. The Kiwis were always chasing the game despite a good outing from Suzie Bates and a couple of useful knocks from Katey Martin and Leigh Kasperek. Schutt was the best of the bowlers for Australia with 3 for 12 from three overs. Molineux and Kimmince grabbed two wickets each.

Australia are through to the World T20 semi-finals, and New Zealand will almost certainly miss out unless India find some way to fall apart against Ireland.

Here’s the match wrap, and we’ll see you for Australia’s game against India to decide who’ll top the table on the weekend.

WICKET! Kerr c Lanning b Molineux 3 (4 balls), NZ 120-10

That’s it. A very wide ball, Kerr could have left it and gathered an extra run, but she steps across outside off and cracks the ball square. Good shot but Lanning dives to her left, not worrying about her troublesome shoulder, and takes the catch.

17th over: New Zealand 118-9 (Kerr 2, Tahuhu 0) So Amelia Kerr, as we mentioned, who has an ODI double century, comes in to bat with only the No11 for company and a job ahead of her too big for most.

WICKET! Rowe b Schutt 4 (8 balls), NZ 118-9

Schutt is applying the ice. New Zealand’s desperation is helping her. Rowe charges, aims a big drive over the off side, and misses it by about three feet. The Zing bails light up.

WICKET! Kasperek c Haynes b Schutt 12 (7 balls), NZ 115-7

Useful cameo, but it’s over. Schutt’s first ball of a new spell, and Kasper slaps the cut shot straight to point.

16th over: New Zealand 115-7 (Kasperek 12, Rowe 3) Kimmince puts on the brakes, and pulls momentum back Australia’s way with a four-run over.


15th over: New Zealand 111-7 (Kasperek 10, Rowe 1) Gardner obviously feels bad about that wicket, because she gives Kasperek a ball to slash to third man for four, then bowls three wides down leg side. Three in one ball, that is. But then, from the last ball – Kasperwrecked! That was gorgeous. Gardner bowls wide of off, Kasperek drops to one knee and absolutely nails the square drive with a clean loft over point. She’s 10 from 4 balls, and another over returns 13 runs and a wicket. Since it was Bates, Australia will take that trade.

43 from 30 balls required.


WICKET! Bates lbw Gardner 48 (42 balls), NZ 99-7

And it’s over now. In strange fashion. Gardner gets an accidental wicket. The ball got stuck in her fingers, I fancy, and she dragged it way down. Bates had premeditated the charge, so she was well down the wicket. That ball pitched short of her and skidded on, hitting her on the pad. No umpire in eras past would ever have considered giving that out, but in the modern age we have a better idea of which balls are hitting the stumps, even with a couple of strides in. Healy appealed, Gardner didn’t because she just thought it was a trash ball. But it was probably out, and Umpire George fired it.

14th over: New Zealand 98-6 (Bates 48, Kasperek 1) It all rests with Bates now, as Kimmince has changed the game in that over.

WICKET! Bezuidenhout c Healy b Kimmince 1 (2 balls), NZ 97-6

Bernadine Bezuidenhout comes and goes, and Kimmince has two in the over. Wide, a slash, an edge, and a fine wide take from Healy standing up to the stumps for the keeper.

WICKET! Green c Perry b Kimmince 8 (7 balls), NZ 94-5

At least she did it quickly. Green, that is. No time to mess around in this situation. Gets a ball on leg stump, lifts it high to Perry running in from the rope, and she’s just as well she was well in from the rope, because Perry falls over backwards after taking the ball. Has enough space behind herself to land safely.

13th over: New Zealand 93-4 (Bates 46, Green 8) Molineux is a sharp operator. Pulls back her length when she senses she’s about to be charged. Darts it in when required, dials it back when required. Five singles from her over, vital when the opposition needs more like double that.


12th over: New Zealand 88-3 (Bates 44, Green 5) A mixed bag from Wareham this over. Drops short first ball, dross and it’s punished. Martin splits the outfielders with her pull. But then is stumped third ball of the over. Maddy Green comes out, gets a full ball on leg stump that she times beautifully through square leg for four, then Bates clears her front leg and drives inside-out over long-off for four more.

So 13 runs and a wicket from the over. NZ need 66 in 48. It’s... not impossible.


WICKET! Martin st Healy b Wareham 24 (20 balls), NZ 79-4

There it goes. You always feel that when a team is chasing the game, even a good partnership is likely to make a mistake at some point. A floating wide delivery from Wareham, while Martin was down the wicket looking to flay it over the off side. Missed it in the flight, and Healy was sharp when it mattered.

11th over: New Zealand 75-3 (Bates 40, Martin 20) Hello, it keeps coming. Bates versus Kimmince, slots the pull shot over midwicket, hits the gap, and bounces it just inside the rope. Charges again, gets a full toss, but the charge means she’s not in position to punish it and can only drag a single. Three others follow: eight from the over, and NZ need 79 from 54 balls.

10th over: New Zealand 67-3 (Bates 34, Martin 18) Shot! There’s some timing, the best of the day by far. Perry starts a new over a bit short, and Martin times the pants off her cut shot over point. Then shuffles forward at Perry and lumps a ball over midwicket. Less attractive, just as effective. Uses a dab to get off strike, then Bates tries to maintain the momentum by charging and swiping across the line. Ugly shot, gets a top edge, and Healy tips it over the bar for four rather than hanging onto the catch. Perry looks dismayed, had the other team’s best player on a plate there. Bates isn’t worried, charging again to loft over cover for two more runs, then a single to finish. The over goes for 16, exactly what New Zealand needed.

9th over: New Zealand 51-3 (Bates 27, Martin 9) The Kiwis just can’t get their timing on this surface. Gardner bowls an over of off-breaks for four singles. Can’t afford to have overs like that chasing this sort of score. People think T20 is whack, bang, easy, but it can be a very hard game as soon as it gets stacked against you.

8th over: New Zealand 47-3 (Bates 25, Martin 7) Delissa Kimmince with her medium-pacers will continue. Just bowling full and straight and giving little away. So Martin backs away third ball of the over to find room, and carves wide of the cover sweeper to get two. Mooney keeps another shot to two rather than four with a good dive coming round from long-on. Then Healy’s day with the gloves continues: could have been a run-out on, but she gloves the stumps before the ball reaches her.

7th over: New Zealand 40-3 (Bates 21, Martin 4) Georgia Wareham the leg-spinner comes on for Australia. Starts down leg side for more that get past Healy, and extras are second behind Bates for New Zealand with 12. The batting pair can’t get a read on Wareham, and Bates is nearly bowled to finish the over when she misses a sweep and sees it bounce off her body past her stumps.

6th over: New Zealand 31-3 (Bates 18, Martin 2) First six of the match! First ball of the over. Bates facing Molineux, just stands and delivers down the ground. Clears the rope. But Molineux bounces back with three dot balls, cramped for room, and Bates nearly lobs a catch to midwicket as she tries to get off strike.

5th over: New Zealand 23-3 (Bates 9, Martin 0) Schutt is back, Australia going for the throat. She dots up Bates, including beating the edge. Three singles from the over.

Most Women's World T20 career wickets:

30 Perry AUS
27 Shrubsole ENG; Ismail SA
25 Devine NZ
21 Dottin WI; Taylor WI
20 Colvin ENG; Mohammed WI#WT20

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) November 14, 2018


4th over: New Zealand 20-3 (Bates 9, Martin 0) Healy in in great form with the bat, but hasn’t been quite there with the gloves today. Her second fumble behind the stumps to give away some extras. Perry is the bowler. Seven from the over after a cut through point for four.


3rd over: New Zealand 13-3 (Bates 3, Martin 0) Now it’s Katey Martin to the crease to see out Molineux’s over. The Aussies are right on top.

WICKET! Satterthwaite lbw Molineux 2 (7 balls), NZ 13-3

Hypocaust can’t help them now. The skipper, a left-hander, faces Molineux’s left-arm darts coming from over the wicket. Tries the reverse, misses it, and is hit near enough to off stump. Might have been just outside the line on first viewing, but it was almost a moral lbw. Would have been hitting the stumps anyway. And guess which team has already used their only DRS review?

2nd over: New Zealand 8-2 (Bates 2, Satterthwaite 1) Ok, fine: now NZ have their two best players at the crease. Perhaps the oracle of this game, Hypocaust, has reason for them to feel soothed.

NZ have the highest 2nd innings run rate in women's T20I this year (8.79 rpo).

While 154 would be their new record chase, they did chase down a target of 149 in 15.2 overs vs SA in June. #WT20

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) November 14, 2018

WICKET! Devine b Perry 0 (4 balls), NZ 7-2

She doesn’t get going, though. Maybe a bit of seam movement from Ellyse Perry? Angled the ball in, might have jagged a touch, and Devine was half forward not not fully committed to her airy drive, so the ball sailed through her gate and into her stumps.


1st over: New Zealand 6-1 (Bates 1, Devine 0) The early breakthrough for Australia, and New Zealand’s start is slowed. Their two best batters come together at the crease though – well, Satterthwaite has a claim to that title on pure quality, but no one tops Devine for sheer damaging power when she gets going.

WICKET! Peterson lbw Schutt 0 (2 balls), NZ 6-0

Megan ‘Schutter McGavin’ Schutt starts with five wides swinging down the leg side, but she’s back on target shortly after that. Inswing, a swipe across the line, and a miss. Peterson reviews, but she’s cooked here. She thinks the ball might have been high but she was crouching trying to swat across the line. So it has hit the flap of the pad, but low enough that the ball is smashing middle stump on the HawkEye reconstruction.

New Zealand must chase 154 to win

An explosive start from Healy, with Mooney in support, was the basis for Australia’s innings. Things slowed down a bit through the middle before Haynes picked them up again at the end. But Healy was given a life and Haynes was given two. New Zealand will have to bat better than they fielded. Kasperek and Tahuhu each got through their full overs conceding 25, while Kasperek took three wickets. All of the other bowlers got tonked.

Well, this is awkward, but Mike tells me they’ve just posted an extract of my new book on Australian cricket and sandpaper and all that stuff. So I’m encouraged to encourage you to fill in your innings break by reading it. Just pretend that someone else told you to.

WICKET! Molineux c Kerr b Devine 2 (4 balls)

20th over: Australia 153-7 (Haynes 29) And another drop! This time it’s Bates at deep midwicket. And another regulation chance. Haynes pulled it flat and very hard, but it flew straight to the fielder, who had time to get down on one knee, cup her hands, and let the ball hit them and bounce out. Just poor technique to adjust for the pace, and another life for Haynes. Devine is the bowler, and this drop comes after Haynes has already smashed her for one boundary on the same pull shot. But Kerr manages to hold another from the last ball of the innings, as Molineux walks across towards her off stump and tries to flash a cut past backward point. Intercepted.

19th over: Australia 144-6 (Haynes 21, Molineux 1) Sophie Molineux can bat – opened the batting for the Melbourne Renegades last season. Kasperek should have two wickets in the over, as Haynes whacks a drive straight back at her, but the bowler puts it down. They’ve cost themselves today, the White Ferns.

@GeoffLemonSport Rachael Haynes has the highest T20I SR of Australia's batters since the 2017 World Cup (149.19).https://t.co/NOIBsliKdn

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) November 14, 2018


WICKET! Perry c Kerr b Kasperek 3 (6 balls), Australia 141-6

Kerr has all the pressure on her after her earlier drop, but hangs onto this one at backward point. Perry trying to force the pace and only slices Kasperek off the thick outside edge after a charge.

18th over: Australia 140-5 (Haynes 18, Perry 3) Rachael Haynes hasn’t had much work to do this tournament, but shows she hasn’t let any rust settle in. Smacks Tahuhu through midwicket for four, then slashes another fine past the keeper.

17th over: Australia 129-5 (Haynes 9, Perry 1) Kerr is back with her leg-spin. Gets walloped on the sweep by Haynes for four. Burns the NZ bowling review after her wrong ‘un hits Perry on the pad, but it’s turning well down leg.

WICKET! Villani lbw Peterson 14 (10 balls)

16th over: Australia 122-5 (Haynes 3) Anna Peterson’s off-breaks are now the weapon. They nearly claim Elyse Villani, who clears mid-off by the width of a fingernail. Gets four runs though. Undeterred, she plays the same shot to the next ball and hits it much better, with metres to spare. Peterson bowls a wide from what should have been the last ball of the over, and it ends up being to her benefit. BEcause then comes the dismissal, the ball turning in, hits Villani just in line with off stump and that’s a very good decision from Shaun George. Villani reviews but loses it.


15th over: Australia 111-4 (Villani 5, Haynes 2) Ends up being a tidy over for Kasperek. Big lbw appeal against Haynes from the last ball, as well, but Umpire Rusere says it hit outside the line.

WICKET! Gardner c Bates b Kasperek 10 (13 balls), Australia 108-4

Caught! But in most unorthodox fashion. Gardner launches the off-spinner straight. Bates steadies at long-on. She cups the ball, lets it through her hands into her chest. It bounces up and hits her face as she falls over backwards. It lands on her chest again as she lies on the ground, bounces up again, and she snatches it with one hand before it hits the ground. A TV replay confirms that the catch is, eventually, clean.

14th over: Australia 108-3 (Gardner 10, Villani 4) Suzie Bates comes on for her first over – normally the White Ferns star bat but she’s more than useful with the ball. Sends down a couple of wides, which don’t help, but doesn’t go for more than a single from any other ball with two of Australia’s biggest hitters at the crease. Rowe’s hard return from the last nearly cleans up Bates, but she escapes unscathed.

13th over: Australia 100-3 (Gardner 7, Villani 1) Elyse Villani comes to the crease and on her second ball brings up Australia’s 100. A topsy turvy over that one, from Rowe, but she’ll be pleased with the scalp of Healy. Geoff’s back from his break, so I’ll leave you in his capable hands.


WICKET! Healy b Rowe 53 (38 balls), Australia 99-3

Dangerwoman Healy goes! She’s clean bowled around her legs by Rowe, but what a fine innings, again, by the Australian opener.


13th over: Australia 99-2 (Healy 53, Gardner 7) Hannah Rowe struggles for line this over and two of her opening three deliveries are called wides. She re-calibrates and is rewarded with a dot ball before Gardner goes back over her head for a single to put Healy on strike.

12th over: Australia 95-2 (Healy 52, Gardner 6) Kerr’s back but Gardner has her measure early in this over, smashing to the boundary on the first ball. A couple of singles follow before a wrong ’un fools Gardner. A decent finish from Kerr limits Australia to six runs from the over.

11th over: Australia 89-2 (Healy 51, Gardner 1) Ash Gardner comes to the crease before Devine delivers another wide follows that wicket and Australia finish the over with two wickets gone.

WICKET! Lanning caught Martin b Devine 5 (6 balls), Australia 87-2

The captain goes, caught behind! She was fishing a bit too wide there and pays the price with a thick edge. That’s an important wicket for the Kiwis!


11th over: Australia 87-1 (Healy 51, Lanning 5) Devine runs in as the scoreboard keeps ticking over with a couple of singles. But that’s loose from Devine on her third delivery though, down the leg side and past the keeper.

10th over: Australia 82-1 (Healy 50, Lanning 4) Tahahu bowling as Healy brings up her half century from just 33 balls, a tremendous effort from Australia’s standout player at this tournament so far. Lanning finally gets to face a ball and she gets off the mark immediately with a cracking square drive that races away to the boundary. And that’s the halfway mark for Australia in their innings.

9th over: Australia 76-1 (Lanning 0, Healy 44) A chance goes begging as Healy fines edge and it runs for four. That’s over.


WICKET! Mooney c Bates b Kasperek 26 (24 balls), Australia 71-1

Mooney goes as she looks to follow Healy’s lead but she’s caught by Bates who holds on to take the catch.

9th over: Australia 71-0 (Mooney 26, Healy 44) Thanks Geoff. So Alyssa Healy is really beginning to warm up now and that can only be of major concern to the New Zealanders. Mooney nudges a single off Kasperek’s first ball this over before Healy looks to go big back over the bowler’s head. She toes it slightly though and it’ll be just a single.


8th over: Australia 69-0 (Mooney 25, Healy 43) Hannah Rowe for the eight over, a long run-up for right-arm seam, coming round the wicket to try and cramp things up. Doesn’t work, as Healy lashes a full ball over cover for four! Loves that shot. And pulls the next for four more. It wasn’t even short, she had to bend down to play that pull. But liked the line and whacked it, beating two boundary riders square of the wicket to leg. To finish the over, Healy backs away and lofts down the ground for another boundary! The over costs 16. Ouch.

I’ll be back shortly, Mike Hytner will join you for the next few overs.

7th over: Australia 53-0 (Mooney 24, Healy 28) Kerr can’t find control either. Gives Mooney a full toss to belt over mid-on. Then a single every other ball. Mooney’s catching up.

6th over: Australia 44-0 (Mooney 18, Healy 25) Leigh Kasperek the off-spinner comes to the crease. What did I say about keeping pressure on? The half-volley on leg stump probably doesn’t do it. Healy creams the sweep for four. A couple of singles, then Healy misses out trying to late-cut a short wide one that only brings a single. Mooney isn’t going to waste time being that fancy. She just walks at Kasparek and whacks her over mid-off for four. The two wicketkeepers are flying now.

5th over: Australia 33-0 (Mooney 13, Healy 19) Devine continues. So does Healy, carving in the air over backward point for four. Savage. Devine needs to move the length up, she keeps dropping short enough to offer Healy a full swing. The next couple are pitched up further, and Healy gets a bottom edge that goes nowhere, then a toe-end that squirts to the keeper. Full again, blasted down the ground, but long-off is back and keeps it to one. That’s bowling to your field. Amy Satterthwaite does some YMCA moves... either that or she’s shifting the field. It’s been a good over, but Mooney yanks it back Australia’s way by clipping the last ball off her pads over midwicket for four.

4th over: Australia 24-0 (Mooney 9, Healy 14) Tahuhu with pace beats the edge of Mooney’s bat and barely beats her off stump. Mooney trying to go across the line. A bit manic, this opening pair at the start. And again with a dicey single straight to cover, the risk averted only because of a fumble in the field. Could have been gone with a clean pick-up and throw. Tahuhu nails the yorker for a couple of dots, and Healy can only scramble a single to midwicket to close the over. Just feels like New Zealand are in the game here, if they can maintain some pressure.

3rd over: Australia 21-0 (Mooney 8, Healy 12) So we’re in for a ring-the changes day. Kerr doesn’t get a second over, Devine gets a first with her little meds. Drops short, and Healy carves her off the back foot through cover for four. Gorgeous shot with a largely straight bat. Healy really is in the touch of her life, and it’s great to watch. Mooney gets a pull shot away to the boundary rider behind square. Healy’s next big shot outside off meets fresh air. You can’t middle them all.

There’s a wide, then she’s dropped! Healy has been dropped at cover. Didn’t time the shot, trying to loft the drive over cover in her usual way. She sliced it high, it was a simple enough take, but Kerr running under it has put it down. Let it bounce from her fingers, without needing to dive or lunge. That’s a really bad miss. They’ll pay for that, you feel. Mooney closes the over by gliding four through a vacant cordon.

2nd over: Australia 9-0 (Mooney 3, Healy 6) Lea Tahuhu, one of the quickest in the women’s game, opens from the other end. Mooney blocks one, then carves a single square. Healy looks more at home! When she gets a short length she hops up on her toes to strain for some extra height, rides the bounce, and cracks it through cover with a horizontal bat. Four runs, then a late cut for one. Mooney is hit on the pad from over the wicket – pitching outside leg – then misses a very wide ball that isn’t called by the umpire. One player is 3 from 9, the other is 6 from 3.

1st over: Australia 3-0 (Mooney 2, Healy 1) Amelia Kerr may not be up the batting order, but she’s opening the bowling with her leg breaks. Looping them up there with teasing flight as Mooney takes first strike. And not looking entirely comfortable. She pulls the first ball straight to the field and can’t get through, then gropes at the next couple. Gets off strike eventually, gets it back, then nearly chips a leading edge back to Kerr, and is nearly run out going through for the single. That just cleared the bowler’s head. Good start for NZ.

Australia win the toss and bat

No changes from the last match for them. The batting order will float: Gardner will come in at three if there’s an early wicket to attack in the Powerplay, Lanning or Perry can come up the order if one falls later. For NZ, Amelia Kerr is listed at No10 despite setting the world record Women’s ODI score of 232 a couple of months ago.


New Zealand


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G’day chiefs, cobbers, sports and tigers. And strewth, what a fair dinkum time to be tuning in to some rolled-gold cricket. Fittingly we have the two countries who make up the ANZAC legend, who make up two thirds of the ANZUS treaty, who make up the entirety of Crowded House. It’s Australia versus New Zealand once again, the battle of the countries that are annoyingly far away from the rest of the world. And this time it’s in the contest of the Women’s World T20.

Australia are on the brink of a spot in the semis, having won two from two so far. However, those two were the group’s weaker teams in Pakistan and Ireland. On the other hand, En Zed got pulverised by India thanks to a Harmanpreet Kaur century in their opening match, so they absolutely must knock off the other big dog in the group to have a hope of progressing.

Another factor is that all of these players across both sides know each other’s games so well, having spent plenty of time alongside or opposing one another in the Women’s Big Bash, the Kia Super League, and their regular international contests. So there are plenty of reasons why this should be a hot contest. Stand by.


Geoff Lemon and Mike Hytner

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