Women's ice hockey final: USA win gold after shootout over Canada – as it happened

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Bryan Graham's report from Pyeongchang

That wraps up yet another dramatic, well-played gold medal game between the U.S. and Canada.

In the meantime, flick over to our new live blog, for reaction to the U.S. win and rolling coverage of the rest of the day’s action in Pyeongchang:


The Soviet Union men’s team was going for five golds in a row in 1980 when they lost to the U.S. Today the U.S. ends Canada’s shot at five.

In another epic gold medal game between the U.S. and Canada, the Canadians fall short of becoming the first-ever nation to win five consecutive golds in ice hockey, men or women.

Amazing effort all game by Maddie Rooney, who was just 7 months old when the U.S. last won Olympic gold.

USA wins gold!

Maddie Rooney, the 20-year old American goalie, comes up wiht one final stop and the U.S. wins its first gold in women’s ice hockey since 1998.

Jocelyn Lamoureux with an amazing bit of stickhandling tucks one by Szabados.

Szabados stops Hilary Knight.

A Knight goal would have won it.

Canada’s Jenner is stopped by Rooney.

Canada’s Doust scores on a Forsberg move but USA’s Kessel answers right back.

USA’s Pfalzer is stopped on her shot.

Poulin is stopped by USA’s Rooney.

Stopping Poulin has to feel huge for the USA.

USA’s Brandt is stoned by Szabados.

Canada’s Agosta goes top-left to score.

USA’s Marvin scores to give U.S. an early edge.

Marvin lost control of the puck making a move in the slot, but recovered and banged in through.

Canada’s Spooner is stopped by Rooney on a poke check.

U.S. will shoot next.

End of overtime: Canada 2-2 USA

We’re headed for a shootout. Not the ideal way to pick a gold medal team, but that’s the Olympic setup.

Power play for Canada.

Canada 2-2 USA, 1:35 OT

Keller knocks Poulin into the board and Canada will get 4-on-3 for the rest of overtime with the gold on the line. Canada calls timeout to discuss strategy.

Canada 2-2 USA, 2:41 OT

Team USA putting non-stop pressure on Canada for the last 2 minutes but nothing on the scoreboard. U.S. now up to 41 shots, 9 in overtime.

Canada 2-2 USA, 4:40 OT

Megan Keller of the U.S. had the best look of OT, getting a pass wide open in the slot, but Szabados turned it aside.

Canada 2-2 USA, 7:00 OT

We’re now just 7 minutes away from a shootout deciding the gold medal.

With the more wide open play in 4-on-4, it’s surprising how few good scoring chances have been surrendered so far.

Canada 2-2 USA, 9:40 OT

While U.S. continues to dominate puck possession, Canada’s defense is doing a good job pushing U.S. puck carriers to the outside when they gain the zone.

Canada 2-2 USA, 11:33 3rd period

The U.S. has now repeatedly stripped Canada of the puck coming through the neutral zone, but the Americans haven’t been able to do much with it from there.

Canada 2-2 USA, 15:24 3rd period

End-to-end action with the extra room on the ice. The U.S. has kept up its controlling play that began partway through the third period.

Canada 2-2 USA, 17:33 OT

Megan Keller of the U.S. rings one off the left post on a 3-on-2 rush and play continues.

Canada 2-2 USA, 17:45 OT

USA has controlled the puck early in 4-on-4 but has yet to put any threatening shots on net.

Sudden death overtime is underway.

Buckle up.

Here is Monique Lamoureux’s game-tying goal:

I’m not going to argue this.

@DJGalloEtc Your live updates of the gold medal game are by far the best Winter Olympic coverage in Australia I've seen in my life.
Thanks for nothin' @7olympics!!#PyeongChang2018 #CANvsUSA #7OlympicsFail

— No faith in humanity (@twinfold) February 22, 2018

The U.S. outshot Canada 32-24 in regulation, with the U.S. controlling play for most of the final 10 minutes. We’ll see if that continues following the break.

End of regulation: Canada 2-2 USA

Same as 2014, Canada and the U.S. will head to overtime tied at 2-2.

In 15 minutes, we’ll get 4-on-4 sudden death overtime for the gold medal.

Canada 2-2 USA, 2:10 3rd period

Canada kills off the penalty and we’ll have about 2 minutes of 5-on-5 action with a gold medal on the line. These teams sure do drama.


USA heads to the power play.

Canada 2-2 USA, 4:11 3rd period

Team USA’s sixth power play of the night comes via tripping and hits with just over four minutes left in regulation.


Canada 2-2 USA, 4:30 3rd period

Team USA controlling play and flying to pucks right now. Canada looks to be on its heels for the first time in the game.


U.S. ties it at 2-2!

Canada 2-2 USA, 6:15 3rd period

After Canada fails to convert on a 2-on-1, Monique Lamoureux get a breakaway on a bad change by Canada and goes low, glove side to tie it up.

Canada 2-1 USA, 7:47 3rd period

The U.S. has picked up the pace, but Canada is staying right with them, hassling them through the neutral zone, lifting sticks and deflecting passes. Time is ticking.

Canada 2-1 USA, 10:00 3rd period

Half of the third period is gone and the U.S. is still probing for that tying goal. Szabados is playing her angles perfectly and making that very difficult for the Americans.

Checking is illegal but apparently this is cool pic.twitter.com/EsUFgVbzSd

— Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) February 22, 2018

Canada 2-1 USA, 14:24 3rd period

The U.S. generates puck possession in the offensive zone with some cycling, but no scoring chance results.

Brianna Decker is back on the ice for the U.S.

Canada 2-1 USA, 16:49 3rd period

A huge save by Rooney sends the U.S. on a 2-on-1 break, but Brianna Decker is hit hard and dropped to the ice with a shoulder to the head by Poulin while trying to finish. No penalty called on the hit.

Third period is underway!

Canada 2-1 USA, 19:20 3rd period

Canada’s Rebecca Johnston opens the action with a hard shot on Rooney that is swallowed up and controlled.

marie-philip "like mario kart" poulin pic.twitter.com/U1OZHJkZYh

— ooh baby GOTTA have my lympz! (@armadillorollup) February 22, 2018

The U.S. women have spent the last four years telling everyone that they’ve had a constant focus to bounce back from the outcome in Sochi. But through two periods, they don’t look like they’re playing with the urgency. They’ll need to pick it up their pace and physicality in the final 20 minutes or they’ll end up with silver again.

End of the 2nd period: Canada 2-1 USA

Canada is 20 minutes away from its fifth consecutive gold medal.

The U.S. led in the 3rd period of the gold medal game in 2014 and lost. This year they’ll try to flip the script.

Canada heads to the power play.

Canada 2-1 USA, 2:02 2nd period

Canada will close out the middle period on the advantage. It goes without saying that if they could capitalize here, they’d take a huge step towards securing gold.

Canada 2-1 USA, 2:30 2nd period

The fifth U.S. power play of the night may have been their least effective. Canada doing well to fight off all of these player-down situations.

USA heads to its fifth power play.

Canada 2-1 USA, 4:47 2nd period

A blatant slash puts the U.S. on the power play again. The Americans are 1-for-4 on the night with 7 shots.

Canada 2-1 USA, 5:50 2nd period

Canada had good possession on their power play, but were not able to hit the back of the net. The U.S. looks like it has stabilized a bit after Canada controlled the middle of the period.

Power play for Canada.

Canada 2-1 USA, 8:00 2nd period

More than halfway through the game, Canada gets its first power play of the night thanks to an illegal hit. Despite their dominance in the tournament, Canada is only 4-for-22 on the power play in the tournament.

Canada 2-1 USA, 10:15 2nd period

Both teams trade nice scoring chances a few seconds apart. And both goaltenders are doing a nice job controlling rebounds and limiting second chances so far.

If this scores holds, Canada’s Poulin will have scored the game-winning goal in three consecutive Olympic gold medal games.

Canada takes a 2-1 lead!

Canada 2-1 USA, 13:05 2nd period

This period has been much more fluid than the first by both teams with some end-to-end hockey. Canada is able to capitalize on a nice feed from Agosta to Marie-Philip Poulin and a 2-1 lead.


Canada 1-1 USA, 15:38 2nd period

A few good opportunities by the U.S. get turned back by Canada and the Americans are now 1-for-4 on the power play tonight.

USA heads to the power play ... again

Canada 1-1 USA, 17:41 2nd period

Team USA is off to its fourth power play of the night on a trip. Canada still has yet to get one.

Canada scores: 1-1 game!

Canada 1-1 USA, 18:00 2nd period

We have our second goal of the game on a tipped shot. Turnbull racing down the right boards sends it across the middle and Haley Irwin tips it out of the air and by the goalie. We’re tied up.


Second period is underway!

USA 1-0 Canada, 19:20 2nd period

Our first stoppage of the period comes with an icing of the puck.


Hilary Knight this week:

The U.S. wants to be No. 1 in everything ... We want to win, and that would be winning a gold medal.

So far tonight, she’s the one player to score.

Don’t run up!! @usahockey @NBCOlympics @Olympics pic.twitter.com/MkTGUWC8U4

— Leslie Jones 🦋 (@Lesdoggg) February 22, 2018

I don't know much about sports but I do know that if you're watching Netflix tonight instead of the Women's Hockey Final you're not doing "being a Canadian" right.

— Netflix Canada (@Netflix_CA) February 21, 2018

End of the 1st period: USA 1, Canada 0

Canada controlled play most of the game in 5-on-5, but Team USA’s third power play of the period paid off with a goal in the final seconds.

The U.S. outshot Canada, 10-7, in the first.

Goal, USA. Team USA takes the lead, 1-0

United States 1-0 Canada, 0:23 1st period

U.S. star Hilary Knight sets up in front of the net and puts a nifty tip of a shot through her legs and into the back of the net.


U.S. gets its third power play.

Canada 0-0 United States, 1:34 1st period

Sarah Nurse heads to the box on a slashing call. The U.S. will see if the third time is a charm.


Canada 0-0 United States, 1:46 1st period

The U.S. has looked nervous and tentative most of the game, but had its best sustained pressure just now, intercepting a few passes through center ice and making pushes into the offensive zone.

Canada 0-0 United States, 4:30 1st period

The U.S. never threatens much on the power play and is now 0-for-2 on the night.

Brianna Decker passed up a good shot inside the left point for a pass that didn’t find its target.

U.S. heads to the power play again.

Canada 0-0 United States, 6:42 1st period

Canada was buzzing through the offensive zone and maintaining possession, but the momentum ends on a penalty to Jocelyne Larocque, as the U.S. gets another power play.


Canada 0-0 United States, 8:10 1st period

Canada kills off the first penalty of the night. The U.S. put two shots on goal from just inside the blue line during their power play.

Power play for the United States

Canada 0-0 United States, 10:14 1st period

The U.S. gets the first power play of the game on a penalty to Canada’s Jenn Wakefield.

Canada 0-0 United States, 10:40 1st period

Canada has a 2-on-1, but a soft Meghan Agosta backhand attempt is nabbed by Rooney.

Canada 0-0 United States, 12:10 1st period

The U.S. gets its first shot on goal with nearly 8 minutes gone in the game. The U.S. has put more than 40 shots on net in every game in the tournament leading into this one.

Canada 0-0 United States, 14:48 1st period

Nice save by Rooney on a re-directed shot from the blue line. Canada has controlled play for the past two minutes.

Canada 0-0 United States, 16:19 1st period

And there is the first official shot of the game. Blayre Turnbull of Canada tries a wrap-around on her backhand, but Rooney smothers it easily.

Canada 0-0 United States, 17:23 1st period

We have our first stoppage of the game as the puck is swatted out of play. Both teams are feeling each other out with a lot of back and forth through the neutral zone. No scoring chances so far.

We're underway in the gold medal game!

Canada 0-0 United States, 18:35 1st period

Canada will officially get the first shot on goal in the game on a dump in that found its way to Rooney.

Both teams are on the ice and the puck is about to drop.

Tonight’s goaltenders:

Canada -- Shannon Szabados (.973 save percentage)

USA -- Maddie Rooney (.951 save percentage)

They are No. 1 and 2 in the tournament in save percentage.

Here’s a recap of the 2014 gold medal game, during which the U.S. had a 2-0 lead with less than 4 minutes to play ... and then nearly put it away with an empty net goal attempt that hit off the post at 2-1. Canada tied it up and then won in sudden death.

Canada enters this game with a ton of confidence -- as it should, having won gold at the last four Olympics, three of them over the U.S. The Canada women are also 3-0 in this tournament so far.

But despite all that, the U.S. women insist they are confident against their nemesis. The U.S. outshot Canada 45-23 in a 2-1 loss in their Pyeongchang opener.

“A battle for the ages, as usual,” Canadian forward Brianne Jenner said this week. “It’s one of the best rivalries in hockey. Not much more you can say.”

Welcome to the liveblog for 2018 Women’s Ice Hockey gold medal game between Canada and the United States. Each team has played four games so far in the tournament and now we have the final everyone predicted. The same final from the last two Winter Olympic Games: Canada vs. the U.S.

Please feel free to participate via Twitter or e-mail. This should be a great night of hockey.


DJ will be here shortly. In the meantime, here’s what happened when the two teams met earlier in the tournament:

The US women have no problem getting chances when they play the Canadians. At the moment they just can’t seem to get them into the net.

The American women’s scoring dilemma against their arch-rivals was never more evident than in Thursday’s preliminary round matchup between the only two women’s ice hockey teams ever to win an Olympic gold medal. Team USA, who hit the post at least three times and missed a penalty shot, outshot Canada 45-23 but came away with a 2-1 loss.

You can read the full report below:


DJ Gallo

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