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In a Test match report, Ali Martin describes the Pakistani mystery spinner Abrar Ahmed as having “the air of a junior accountant” (9 December). I’m certain this is based solely on the fact that Abrar bowls in glasses. I wonder, what are the greatest bespectacled sporting performances?
Lindsay Camp

• Reporting that Liz Truss aspires to be a thinktank founder, you omitted to say “again” (Liz Truss and I ‘got carried away’ writing mini-budget, admits Kwasi Kwarteng, 10 December). We have seen her think, tank and founder already.
Prof Daniel Harbour
Queen Mary University of London

• Re “Frank’s gallstones” that were found in a bedside drawer (Letters, 8 December), we kept “Mr Ribbington’s testicles” in a jar on the mantlepiece for many years. Kids gawped and adults thought I was sick. I am a veterinary surgeon though, and Mr Ribbington was my rescued canine companion.
Peter Shenton

• When clearing out my parents’ home (Letters, 12 December), we found batteries labelled “half full”, including one marked “Good for radio, no good for tape”.
Simone Gledhill
Folkestone, Kent

• Reading about stotties (‘Pay what you can afford’: Newcastle bakery combats rising cost of living, 9 December) made me reflect on my confusion when coming to live in Cumbria and being offered a “teacake” filled with ham, what I used to call a “bap” in London. Are there many other local names for this lunchtime filler?
Janet Mansfield
Aspatria, Cumbria

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