Sports quiz of the week: Winter Olympics, Six Nations and bowls

Who is going for gold? Who needs to relax? And who are unbeaten?

  1. The 23rd Winter Olympics are under way. Which country has won at least one gold medal at the previous 22 Games?

    1. Norway

    2. Germany

    3. Netherlands

    4. USA

  2. Russia hosted the 2014 Winter Games and topped the medal table. Which country hosted and topped the medal table in 2010?

    1. Canada

    2. USA

    3. Norway

    4. Sweden

  3. The Champions League knockout stage begins this week. How many English clubs are in the last 16?

    1. Three

    2. Four

    3. Five

    4. Six

  4. Who were the only team not to score a try on the opening weekend of the Six Nations?

    1. England

    2. France

    3. Ireland

    4. Italy

    5. Scotland

    6. Wales

  5. Why has the Shropshire Crown Green Bowls Association introduced a code of conduct?

    1. To deal with drunken, rowdy fans

    2. To punish cheating players

    3. To prevent players from wearing “ghastly outfits”

    4. To ban fans from gambling on games on the sidelines

  6. How many different clubs has West Ham’s new signing, Patrice Evra, represented in Champions League finals?

    1. One

    2. Two

    3. Three

    4. Four

  7. Which two teams are unbeaten in the Premier League in 2018?

    1. Manchester City and Swansea City

    2. Tottenham Hotspur and Bournemouth

    3. Manchester United and Liverpool

    4. Arsenal and West Ham United

  8. Toulouse are due to host Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 on Saturday afternoon. Why is the fixture in doubt?

    1. Farmers are planning to block roads in Toulouse in protest against agricultural regulations

    2. Snow has been forecast and Toulouse do not have undersoil heating

    3. PSG manager Unai Emery says his team “will not play on that bog of a pitch”

    4. The Stadium de Toulouse was flooded this week after a leak at a Coca-Cola factory

  9. Which of these clubs has the smallest lead in their domestic league?

    1. Barcelona

    2. Bayern Munich

    3. Celtic

    4. Manchester City

    5. Paris Saint-Germain

  10. On Sunday night Nick Foles became the first person to ...

    1. Throw and catch a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl

    2. Win the Super Bowl as a teenager

    3. Win the Super Bowl and become engaged on the same night

    4. Win the Super Bowl in his first appearance for his team

  11. Who are the only League Two side among the 16 teams in the FA Cup fifth round?

    1. Notts County

    2. Coventry

    3. Wigan Athletic

    4. Rochdale


1:D - Six countries – Austria, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden and USA – have earned medals at every Games so far., 2:A - Norway and Germany are expected to fight it out at the top of the medal table this time around., 3:C - Chelsea play Barcelona; Liverpool play Porto; Manchester City play Basel; Manchester United play Sevilla; and Tottenham play Juventus., 4:C - But they did score a drop goal., 5:A - “We didn’t need a code of conduct before,” said Mike Caddick, the outgoing president of the club. “But spectators have become more vociferous and alcohol helps them along. It’s the kind of behaviour you used to get on football terraces and we don’t want it in bowls.”, 6:C - For Monaco in 2004; for Manchester United in 2008, 2009 and 2011; and for Juventus in 2015., 7:B - Bournemouth have won 15 points in their last six games – more than any other side in the division., 8:A - A farmers’ union official said: “I am announcing the apocalypse in Toulouse. If the minister does not change his mind, why not protest at the stadium on Saturday? Nothing will stop us.”, 9:C - Celtic are just eight points in front of Aberdeen, so have a smaller lead than Barcelona (nine), Paris Saint-Germain (11), Manchester City (13) and Bayern Munich (18)., 10:A - But he isn't guaranteed a place in the team next season. With Carson Wentz coming back from injury, Foles could be heading for the exit door., 11:B - Coventry, who won the Cup in 1987, face Brighton in the next round.


  1. 1 and above.


  2. 2 and above.


  3. 3 and above.


  4. 4 and above.


  5. 5 and above.


  6. 6 and above.


  7. 7 and above.


  8. 8 and above.


  9. 9 and above.


  10. 10 and above.


  11. 0 and above.


  12. 11 and above.



Paul Campbell

The GuardianTramp

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