Sports quiz of the week: Tyson Fury, Leicester City and county cricket drama

This week’s quiz is cheering for Spurs, just to be different

  1. Who said: 'It's like we live in a bubble. Compared to the rest of society, we earn a ridiculous amount. It’s unfathomable'?

    1. Andy Murray

    2. Floyd Mayweather

    3. Juan Mata

    4. Conor McGregor

  2. One man finished the London Marathon 92 minutes after the winner but still managed to enter the Guinness Book of Records? He wasn't even in London; where was he?

    1. Gibraltar

    2. The Falklands

    3. Australia

    4. Space

  3. How did a match between Inter and Udinese make history this week?

    1. It was the first Serie A match that featured no Italian players

    2. It was the first Serie A match played on a Tuesday

    3. It completed a weekend in which every match finished as an away win

    4. The 6-6 scoreline made it the league's highest scoring draw ever

  4. Who said: 'I don't live a strict lifestyle. I don't even life an athlete's lifestyle. It's an absolute disgrace to call me an athlete. You couldn't call me an athlete. Absolutely not'?

    1. Gabriel Agbonlahor 

    2. Tyson Fury

    3. Phil Mickelson

    4. Dylan Hartley

  5. Who are the only team to have beaten Leicester City at home and away in the Premier League this season?

    1. Arsenal

    2. Tottenham Hotspur

    3. West Ham United

    4. Liverpool

  6. Why was play suspended at Edgbaston this week?

    1. A pigeon landed on the stumps and wouldn't move

    2. It snowed

    3. The umpire was was stuck in traffic due to a local 5k fun run

    4. The boiler malfunctioned so tea was delayed 15 minutes

  7. Which football club has remained unbeaten in their league since the end of October and has only dropped two points in their last 25 matches?

    1. Bayern Munich

    2. Atlético Madrid

    3. Juventus

    4. Leicester City

  8. League 1, the UK's third-tier rugby league competition, currently contains 15 clubs from England, Wales and France. Next year they will be joined by a club from which country?

    1. USA

    2. Argentina

    3. Fiji

    4. Canada

  9. Which of these football managers did not feature in the last FA Cup final between Manchester United and Crystal Palace, in 1990?

    1. Alan Pardew

    2. Steve Bruce

    3. Mark Hughes

    4. Darren Ferguson

  10. Who said: 'People can say what they want, but fact remains that Neymar has been booked more often than me'?

    1. Luis Suárez

    2. Dani Alves

    3. Pepe

    4. Sergio Ramos


1:C - Mata continued: 'I don’t enjoy the business side of football. I’d happily take a pay cut if there was less business involvement in the sport.', 2:D - British astronaut Tim Peake became first man to complete a marathon in space. Peake also ran the London Marathon (in London) in 1999., 3:A - There were 14 different nationalities represented on the pitch., 4:B - Showing off his considerable gut, Fury said to Klitschko: 'Shame on you, my friend. You let a fat man beat you.', 5:A - It hasn't kept the fans happy. They are planning to protest against Arsène Wenger at the Emirates on Saturday., 6:B - That's why we love Birmingham in the springtime., 7:C - They won the Serie A title for the fifth straight season on Monday., 8:D - Toronto Wolfpack will fund the expenses of the other 15 League One sides, 12 of which are part-time, when they travel to Canada for away fixtures., 9:D - Darren Ferguson played for Manchester United under the management of his father from 1990 to 1994 but he wasn't in the squad for the 1990 Cup final., 10:C - That's peace-loving Pepe, who was once given a 10-match ban for stamping.


  1. 0 and above.

    You've done very badly there

  2. 1 and above.


  3. 2 and above.

    Did you click on this page by mistake?

  4. 3 and above.

    Not good. Shape up for next week

  5. 4 and above.

    Decent score but you can do better next week

  6. 5 and above.

    Meh. Not bad. Not great. Just acceptable

  7. 6 and above.

    You've done well there but there's still room for improvement

  8. 7 and above.

    You've done well there.

  9. 8 and above.

    An impressive score – and we are not impressed easily

  10. 9 and above.

    You are a hero

  11. 10 and above.

    Perfection. Sheer perfection


Paul Campbell

The GuardianTramp

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