Olympic ice hockey: Sweden 1-6 USA - as it happened!

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  • Six different Americans score in rout of Sweden
  • Swedes outshot 70-9
  • Team USA to face Canada or Switzerland winner for gold


Well, a crisp win by the USA against subpar competition, one where mostly everybody was involved. Hardly the tuneup you want going into an enormous match-up, but the good news is that Canada will hardly be tested themselves against Switzerland (that’s a guess), and that they’ll head into the gold medal game both ready to let loose against each other.

We’ll have coverage of the that other semifinal soon, but for now, thanks for reading.

Sweden 1-6 USA, Final

Mercifully, this game is over.

Sweden fail to come within seven galaxies of replicating their 2006 theatrics, and the USA enjoy a comprehensive victory on the road to what they hope is their first ice hockey gold medal since 1998.

GOAL! Sweden 1-6 USA, 3:02, 3rd period

Kessel feeds Decker who whacks a shot off the crossbar, and the rebound goes off Andersson and in! That’s an own goal, which kind of takes the shine off what was a good few minutes from Sweden.

I suppose it had to end some time.

Sweden 1-5 USA, 4:48, 3rd period

Lamoureux on the penalty shot, skates in, dekes, spins and shoots left - kick save, and what a beauty!

Morale is high with Sweden right now!

Sweden 1-5 USA, 5:26, 3rd period

Penalty shot!

Lina Backlin takes down Jocelyn Lamoureux who was ahead of the pack and gets to go one-on-one with Hasson


GOAL! Sweden 1-5 USA, 6:56, 3rd period

SWEDEN HAVE SCORED! They win the face off - Eliasson fires from point and Anna Borgqvist deflects it into the corner! Hurahh!!!


Sweden 0-5 USA, 7:05, 3rd period

This definitely is!

Uden Johansson skates, and beats Pucci in gliding around the net, turns, and fires - and the puck is right on the goal line, and just may have gone in! Alas, no goal...

We wait.


Sweden 0-5 USA, 7:32, 3rd period

Lowenheilm with a big shot from center and Vetter, who lost her stick, is still able to make the stop! Is that a scoring chance? Quite possibly, I’d say!

Sweden 0-5 USA, 12:08, 3rd period

Michelle Lowenhielm skates in close to Vetter and nearly gets a shot off...that was close to a chance.

Sweden 0-5 USA, 18:00, 3rd period

Well, the ice looks great. That zamboni they use in Sochi really does a fine job.

Puck drops

The USA have 37 scoring chances and the Swedes have none.

Could this be the period when Sweden almost score?


Meanwhile in Sweden

News emerges that Abba’s flashy outfits were apparently made so ridiculous so that they could not possibly be worn on the street, and thus considered a tax deduction.


Who has what

There are five different goal scorers for the US:

Carpenter, Bellamy, Kesssel, Picard and Marvin. Hilary Knight does not have a goal but does have eight shots.

Vetter has six saves - the US have 51 shots.

That’s right, 51.

Sweden 0-5 USA, end of 2nd period

Eliasson, who scored the goal ahead goal vs Finland to get Sweden to a game they probably wish they weren’t playing right now looks great skating and shooting right, albeit at Vetter. Then she handles the puck on the ensuing sequence, looking almost as if she’s actually interested in playing. Nice one.

That’s it for the second period.

Sweden 0-5 USA, 1:26, 2nd period

Fanny Rask shoots one at Vetter that’s harmless, but it’s worth it just to get a fourth shot on the board.

It’s like that.

Don't worry, Sweden will put their starter back in after the backup faces 47 shots of her own. It's like a pitch count.

— Winging It In Motown (@wingingitmotown) February 17, 2014


Sweden 0-5 USA, 4:23, 2nd period

Monique Lamoureux tests Hasson right away - she makes a shoulder save on a hard slap shot towards the stick side, one taken with no one around her. Seriously, if you own skates, you could do more than Sweden right now. Where’s the Olympian effort?

Goalie change

Wallner is out and Kim Martin Hasson is in, who doesn’t seem that keen on the idea actually. Can’t say I blame her.


GOAL! Sweden 0-5 USA, 7:43, 2nd period

Huge slap shot - a Bozek bazooka shot. Wallner never saw it.


Just an FYI, we will have live coverage of Switzerland vs Canada, which is the other women’s semifinal.

We’ll begin our blog at 1200PM EST, 5PM UK.

Sweden 0-4 USA, 9:52, 2nd period

Get this, a shot on Vetter by Andersson.

Poor Vetter, she must be wondering what to do out there. Someone get her a smartphone.

Sweden 0-4 USA, 10:34, 2nd period

Duggan has a loose puck and an open net but it’s popped over the crossbar.

There’s more. Monique Lamoureux finds Coyne, thankfully skating after hitting her head earlier - she flicks a weak backhand into the chest of Wallner who makes the save easily.

Penalty now, it’s Coyne who drags down Backlin with her stick - that’s a hook - two minutes.


GOAL! Sweden 0-4 USA, 14:19, 2nd period

Monique Lamoureux is all alone in front of the net, and with that kind of time, not even a hot Wallner can make the stab, and so the puck flies past a host of Swedish onlookers and into the back of the net.

Sweden 0-3 USA, 14:59, 2nd period

Jenni Asserholt throws down Coyne and she hits her head on the ice, extremely hard. It looked pretty serious even though she walked off on her own. Asserhold goes to the box, and a power play coming up.

More from Wallner - Duggan on a deflection in front of the save but traps the puck, closing up the five hole in theatrical fashion! Quite a show now from the Swedish goalie!

Sweden 0-3 USA, 16:49, 2nd period

Kessel finds Marvin center ice who is all alone but the shot is saved by Wallner - then she makes anoher save, this one circus like after Lamoureux shot glove side! It could easilty be 6-0 right now.

Puck drops

We’re back. USA are right back shooting, Stack nearly scoring off a rebound seconds in.

Here is the #Olympics men's ice hockey tournament bracket at #Sochi, coming to you thanks to wikipedia. @GdnUSsports pic.twitter.com/YNt1UN3zQL

— David Lengel (@LengelDavid) February 17, 2014

There’s a bit of a derby coming up between Slovakia and the Czech Rpublic which should make for great viewing. Otherwise, it’s a bit of a joke that no one gets eliminated in the first round, isn’t it? Certainly a tough road for the United States - how do you like their chances? Any predictions for the bracket?

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A word from the captain

Meghan Duggan tells NBC TV in the US:

We’re a great team, we have a lot of skill and we’re coached really well so it’s easy to stay focused.

It’s hard to argue right now, they are smoking these Swedish fish, and it doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon.

Sweden 0-3 USA, end of 1st period

That will do it for period number one from the Shayba Arena where the USA has taken a decisive advantage and quite a few shots to boot - 29 to be precise. Sweden never did get a second shot, that despite to power plays in the period.

Sweden 0-3 USA, 0:36, 1st period

Lee Stecklein and Lindh get into it after a Duggan blocked shot - Sweden are angry, or bored.

Sweden 0-3 USA, 2:14, 1st period

Gigi Marvin knocks Maria Lindh into the boards and here comes another Swedish power play - let’s start with some shots before moving on to bigger things.

Sweden 0-3 USA, 4:15, 1st period

Sweden have one shot.


The USA have 27.

That is all.

Sweden 0-3 USA, 6:23, 1st period

Pernilla Winberg had the puck and time but carried too long before Team USA collapsed on her and there’s no shot.

A non-shot is the biggest moment of the power play, which is now history.

I guess Sweden can blame Canada for making them so angry. They’re not letting up at all.

Sweden 0-3 USA, 7:52, 1st period

Michelle Picard makes an itsy bitsy bit of contact, and a tickey tacky call leads to a Swedish power play - to say they need a goal is probably an understatement, and wildly obvious.

GOAL! Sweden 0-3 USA, 8:41, 1st period

It’s not a power play goal, but a goal nonetheless! Martin puts it on net from point, and a persistent Kessel is there for the rebound, lifting the puck over Wallner and into the net! The blow out is on!


Matjes anyone?

Sweden 0-2 USA, 9:12, 1st period

Wester takes down Knight, then Sweden kill off a bit of the tripping penalty before Jenni Asserholt, clearly frustrated, gets done for roughing. A short 5-3 woman advantage here for Team USA, just what you need when you’re down two goals early.


GOAL! Sweden 0-2 USA, 12:44, 1st period

USA hit the post, then control the puck - they’re relentless, Sweden chasing, but they’re a pass behind - Decker starts the sequence - she whips the puck cross ice for Bozek who slides it across from point to point - Bellamy shoots through everyone, and I do mean every Swedish player, and it’s in the net!!

Team USA with two bang-bang goals!

GOAL! Sweden 0-1 USA, 13:50, 1st period

Kelli Stack, skating down the left side, wraps around the net and finds Carpenter - she’s all alone, so alone she can have stopped, baked a cake, and then score! A power play goal!

That’s the first power play goal Sweden have allowed in 17 kills. That will calm USA nerves for sure. Uncharacteristic weak Swedish defense there.


Sweden 0-0 USA, 14:15, 1st period

Pad save by Wallner after a long range shot by Decker. Sweden are clearly out gunned, but it seems like there are a lot of Swedish players on the ice, like, more than they’re allowed. Maybe it’s those popping yellow jerseys?

Coyne with a weak wrist shot, glove save, and an easy one for Wallner.

Now a penalty - Anna Borgqvist hooks Coyne and here’s a real test for Sweden.

Sweden 0-0 USA, 16:23, 1st period

Team USA have three shots - including an Alex Carpenter blast after a mistake by Wallner saw her temporarily located behind the net, which is not an effective location for a net minder, mind you.

Sweden 0-0 USA, 18:06, 1st period

Brianna Decker tries to jam in a shot but Valentina Lizana-Wallner is denied!. A lot of play in Sweden’s zone early on.

Puck drops

We’re off!

The USA are in blue, Sweden in yellow.

The power play

Sweden have the best power play of the tournament, concerting 33.33% of the time while the USA has scored 27.27% on woman advantages.

One tweet says it all...

Idag har Sverige allt att vinna och USA allt att förlora. #vigårförguld

— Sophie Johansson (@SophieCeciliaJ) February 17, 2014

Rough translation:

Today, Sweden has everything to gain, the U.S. has everything to lose.

I think we’ll know pretty quickly whether we’re going to get a game here. Sweden must stop that initial assault and figure out a way to slow Team USA down.


Julie Chu

The USA may have been off for four days, which is a very long time during an Olympic tournament, but that doesn’t mean they were safe from injury. Julie Chu hurt her hand in practice on Saturday, but the veteran forward will play through it. Chu did sit out on Sunday but Katey Stone blew it off, saying:

Everybody that’s a four-time Olympian got the day off today.

Eight years ago...

It’s the film Katey Stone or any Team USA fan doesn’t want to see, and the highlights that Swedes are playing on loop heading up to the semifinal.


The United States may be heavy favorites in this upcoming women’s semifinal matchup at Shayba Arena, but Sweden have the edge when it comes to mojo. Following their upset, 4-2 defeat of Finland, the sky must at least feel like the limit.

Perhaps it is.

Yes, the world expects a Canada vs United States gold medal game, but it’s not like you have to go back very far to see that things don’t always fall into place logically. Just eight years ago, this Sweden side turned a nasty trick on Team USA in a drama laced shootout victory which sent the States chasing lessor medals. So we can in fact say, with at least a shred of confidence, that a win today by Sweden is indeed possible.

So if we all know it, Team USA certainly know it, and that must be the message being sent loud and clear by their head coach Katey Stone to her players...or perhaps not:

I remember that too. That’s in the past. It’s time to make the future.

Is this where we break out the old “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” from the cliché quote book? No, too cliché - we’ll save it for later and move on.

Even if you believe Sweden have no chance you can’t take away what they’ve achieved in this tournament, that being that whatever happens today, they will be playing for at least a bronze medal. Sweden’s defeat of Finland marks the first time in seven years that they’ve defeated their rivals, who Emma Eliasson, who in the Olympic spirit, calls “the worst enemies ever”, in a championship setting. When you consider that the victory follows a disastrous World Championships in which they finished in the basement of the group stages, and this marks quite the turnaround. Eliasson, who spent her summers working in the mine in Kiruna, a town north of the Arctic Circle, is one of the heros of the game, her go-ahead goal putting Sweden in position to win.

How do the Swedes pull off an upset here? By using a employing a philosophy similar to the one used in their Sunday outing. Assistant coach Leif Boork, who was brought in to help turn around the sagging Swedish program shortly after the World Championship, says:

We are not a fancy team. Finland is much more skilled than us. But as you all know you can win games in different ways. Good character and hard work can do that…

Fair enough, but let’s come down to earth just a little bit here. Team USA are a powerhouse, especially on offense, and a strong start by Hilary Knight, Amanda Kessel, Kendall Coyne could wipe all that away in quicker than you can say “matjes.” They rallied off the back of their 3-2 loss to Canada by trashing Slovakia 7-1, so there was no hangover despite that disappointing loss. We also can’t forget that Sweden were pounded by the USA twice since that big upset by a combined score of 18-2.

Still. we’re saying there’s a chance, and there’s only one way to find out. The puck drops at 730AM for those loyal to Eastern Standard Time, 1230PM over in the UK. Take off your jacket, stay a while, unless you’re in a cold location outside reading on a mobile, in which case feel free to dress in layers. Tweeting is encouraged here - my handle is @lengeldavid, or, if you prefer, you can write in david.lengel.freelance@theguardian.com. Write anything you like, seriously.

Standby for the women’s ice semifinals, Team USA, Sweden, coming your way.


David Lengel

The GuardianTramp

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