Winter Olympic ice hockey: USA 3-2 Russia - as it happened!

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Well, that was some game, and an enormous win on enemy territory. How big? Big enough, but let’s not get carried away, even if T.J. Oshie did score four times in a shootout, which is kind of insane - this is still an opening round game, no one went home.

If you’re a Russian fan, you leave believing you should have walked out of the Ice Dome with a win, and that will sting, and if your name is Alexander Radulov, well, it was nice knowing you.

Brutal truths to deal with - after this hard fought game, both these teams play again tomorrow - and that is rough. The USA will face Slovenia, Russia play Slovakia. Amongst the other favorites, Sweden will play Latvia later today and Canada will take on Finland tomorrow.

That’s all for our coverage today - there’s plenty of more live Olympic ice hockey to come with the Guardian. Until then, goodnight, good afternoon, good morning.


@LengelDavid Ridiculous to allow the same shooter over and over. Com'on @IIHFHockey ..that is silly. And why OT in prelim round anyway?

— Jarrett Reckseidler (@jarrettreckse) February 15, 2014

Well, all I can say to your latter point is, at least from a live blogging perspective, I completely agree.

What a game though!

USA 3-2 Russia, Final

Bobrovsky vs T.J. Oshie:

He skates, shoots, fires, stick side, INTO THE NET! It’s all over in Sochi, Team USA defeat Russia!

Round Eight

Quick vs Kovulchuk:

Quick goes down but Kovulchuk can’t get it over him! Now Oshie for the win!

Round Seven

Bobrovsky vs T.J. Oshie:

The Oshie show is stopped on a backhand!

This can’t be happening!

Round Seven

Quick vs Datsyuk:

And the Kings goalie makes a huge stop! Datsyuk tried to go five hole but is denied!

Now it’s down to Oshie!

Round Six

Bobrovsky vs T.J. Oshie:

He does it again, going high to the right past Bobrovsky! We’re tied again! Can you believe it?


Round Six

Quick vs Kovulchuk:

He uses the soft touch, slowlly lifting a beaten quick into the net - a smooth operator. No Oshie will be back again!

Round Five

Bobrovsky vs T.J. Oshie:

How’s this for clutch - he loses control of the puck, put recovers to score! We are tied again and we have more shootout hockey from Sochi.

This is ridiculous.


Round Five

Quick vs Datsyuk:

The Detroit Red Wings product sneaks it through in the corner past quick - now the USA need a goal now or it’s over!

Round Four

Bobrovsky vs T.J. Oshie:

The Blues man fires high, way high, as in up into the rafters!

We continue!

Too much!

Round Four

Quick vs Kovulchuk:

They go again with Kovulchuk but his shot is wide!!!!


Round Three

Quick vs Kovulchuk:

The exNHLer now KHLer goes glove side top shelf and it’s a goal!

It’s tied, and now it’s sudden death!

Russians will go first.


Round Three

Bobrovsky vs Pavelski:

Lots of dekes, no net! Huge save!

Last gasp for Russia to tie!

Round Two

Quick vs Datsyuk:

The Russian tries to go wide but is denied!

That means Pavelski can win it next!

Round Two

Bobrovsky vs JVR:

SAVE! Russia have a key stop!

Round One

Quick vs Malkin:

And Quick gets a piece of it as the Pens star tries to go high!

Still 1-0 USA!

Round One

Bobrovsky vs T.J. Oshie -

The Blues forward shoots across the Blue Jackets net minder, stick side - he scores!

Advantage USA!

The ice

It’s being resurfaced, which is sensible.

If this game is this tense for an opening round game that eliminates no one, what will it be like when the result sends someone home?

Another shootout tip from NBC, after the first three shooters, you can use whoever you want, even if they’ve already shot, unlike the NHL.


It’s the first shootout for Team USA, Russia lost to Slovakia in Vancouver in their lone shootout. Thanks to NBC for the tip.

@lengeldavid The disallowing of the Russian goal was ludicrous. The post was only a tiny bit awry, and Quick wasn't sanctioned for moving it

— Phil Town (@footballport) February 15, 2014

@LengelDavid I don't see why OT is needed in preliminary round. Not sudden death, so kinda pointless except to give one team an extra point

— Jarrett Reckseidler (@jarrettreckse) February 15, 2014

USA 2-2 Russia, end of overtime

That will do it for one heck of an OT session, and now we have a shoot out. Olympic hockey, the gift that keeps on giving.

Dear NHL, please don’t stop this.

Thank you.

The Guardian

USA 2-2 Russia, 0:35, overtime

Bobvorosky and Kane stop hearts on several continents before Ovechkin fires a shot saved by Quick!

There’s more, it’s Kane again, in front of the net, he shoots with the backhand but can’t raise the puck past Bobrovosky who makes a game-saving save!


USA 2-2 Russia, 2:34, overtime




USA 2-2 Russia, 3:49, overtime

Short handed shot by Datsyuk then Russia kill the penalty.

Puck drops

We’re back.

So, 5 minutes of OT and then shootout if necessary. @LengelDavid

— colin horgan (@cfhorgan) February 15, 2014

Russia should be walking out of here right now with a win if not for the net being displaced ever so slightly...we think. The USA will still have a power-play of 29 seconds when OT begins. There will be four Americans and three Russians on the ice at the start.


USA 2-2 Russia, end of 3rd period

Kane shoots from point, Parise deflection is wide - that’s the biggest threat of the PP and time expires. We are going to overtime!

USA 2-2 Russia, 1:32, 3rd period

Bodies are flying all over the place, Ilya Kovalchuk fires a huge shot just wide. It’s frantic as time winds down!

Now the referee calls a penalty!! It’s on Yevgeni Medvedev who takes down Ryan Callahan - the USA have scored both their goals with a man advantage - what a finish!

NO GOAL! USA 2-2 Russia, 4:40, 3rd period

The refs rule there is no goal but we don’t know why - we can only suspect they say it’s a high stick from Datsyuk - or, as NBC discover, it’s because the net is pushed off it’s moorings by Quick! They point out that in the NHL that’s a goal, but not in international play. Whoa! That is unreal!

We are tied, again!

You can’t make this stuff up...

GOAL! USA 2-3 Russia, 4:40, 3rd period

The crowd are up, chanting “Russia! Russia!” which is kind of a rip off of “USA! USA!”

Nevermind, there’s something more to cheer about now!

Fyodor Tyutin shoots from point and all the way through, it hits the crossbar and goes in!


GOAL! USA 2-2 Russia, 7:16, 3rd period

Putin is on his feet, and so are his subjects!

Radulov screens Quick and can’t see Datsyuk’s shot - he has a second goal and Russia pass a key gut check.

Radulov has a moment of redemption with his role in the goal.


USA 2-1 Russia, 7:40, 3rd period

Scoring note - Kevin Shattenkirk gets an assist along with Kane on the power play goal.

Now the USA are controlling the play and seem to be gaining confidence - Kane slips a pass to Pavelski again, narrowly missing the net - that was dangerous.

Back come Russia - Anisimov with a hard drive from point, just after Dustin Brown is penalized. Power play for the home team, a very important two minutes coming up.

GOAL! USA 2-1 Russia, 10:28, 3rd period

Joe Pavelski takes a cross ice pass from Kane, one time, stick side, SCORE! Team USA take the lead at Sochi! That was one well oiled sequence. Russia are down for the first time in this game, let’s see how the crowd and team respond.

USA 1-1 Russia, 11:08, 3rd period

Malkin with a dangerous shot in open ice - wide!

Radulov is penalized again! This time it’s for hooking Kane - man, this guy is in some serious trouble.


The word from over there via “lol lolik”

Watching it on Russian tv channel, sorry to disappoint few ppl, but Russians look at Americans as the big underdogs they even praising American team for putting a good fight, they all gaging for Canada.


USA 1-1 Russia, 13:47, 3rd period

Russia are controlling the puck - Malkin, a one timer - save Quick on a low shot! He prevents the puck from rebounding and covers up - USA kill another penalty! That’s got to get under the skin of the Russians - psychological edge with the States right now.

USA 1-1 Russia, 15:16, 3rd period

Pavel Datsyuk has time and space on the right side and shoots wide of Quick! He won’t misfire under those conditions often!


USA 1-1 Russia, 16:46, 3rd period

Get this, Dustin Brown, who Radulov took down in his infamous penalty gets called on a interference penalty after Atyushov flops! Russia right back on the power play!

Ha! Kellogg's have an ad claiming credit for there being fewer commercial breaks in Olympic hockey #nbcolympics @LengelDavid

— Steve Busfield (@Busfield) February 15, 2014

No wonder the game is so fast!

USA 1-1 Russia, 17:39, 3rd period

Ovechkin fires a 1000 MPH shot into Ryan McDonagh who limps into the bench. Great masculine play by McDonagh there, but he certainly pays the price.

No shots for Russia on that power play, which is kind of crazy, especially when they had a fresh ice surface to work with .

Puck drops

Remember, Russia on the power play to start. Big third period coming up!


Ladies and gentlemen, Drew Denmeade:

Live in LA California! Took the lady for a valentines getaway! Been up since 4 am watching them updates!!! Thanks for the love!!! Let’s put Russia away!!!!

Let’s here from some Russian readers - we really do need a Cyrillic Guardian.

@LengelDavid US slightly stronger team in first, Russia def better side in 2nd. Datsyuk goal a beauty. Should be good 3rd. Great 2b neutral

— Jarrett Reckseidler (@jarrettreckse) February 15, 2014

More from Horgan

Perhaps little surprise the first goal came from a line that includes Phil Kessel and James van Riemsdyk. Both have been of late two-thirds of one of the hottest lines in the NHL, with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

With a little help from Radulov, whose ridiculous cross checking penalty on Dustin Brown singlehandedly undid a period in which Russia took the lead and more or less dominated. That may land him somewhere in Siberia if this doesn’t work out for the home team.

USA 1-1 Russia, end of 2nd period

Time is running down, the puck is deep in the Russian zone, but they move it up ice quickly - Markov from the corner to Frolov, who feeds Radulov who shoots it wide! Quick may have touched the puck - after the shot, Kane hooks Tereshchenko meaning Russia will have an advantage when the third period starts.


USA 1-1 Russia, 1:02, 2nd period

Here comes Malkin skating in open ice down the left side - he dekes, left, right, but Oshie and Shattenkirk slow him down and Quick covers up!


Jobrenl123 says:

From Boston, PUTIN can put in that smile away, Boston Strong send you and USA their Best, Thank you for the updates

The world according to Busfield.

@LengelDavid the Russians look like a better Team. With a capital T. How much more time did they spend together preparing for Sochi?

— Steve Busfield (@Busfield) February 15, 2014

@LengelDavid I'm claiming credit for that USA goal with my last tweet

— Steve Busfield (@Busfield) February 15, 2014

GOAL! USA 1-1 Russia, 3:08, 2nd period

The refs rule goal, we are tied!

So that ridiculous Russian penalty costs them big, and it’s very quiet in the Ice Dome.

GOAL! USA 1-1 Russia, 3:08, 2nd period

Or is it?

It’s off the left skate Cam Fowler after he gets the puck from JVR!

USA 0-1 Russia, 4:31, 2nd period

Alexander Radulov takes a ridiculous penalty, knocking down Dustin Brown, far away from the action opening the door for Team USA. Will they walk through it?

van Riemsdyk almost converts on a ridiculous move, protecting the puck while doing things with a stick I can only dream of.


Our own Colin Horgan chimes in...

This Russian power play is looking dangerous -- Canadian team manager, Steve Yzerman, is in the crowd. Probably he’s taking a lot of mental notes. He only needs one when it comes to Russia’s PP: don’t give them one.

USA 0-1 Russia, 5:36, 2nd period

There’s a lot of ice out there but neither team can work with it - an Ovechkin whiff and a Kane shot into the waffles of Bobrovsky is all the action we get during the four-on-four.

After some brief work on the ice, play resumes.

USA 0-1 Russia, 8:37, 2nd period

Tyutin and Backes get done for offsetting smack talking penalties (or cross checking)- four-on-four hockey coming up at Sochi.

GOAL! USA 0-1 Russia, 9:15, 2nd period

Pavel Datsyuk, splits Pacioretty and Orpik and fires past Quick high, glove side and Russia finally break through! Andrei Markov and Alexander Radulov get the assists.

Even bigger news, Vladimir Putin smiled!

USA 0-0 Russia, 12:00, 2nd period

Here come Team USA - Pavleski feeds van Riemsdyk, his backhand is saved by Bobrovsky!

USA 0-0 Russia, 12:44, 2nd period

On the power play, Russia hit the post and the crossbar, in between Ovechkin rifled a shot wide! Whoa! This is more like it! Great shift for Russia but a great kill for the USA, highlighted by a blocked shot by Ryan Kesler on Kovalchuk!

Kesler is leaving after taking that blow, which means Dan Bylsma will have some work to do in re-working his lines. Ouch.

USA 0-0 Russia, 15:04, 2nd period

It’s a slower pace to start here - icing calls, pucks into the stands, etc.

Russian crowd picking up now - and here comes Malkin who slings a shot after he whiffs on the puck the first time - Ovechkin deflects the puck but Quick is there to make the stop! That was a little’s more.

Team USA, a three-on-two, Shattenkirk fires, right into Bob’s chest and he holds on.

Now a penalty! Max Pacioretty takes down Nichushkin!

USA 0-0 Russia, 17:51, 2nd period

The power play ends with the biggest threat a shot by Kevin Shattenkirk deflecting off a skate, so a ho hum start to the second period, the US, unable to take advantage of their first power play.

Puck drops

We’re back!

Power play

So Ilya Nikulin begins the second period in the box after his holding penalty at 19:23, meaning Team USA will have a man-advantage when we resume - or, depending on how many players Bylsma allows on the ice, we could be at even strength.

Paul Martin

The Team USA defenseman was interviewed by NBC TV and he says there aren’t any issues communicating, which could mean that perhaps the Ice Dome isn’t the intimidating cauldron of fire you would expect behind the Iron Curtain. Martin says the pace is faster than the last one (Slovenia) which sure as heck makes sense considering the Ferrari’s that are on the ice for Russia, but Team USA are doing a fine job keeping it physical trying to slow it down. We saw some signs late from their offense, but overall the Russians have the shot advantage 13-10.

USA 0-0 Russia, end of 1st period

Kane strips Medvedev, carries the puck all the way down the ice, firing a shot that’s deflected wide - but the news is that Dan Bylsma’s team had just four men on the ice for a decent chunk of time - what’s up with that?

Not good.

The period ends with the US putting on a much more serious threat (it’s amazing what five players can do) - a high shot from Kane on the stick side is saved, but Russia and Bobrovsky survive and we end scoreless after one.


USA 0-0 Russia, 1:54, 1st period

Alexander Frolov with a chance now, he tips a shot in front of the net that Quick saves!

Here comes Kessel on the other end - a little wrist shot, no problem for Sergei Bobrovsky.

Still scoreless inside the Ice Dome.

USA 0-0 Russia, 3:30, 1st period

Pavel Datsyuk, a harmless backhand into Quick...but this is more serious.

Semin, skating on the right side, finds Malkin in front of the net, he shoots low, and a save by Quick! Russia thought they scored but play stops as the goalie is mobbed. Big stop there for the US!


USA 0-0 Russia, 7:23, 1st period

Ovechkin fires from the point post-face off, it’s deflected wide of Quick, into the Swedish ref and it stops play. That was looking like a deadly sequence as the penalty wound down. Russia can’t convert on their first man advantage but are digging in and have the shot advantage 7-4.


USA 0-0 Russia, 8:30, 1st period

Penalty! Blake Wheeler of the Jets takes down Ilya Kovalchuck and Russia have the first power play of the game. Let’s see what they can do with it.

So far...

...Russia aren’t skating any rings around Team USA, which was a possibility, albeit slim, with that extra wide space out there on the Euro-ice surface. It’s ultra competitive with both teams taking time out to let each other know how much they don’t like each other.

No huge opportunities so far, no mad scrambles in front of the net, no goalies on their heads. That will change. Stand by.

USA 0-0 Russia, 13:16, 1st period

Jonathan Quick deals with a little test from Pavel Datsyuk, chest high - he holds on, preventing any second chance.

USA 0-0 Russia, 15:00, 1st period

Ryan Callahan fires a shot high, a glove save there by Sergei Bobrovsky, and then the first extra curricular activities of the game - Callahan, Backes, Medvedev and a host of players exchange words. No penalties handed out - run of the mill general high level of intensity stuff there.

USA 0-0 Russia, 16:30, 1st period

The Phil Kessel line get to work behind the Russian net looking to establish themselves as a threat.

Then the first Russian attack, a backhand shot from Valery Nichushkin gets their (red) blood flowing on offense.

No huge opportunities yet.


Puck drops

It’s game on at the Bolshoy Ice Dome!

It’s official: Orpik-Martin together AND starting. Forwards also as expected: Parise-Backes-Callahan. Out to torment Geno from first shift.

— Dejan Kovacevic (@Dejan_Kovacevic) February 15, 2014

A little rah, rah

If anyone can bare being pumped up by Aerosmith, here’s a little historical highlight film of Team USA.

And now Russia - I can’t say for sure but this may, and I emphasize may, be a customized music track for the 2014 Olympic team.

Anyone who wants to confirm the origin of this Russian music track should feel free to tweet in to @lengeldavid or email

Pavel Datsyuk

He missed more than a month of the Detroit Red Wings season with a “lower body injury”, but the Russian captain was on the ice against Slovenia but was shutout. Rumors of his being replaced caused a bit of a fuss but in the end were unfounded - still, if he is not 100% that must represent some kind of blow. How will his health impact his team against a more formidable opponent in the USA?

Note - this tweet is from before the Slovenia game.

Datsyuk being Datsyuk today. How are you feeling? "Excellent." On his injury? "What injury?" Will he play in Russia's first game? "Yes."

— Dan Rosen (@drosennhl) February 11, 2014

And I quote...

Here is David Backes, Team USA and St Louis Blues forward:

We’d love to give something to our own generation of American hockey. That’s our motivation.

Now here’s a word from Team Russia alumnus Pavel Bure, via Izvstia and a google translation on how far the US program has come.

Americans are on the rise, so the fans should see a very interesting match. I can tell you that over the past 20 years the American Hockey made ​​a huge step forward. In the early 1990s during the Goodwill Games we beat the Americans with a score of 10:1. For us, they were considered an easy opponent.

Thanks for that Pavel, and of course, any mention of the Goodwill Games is always appreciated.



No, it won’t be anything like 1980, but there’s still a bit of a cold war feel surrounding this latest men’s ice hockey Olympics encounter between USA vs Russia. Of course, the “Miracle On Ice” game which featured a bunch of yankee college kids downing the finely tuned representatives of the CCCP, is, and will always be, the defining moment of the Winter Olympics, at least from an American sporting perspective. Still, these nations relations remain somewhat frosty 34 years later, especially when you consider Russia wouldn’t even let in a bunch of nutritious American yogurt into Sochi for their athletes to eat at the Games. Indeed, Putin dropped by the US Olympic Delegation HQ on Friday to intimidate the Americans, and they were so flustered by the impromptu drop in that none had the courage to ask the obvious question:

“Hey Vlad, where the f*&k is our yogurt?”

But I digress.


The Americans will be up to their ears in blazing fast offensive powerhouse Russian players with more room to skate on the bigger, European ice surface, and they’ll be relying on both defensive grit and Jonathan Quick in net to slow the Ruskies down. They’ll also be facing a hostile crowd, with Russian fans expecting nothing less than a victory over the enemy and a gold medal down the road. Despite having to face the likes of an Alex Ovechkin desperate to win on home ice, Evgeni Malkin, Pavel Datsyuk and Ilya Kovalchuk, the Americans counter with a talented roster of their own and something else perhaps even more valuable - chemistry. Much of the team played in the Junior Championships together and that has to count for something. Besides, it’s not as if the USA doesn’t have some high powered offense themselves - the Toronto Maple Leafs tandem of James van Riemsdyk and Phil Kessel are on fire right now.

The winner will have a good chance of grabbing a quarterfinals bye, as if the United States and Russia need any extra motivation for this game. The puck drops at 730 AM here in the eastern corridor of the US - here is a world clock for you to figure out when it drops in your neighborhood. Until then, why not just tweet something to @lengeldavid, like the best place to buy salo (edible pork fat) and brown bread in Coney Island, Brooklyn, or, perhaps something about hockey even. Email also works -


David Lengel

The GuardianTramp

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