Young people

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The trouble with boys: what lies behind the flood of teenage sexual assault stories?
Young women are being failed by a society that seems unable – or unwilling – to address rape culture and its grave consequences

Lucy Clark

26, Feb, 2021 @7:00 PM

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Funding cuts hitting UK youth services as demand grows, report says
Survey finds 66% of 1,759 organisations face more demand but 83% say funding has decreased

Alex Mistlin

25, Feb, 2021 @7:00 AM

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My teenaged son is suddenly passionate about financial planning – and who can blame him? | Emma Beddington
At his age I spent my money on shoes – but his generation is facing a bleak economic future. No wonder they are all so interested in trying to create some stability

Emma Beddington

22, Feb, 2021 @3:33 PM

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About 7% of UK children have attempted suicide by age of 17 – study
Covid crisis will worsen mental health of young people, say experts concerned at rise in self-harming

Sarah Marsh

21, Feb, 2021 @4:00 PM

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NHS sees surge in referrals for eating disorders among under-18s during Covid
Doctors warn of legacy of chronic illness as case numbers rise by 46% in wake of coronavirus restrictions

Chaminda Jayanetti

20, Feb, 2021 @10:30 PM

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Teachers fear mass Covid testing of pupils in UK schools will be a 'nightmare'
Lateral flow tests could fail to catch asymptomatic cases and spread a false sense of security, union leader says

Donna Ferguson

20, Feb, 2021 @8:00 PM

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Tobacco giant bets £1bn on influencers to boost 'more lung-friendly' sales
As smoking falls out of fashion, BAT is pinning its hopes on younger users of e-cigarettes and nicotine pouches

Rob Davies and Matthew Chapman

20, Feb, 2021 @5:00 PM

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'It cuts out the faff': young people turn to TikTok for cooking tips
Viral video app has been a popular source of quick, no-nonsense recipes for teenagers in lockdown

Esther Addley

19, Feb, 2021 @3:06 PM

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Love Island's Dr Alex George: 'If my brother had asked for help, would he still be alive?'
An A&E doctor and social media influencer, George has long advocated better mental healthcare. But after the death of his brother last year, he knew he wanted to do more

Paula Cocozza

18, Feb, 2021 @11:00 AM

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The international community must stop legitimising despots' regimes in Africa | Nelson Chamisa
The bright future promised for the continent’s young generation is being perpetually postponed, says Zimbabwean politician Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

18, Feb, 2021 @9:00 AM

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Self-harm among young children in UK doubles in six years
Finding comes as experts highlight huge impact of Covid-19 pandemic on young people’s mental health

Sarah Marsh

16, Feb, 2021 @6:01 AM

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I'm beginning to see what my adult life will be like. I'm ready to tackle it | Bethany Castle
I just turned 18 and I’m leaving home, moving to the city to become a uni student. I’ve already come across so many obstacles

Bethany Castle

13, Feb, 2021 @7:00 PM

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