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Wales bans smoking at hospitals, schools and playgrounds
Anyone breaking the law could face £100 penalty in drive to discourage people from smoking

Steven Morris

01, Mar, 2021 @12:01 AM

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Barcelona to ban smoking on four of its beaches
Pilot scheme will operate from end of May to mid-September as part of city’s ongoing clean air drive

Stephen Burgen in Barcelona

17, Feb, 2021 @12:53 PM

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'This was a life-saver': ex-smoker learned she had lung cancer after joining study
Case study: Judy Miller, 74, applied to take part in research into detection of lung cancer

Sarah Marsh

14, Feb, 2021 @6:00 PM

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Exercise can help prevent cancers, new research finds
Obesity could soon overtake smoking as the main preventable cancer risk

Robin McKie

14, Feb, 2021 @7:15 AM

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Obesity bigger killer than smoking in England and Scotland – study
Excess weight has been contributing to more deaths since 2014 and gap is widening, researchers say

Natalie Grover

11, Feb, 2021 @1:00 AM

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Smoking causes half of Indigenous Australian deaths over 45, study shows
Researchers call for more spending and shift in health messaging after discovering figures were underestimated by more than 50%

Calla Wahlquist

24, Jan, 2021 @4:30 PM

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Lose weight, save money, cut out booze? I could do that! But give up smoking?
It took me five years just to admit that I wanted to quit

Ellen E Jones

28, Dec, 2020 @2:00 PM

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Vaping: Greg Hunt abandons plans to ban importation of devices after Coalition revolt
Decision may reduce enforcement of ban on possession of liquid nicotine without a prescription

Paul Karp

21, Dec, 2020 @9:40 PM

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Cannabis users ‘fail to grasp health risks of smoking,’  study says
Study shows that consumers of drug are not aware they could be risking a lifetime of tobacco addiction

Jamie Doward

19, Dec, 2020 @4:37 PM

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San Francisco to ban tobacco smoking in apartments – but not cannabis
Measure targets tobacco and e-cigarette smoking in effort to reduce secondhand smoke

Vivian Ho in San Francisco

03, Dec, 2020 @9:39 PM

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David Player obituary
Trailblazing doctor and director general of the Health Education Council who took on the tobacco and alcohol industries

Margaret Whitehead

17, Nov, 2020 @4:57 PM

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Life expectancy for Australians born today rises to 82.8 years
Age is seventh-highest in OECD, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data shows

Melissa Davey

13, Nov, 2020 @2:37 AM

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