Public sector pensions

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Public sector pension discrimination could cost UK taxpayer £17bn
Treasury puts price on remedy for 3 million younger workers facing lower retirement income

Rupert Jones

16, Jul, 2020 @5:33 PM

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What the coronavirus market fall means for your pension
Someone with £250,000 in scheme at start of year will have seen it shrink to about £225,000

Patrick Collinson

09, Mar, 2020 @12:23 PM

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Believe the hype – budget 2020 is very important
Chancellor Rishi Sunak needs to satisfy competing audiences, but there is a way he can do it

Larry Elliott

23, Feb, 2020 @10:47 AM

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Public sector to launch 'mass legal battle' over pension reforms
Teachers and doctors claim changes to pensions in 2015 were ‘discriminatory’

Owen Bowcott Legal affairs correspondent

26, Aug, 2019 @11:01 PM

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Plan to end the tax trap on NHS senior doctors’ pensions
Medics have been refusing extra work for fear of being hit by charges for exceeding retirement contributions

Denis Campbell Health Policy Editor

12, May, 2019 @8:00 AM

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Taxpayers face £4bn annual pension bill after court ruling
Judges and firefighters win age discrimination case that will raise public sector pensions

Rupert Jones

30, Jan, 2019 @7:09 PM

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SNP delegates rebuke ministers with vote for state-run financing
Party’s spring conference overwhelmingly supports call to replace private schemes

Severin Carrell Scotland editor

08, Jun, 2018 @4:17 PM

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Public sector pension funds put millions in tax haven-linked PFIs
Report traces nearly 30% of the investments to companies based offshore

Severin Carrell Scotland editor

08, Jun, 2018 @5:00 AM

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Baby boomers had it tough: even sex was scarce | Letters
Letters: Most of us grew up without central heating, writes Margaret Davis, so do our relatively deprived youths give us any rights to a moderately comfortable old age? Plus letters from Pam Lunn and Neil Walsh


28, Feb, 2018 @5:09 PM

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Generational battle lines harden over pensions
Thinktank warns policymakers are making the young subsidise the old when generation rent can least afford it

Phillip Inman

26, Feb, 2018 @7:36 AM

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Labour alleges conflict of interest in oversight of private suppliers
People responsible for policing contractors such as Carillion often sit on company boards, research finds

Dan Sabbagh and Kevin Rawlinson

21, Jan, 2018 @6:18 PM

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Four lessons the Carillion crisis can teach business, government and us | Larry Elliott
Even under a Corbyn cabinet, there would still be a role for the private sector in infrastructure projects – but there is a pressing need to rethink it, says the Guardian’s economics editor Larry Elliott

Larry Elliott

17, Jan, 2018 @6:40 PM

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