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Skin by Sergio del Molino review – a meditation on psoriasis and the psyche
A sufferer writes about how the skin condition affected figures as diverse as Joseph Stalin, John Updike and Cyndi Lauper

Houman Barekat

29, Oct, 2021 @6:30 AM

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Allergies: the scourge of modern life?
Our ancestors didn’t suffer from hay fever and food allergies were extremely rare even a few decades ago. What is causing the steep rise in their incidence now?

Vybarr Cregan-Reid

20, Oct, 2018 @2:00 PM

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Our daughter’s eczema was out of control until we found Dr Aron
Life was like Groundhog Day for our family but then a South African dermatologist and his regimen improved things considerably

Chris Hall

05, Aug, 2018 @4:59 AM

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Link found between severe eczema and heart problems
Individuals with severe eczema face a higher risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks, heart failure and strokes

Nicola Davis

23, May, 2018 @10:30 PM

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about eczema (but were too busy scratching to ask)
Eczema can be a year-round torment for the 1.6 million adults affected in the UK, but winter causes particular misery. So how can you avoid it – or treat it if you have it?

Ann Robinson

08, Jan, 2018 @6:00 AM

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Breastfeeding could reduce eczema risk in children, new research suggests
Study examining the impact of breastfeeding support programmes shows 54% reduction in eczema for children involved

Nicola Davis

13, Nov, 2017 @4:00 PM

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'I have three seconds before she draws blood': life with extreme eczema
Novelist Maggie O’Farrell’s daughter was born with eczema so severe her skin peeled off in strips. Would they ever find a cure?

Maggie O'Farrell

21, May, 2016 @7:00 AM

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Learning to live with a skin condition at university

Skin conditions affect more than your appearance: your social life and confidence can suffer too, says a student blogger

Jack Gevertz

16, May, 2014 @8:54 AM

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Children given antibiotics in first year 'more likely to develop eczema'
New research published in British Journal of Dermatology suggests antibiotics could affect maturing immune system

Denis Campbell, health correspondent

19, Jun, 2013 @11:01 PM

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Fast food and takeaways linked to surge in child asthma and allergies

Teenagers more likely to have severe asthma and eczema if they eat fast food more than three times a week, study shows

Sarah Boseley, health editor

14, Jan, 2013 @10:09 PM

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Peter Beech's final column about living with eczema

In his final dispatch from the frontline of eczema, Peter Beech reports on a battle won - and a war that will always need waging

Peter Beech

12, Jan, 2010 @9:40 AM

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Eczema sufferer Peter Beech on the torture of resisting the itch

In his penultimate column about the trials of an eczema sufferer, Peter Beech describes the torture of trying to resist the itch

Peter Beech

09, Dec, 2009 @12:06 PM

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