Drug resistance

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Warning on tackling HIV as WHO finds rise in resistance to antiretroviral drugs
Nearly half of newly diagnosed infants in 10 countries have drug-resistant HIV, study finds, underlining need for new alternatives

Kaamil Ahmed

25, Nov, 2021 @3:17 PM

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Poorer nations still lack access to world’s key antibiotics
Only 54 of 166 assessed treatments have policies aiding use by low-income countries, says non-profit group

Julia Kollewe

18, Nov, 2021 @12:01 AM

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Farm animals antibiotics data raises post-Brexit trade fears
Use of antibiotics on farms in US and Canada about five times the UK level, says report

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

01, Dec, 2020 @5:45 AM

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Phages: the tiny viruses that could help beat superbugs
Bacteriophages were superseded by modern antibiotics, but scientists believe they could be key to conquering antimicrobial resistance

Clément Girardot

21, Sep, 2020 @6:45 AM

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Yes wee can: study gives green light to use urine as crop fertiliser
Researchers say stored urine from humans is not likely to spread antibiotic resistance

Nicola Davis

22, Jan, 2020 @1:00 PM

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Cannabis compound could be weapon in fight against superbugs
Mice cured of MRSA, raising hopes of treating antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Ian Sample Science editor

19, Jan, 2020 @3:07 PM

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Brexit could weaken rules on antibiotics in farming, activists warn
Campaigners say next government must clamp down to avoid risks to human health

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

18, Nov, 2019 @12:13 PM

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Antibiotic price drop could stop millions from developing tuberculosis
New agreement secures 66% reduction in cost of rifapentine, which prevents ‘latent’ TB from becoming active

Lucy Lamble

31, Oct, 2019 @5:00 AM

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Superbug hotspots emerging in farms across globe – study
Global outbreak of antibiotic-resistant superbugs linked to overconsumption of meat

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

19, Sep, 2019 @6:00 PM

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Antibiotic resistance rising among dolphins, study reveals
Research in Florida finds 88% of samples have pathogen that resists at least one antibiotic

Gregory Robinson

15, Sep, 2019 @3:00 PM

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Bacteria developing new ways to resist antibiotics, doctors warn
Scientists in UK identify growing trend that threatens to leave patients untreatable

Denis Campbell Health policy editor

10, Sep, 2019 @11:02 PM

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Australian gulls found to carry antibiotic-resistant superbugs
Researchers say ‘eye-opening’ findings that 20% of silver gulls nationwide carry pathogenic bacteria should be a wake-up call

Narelle Towie

09, Jul, 2019 @6:00 PM

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