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Experience: I help coma survivors fill in the gaps
For Covid patients, it was like waking up in an alien world. One wanted the football on TV, and there was none

Karen James

09, Oct, 2020 @9:00 AM

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Experience: I woke up from a coma speaking French
I still don’t know why I spoke French. I’ve never had any desire to visit France

Helen Rudd

31, May, 2019 @8:59 AM

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Minister apologises after woman in coma was told to find work

Sheila Holt was contacted by the Department for Work and Pensions who invited her to attend 'intensive job-focused activity'

Kevin Rawlinson

28, Feb, 2014 @12:22 AM

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Detecting covert consciousness in the vegetative state | Mo Costandi | Neurophilosophy blog

Mo Costandi: Adrian Owen's pioneering research shows that some vegetative patients are conscious and responsive

Mo Costandi

02, Sep, 2011 @10:25 AM

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Emery Brown: 'Aspects of anaesthesia are consistent with patients in a coma'
Patients under anaesthetic have more in common with coma victims than somebody sleeping, Dr Emery Brown tells Lizzie Heathcote

Elizabeth Heathcote

09, Apr, 2011 @11:05 PM

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A mother, lost and found
Six years ago, Claire Robertson woke from a coma, surrounded by her husband and children. She had no idea who they were. Decades of family life had vanished from her memory, destroyed by a viral infection

Kate Hilpern and Steve Chamberlain

17, Sep, 2010 @11:06 PM

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Blink, and you live – doctors' message to man in a coma
Richard Rudd, left paralysed following traffic accident, blinked three times to tell doctors he did not want to die

Vikram Dodd

14, Jul, 2010 @6:30 AM

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Once upon a life: Evie Wyld
Evie Wyld has always known that as a toddler she fell into a coma with a life-threatening virus. She recovered eventually, but she has few memories of that time and her family has never spoken of it. Here, the novelist pieces together the drama of her parents' worst nightmare

Evie Wyld

26, Jun, 2010 @11:04 PM

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Guru cannot have written 'deathbed' statement, say family

Family of late rapper Guru confirm that bizarre statement must be fake, as he had been in a coma since February

Dan Martin

22, Apr, 2010 @9:03 AM

Rapper Guru in coma after heart attack
One of hip-hop's most celebrated MCs is reportedly in a coma after suffering a cardiac arrest

Rosie Swash

01, Mar, 2010 @11:47 AM

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Hans Werner Henze: A matter of life and death

Blighted by illness and personal loss, German composer Hans Werner Henze has bounced back to create a career-defining work with Phaedra, writes Tom Service

Tom Service

14, Dec, 2009 @9:30 PM

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Johnny Hallyday in drug-induced coma after surgery
'French Elvis' in hospital in Los Angeles as family seeks legal advice over original operation in Paris

Lizzy Davies in Paris

11, Dec, 2009 @6:51 PM

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