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‘I yelled, “I’m putting this up your nose”’: what it’s like to use Narcan
Four people on using the nostril-based antidote to opioid overdoses, newly approved for over-the-counter sale

Alaina Demopoulos

30, May, 2023 @10:00 AM

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Naloxone has been hailed as life-saving. Why isn’t it given to those who need it?
The spray can reverse an opioid overdose and access to it has been eased in recent months, but access is still limited

Eric Berger

19, May, 2023 @4:00 PM

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King’s College London cuts ties with opioids-linked Sackler family
University is latest body to distance itself from sponsorship by owners of Purdue Pharma, makers of OxyContin

Matthew Weaver

19, May, 2023 @2:24 PM

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Walgreens reaches $230m settlement with San Francisco over opioids crisis
Company averts a trial to determine damages as drug-related deaths surged by 41% in the city in the first quarter of this year

Abené Clayton in Los Angeles and agencies

17, May, 2023 @9:58 PM

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Oxford University cuts ties with Sackler family over links with opioids
University follows other institutions in removing titles of family who make OxyContin painkiller

Richard Adams Education editor

16, May, 2023 @12:09 PM

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A Columbine survivor’s tragic battle to reveal the ‘ripple effect’ of gun violence: trauma, addiction, suicide
With 377 school shootings since Columbine, Americans are still reckoning with the real toll of these attacks

Lois Beckett

12, Apr, 2023 @5:39 PM

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Mexican president bemoans ‘rude’ US fentanyl pressure in plea to Xi Jinping
Andrés Manuel López Obrador asks China to curb exports of opioid after lengthy denunciation of similar calls from US

Staff and agencies in Mexico City

04, Apr, 2023 @8:46 PM

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California police union executive charged with attempting to import opioids
Executive director of the San Jose Police Officers Association charged with attempt to unlawfully import valeryl fentanyl

Lois Beckett in Los Angeles

30, Mar, 2023 @7:50 PM

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‘Gets police out of the lives of drug users’: decriminalization move takes effect in Canadian province
British Columbia now allows possession of 2.5g of illegal drugs in measure to mitigate opioid crisis

Justin Ling in Vancouver

03, Feb, 2023 @6:30 AM

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Vending machines with lifesaving drug grow as opioid crisis rages in US
Naloxone, an overdose-reversing ‘miracle drug’, can let people with an opioid addiction walk away from a near-death experience within minutes

Chris McGreal

29, Jan, 2023 @7:00 AM

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Amount of fentanyl seized in US this year ‘enough to kill every American’
DEA says more than 379m deadly doses of opioid with strength from one and a half to 50 times stronger than heroin were seized

Maya Yang

21, Dec, 2022 @6:45 PM

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US health agency accused of bowing to drug industry with new opioid guidance
Doctors say CDC’s softer guidelines ‘tossing aside’ safety limits put lives at risk as opioid epidemic continues to rage in the country

Chris McGreal

17, Dec, 2022 @10:00 AM

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