Tell us: how has viewing online pornography at a young age affected people?

We’d like to hear from people in the UK over the age of 18 about the impact of viewing pornography when they were younger and from teachers about the issue in schools

One in ten children have watched pornography by the time they’re nine years old according to new research.

Protecting children from watching pornography is one of the key aims of the UK’s Online Safety Bill that is currently making its way through Parliament - and it looks as though age verification will be brought in for mainstream porn sites.

Young people in their 20s are now speaking out on the damage done to them by growing up with easy access to porn. High profile figures like Billy Eilish - as well as anti- rape campaigners who say porn has fuelled sexual violence in the UK.

Research has shown how much of even mainstream pornography is focused on violent or non consensual themes.

We would like to speak to young people over the age of 18 about how they think viewing online pornography, when they were younger, has affected them.

Did you view it from a smartphone or from a different device? At what age did you start? Were you affected by peer pressure, from friends or in school settings? How has it impacted your perception of sex now?

We’d also like to hear from teachers about any impact on pupils and access to online porn. What is your experience over time? Have you had to introduce any measures to tackle any issues?

We will contact you before we publish any of your response.

Share your experiences

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