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Waiting in line | Inactive government | Liz Truss undercover | Thérèse Coffey’s Oxford full stop | Republican anonymity

Re John Crace’s sketch (Pageantry and queueing collide right on Britain’s sweet spot, 15 September), the longest queue in British history must be the NHS waiting list. With 6.7 million people, it comfortably exceeds that for the lying in state of the Queen and would stretch 1,000 miles, from London to Warsaw.
Michael Leigh

• Do we really need a government? Ours has been inactive since Boris Johnson stepped down. The civil service seems capable of keeping the country going. Politicians have ditched the public again in a time of crisis. Are they necessary at all?
Mary Kamaluddin

• Is Liz Truss a Lib Dem mole, deep undercover and pursuing policies – fracking, bankers’ bonuses, junk food etc – to ensure Tory unelectability (Liz Truss to lift fracking ban ‘despite little progress on earthquake risk’, 15 September)?
Steve Kibble
Rudyard, Staffordshire

• Could the fact that Thérèse Coffey had to leave Oxford University after failing exams be the reason for her hatred of the Oxford comma (Coffey urges staff to be positive, be precise, and not use Oxford commas, 15 September)?
Dr Stephen Wilson

• It is a revealing reflection of the state of Britain today that letters critical of the prevailing monarchist atmosphere are published anonymously (14 September).
Name and address supplied

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