Sam Bankman-Fried’s fall hasn’t killed off ‘effective altruism’ | Brief letters

FTX collapse | Replica of William the Conqueror’s ship | A seat for the privileged | Giant otters | Matt Hancock’s ‘junglewashing’

Moya Lothian-McLean (Opinion, 25 November) appears to signal the death of “effective altruism” (EA) on the basis of the fall from grace of one of its most famous proponents, Sam Bankman-Fried. Just as Dr Andrew Wakefield’s discredited research into the MMR vaccine did not dishonour medical research in its entirety, nor should Bankman-Fried’s involvement in the collapse of the cryptocurency exchange FTX discredit EA. The aim of “doing good better” remains a laudable objective.
Dr Guy A Norfolk

• Might it be a fitting role for the replica of William the Conqueror’s ship (Report, 25 November) to ferry migrants safely across the Channel, not only replicating its original purpose but also undermining the people-smugglers’ trade?
Gordon Webb

• Was it just coincidence that in the photo of members of the Order of Merit in your print edition (25 November), the front row, seated, were all white males, while those standing behind them included every woman and every person of colour?
Deidre Morris
Wakefield, West Yorkshire

• Impressed that a conservationist “captured a lone male giant otter on his phone while kayaking” (24 November). I had no idea they were so dextrous.
Joanna Rimmer
Newcastle upon Tyne

• We have had “greenwashing” with Shell and “sportswashing” with Qatar. Is it now time to acknowledge the new category of “junglewashing” for Matt Hancock?
Peter Latarche
Formby, Merseyside

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