Divisions that remain on transgender issues | Letters

Dr Eve Jeffrey on the power dynamics in any discussion of trans rights and Claire Loneragan on women’s sex-based rights

As an older trans woman who transitioned comparatively late in life, I read Luke Tryl’s article with interest (Forget toxic Twitter debates: the UK isn’t as divided on trans rights as you think, 23 June). He paints a rather rosy picture on social attitudes to transgender issues, but this is not what I have experienced.

What Tryl neglects to mention is a key element of this discourse: power. It has been depressing to witness those in a position of privilege and power – thus having the ear of the public – espouse outdated and dangerous notions about gender identity couched as “debate”. I cannot imagine any other marginalised group being treated as a pawn in a media “debate” where they have little or no voice. It is sadly common to have TV discussions about trans people without a trans person being present.

I am not averse to discussion about trans issues, but let’s call out transphobia for what it is when it comes from someone with power and influence, just as we would call out racism and misogyny.
Dr Eve Jeffrey

• Luke Tryl says that most people take a compassionate and nuanced view, supporting a “live and let live” approach but wanting fairness upheld. That is exactly what women want. So, what’s the problem? Live and let live means each demographic being allowed to live their lives in safety and dignity, and with privacy when required. But women are being told that we must allow men who self-identify as women into our single-sex spaces.

Categorising by gender instead of sex, and allowing people to choose their gender, removes the sex-based rights of women to safety, dignity and privacy, and creates a safeguarding loophole. This is not live and let live; it is women being told that our concerns do not matter.
Claire Loneragan
Chard, Somerset


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