A kick in the teeth for northern dentists | Brief letters

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Not all dentists “up north” were rough, tough and frightening (Digested week, 17 September). I was five in 1941 and started primary school at Earby. The school had a dedicated medical room used by a dentist who came regularly. He was known as the “magic dentist” because he caused no pain. I have a recollection of him waving something like a red toothbrush in front of my face. Perhaps he used hypnotism.
John Fisher
Hitchin, Hertfordshire

• In 1944, when agricultural labour was short, there was an extra school holiday so that children could work in the fields. As a 10-year-old, I was paid 6d an hour to pick potatoes. Crops are now rotting because there is no one to harvest them. Another special school holiday? Just an idea.
Alan Mackley
Blythburgh, Suffolk

• Adrian Chiles’s grief at his daughters leaving home for university (Proper sobbing and perspective – what I learned when my younger daughter left home, 23 September) is not confined to parents. Our son, who was born with Fragile X syndrome and has severe learning difficulties, surprised us at the age of seven by bursting into tears and speaking his longest sentence at the time: “I miss my sister.”
Christine and Steven Bowditch

• The prospect of a UK-US trade deal must be really remote if Boris Johnson isn’t even prepared to lie about it (Report, 21 September).
Prof Trevor Curnow

• “Watchdog to clamp down on ads falsely claiming green credentials” (Report, 23 September). First stop – the Tory government.
Karen Fletcher
North Anston, South Yorkshire

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