‘Minor cases’ of violence against women can escalate | Letters

Sarah Everard’s murder shone a light on a societal problem – and on the justice system

The fact that just 600 out of 10,000 cases of indecent exposure have ended up in court did not surprise me (Report, 1 October). I have been waiting over eight months for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to prosecute what seemed like a straightforward case of flashing on a London tube.

Having been reassured by the police that they identified the man through CCTV, his Oyster card and the clothes seized at his house, I was disappointed when communication went cold.

Each time Sarah Everard’s case made headlines in the months since her death, I was reminded of how “minor cases” of violence against women can escalate and was saddened by the lack of urgency from the police in my own case. In each of these instances, I have emailed the police for an update, only to be told the case file has not yet been accepted by the CPS.

Everard’s murder shone a light on a societal problem – and also on the justice system. Until the police treat “minor cases” with the seriousness they deserve, women will continue to die. In the months since that man boarded my empty tube carriage and sat opposite me, I have only hoped he has not gone on to cause more serious harm to other women.
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