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Re the letters from Kay Murphy (27 November) and Estelle Smart (29 November), the Hexham Courant reported on a hustings event last week. When asked about the use of the local food bank, the Conservative candidate is quoted as saying: “You will not improve the long-term capability of handling finances without better financial education from primary school upwards. We must get better at handling money.” What a pity that the increasing number of people who have to rely on food banks just can’t manage the money that they haven’t got.
Bridget Cuthbertson
Hexham, Northumberland

• Reading your article (George the Poet on why he had to say no to an MBE, 30 November), I was reminded of the historian RH Tawney, who said of peerages: “Cruel boys tie tin cans to the tails of dogs; but even a mad dog does not tie a can to its own tail.”
Judy Turner
Malvern, Worcestershire

• If Nigel Farage is such a good friend of Donald Trump, he should know that Trump is a teetotaller, and so his sexist comments would not come “after a night out with a drink” (The verdict: Friends in high places a hindrance for Farage, 2 December).
Joe Locker
Surbiton, London

• It was Rhett Butler who said “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” (Letters, 30 November). Scarlett O’Hara said “I’ll think about it tomorrow”, a mantra obviously adopted by the climate deniers.
Kathy Arundale
Altrincham, Greater Manchester

• Thank you to Richard Walker for pointing out that it should be attender, not attendee (Letters, 30 November). I’ve been an annoyee about this point for ages.
Susan Saunders
Teddington, London

• Keep the colourful Eyewitness centre spread photos coming, I need them to wrap my Christmas presents.
Chris Jones
Bewdley, Worcestershire


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