What are your experiences of eating disorder treatment? Tell us

We want to hear about the care you have received in England. Share your stories with us

More than 725,000 people in the UK are affected by eating an disorder, according to a 2015 report commissioned by the charity Beat.

But getting help can be hard and experts have warned that NHS specialist services are struggling to cope with a growing caseload. Funding can be an issue and a recent report found that Mental health care providers continue to receive far smaller budget increases than hospitals.

Share your experiences

We want to hear from those who have been treated for an eating disorder. What treatment is available where you are? Has a family member been sent far away for care due to a lack of beds? What services are available locally? Share your experiences. We will use some of your responses in our reporting.

If you cannot access the form, share your experiences here.


Sarah Marsh and Guardian readers

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